Imagine a place where you can stay the night
and have your portrait or family portrait done too!

We are that place!

We are home to

photography by db walton llc

You know those photography studios that advertise a loss-leader item – like a free 8×10 – and at the end of your session, you discover you’re going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to get what you want?

Well, we are not one of them.

We have no sitting fee, no confusing packages, just a minimum charge.

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Family Portraits

Weather permitting, our grounds feature garden settings for portraits – rock walls, mature trees, handcrafted wooden doors, and a charming grotto area.

Because of our village setting we also have access to more urban-like settings for a more contemporary look.

Family vacations in exotic places often lend themselves to great family portraits! Why risk going to a strange place and hiring an unknown local photographer? dbwalton stands ready to travel to your location!

So whether you have your portraits done here at the Beckwith Mansion or in some faraway land, consider us for all your portrait needs.

Contact us for special package rates for family reunions, including housing, day tours, craft activites and, of course, many wonderful photographs! You can even choose to have the whole event documented in a photo book!

Destination Portraits and Weddings – For those desiring to have their portraits or wedding photography done elsewhere we also offer destination photography. We are ready and willing to travel the world to get the images you desire.

We offer:

  • Family Portraits
  • Individual portrait sessions
  • High School Senior Portrait Sessions
  • Bridal and Engagement Portrait Sessions
  • Weddings (special rates for Palmyra temple weddings)

The Beckwith Estate is home to to the studio for photography by db walton!

 It is located on the estate between the house and the garage.  When visiting our studio, please park in the circle near the stone wall, or use the driveway off Hanson Street (behind the studio.)

If you are looking for art to decorate your home, visit Fine Art by DB