Cyclists are you planning an Erie Canal bicycle tour?  Or, riding across New York?  It is time to make reservations for Summer of 2019.  Give us a call at (315) 359-5280 to make your reservation.

If you are riding through New York, we are only a few hundred feet from the Erie Canal Bicycle Trail.

Bike Tours

If you are planning on riding the Erie Canal we’re an alternative lodging when riding through this area.

We will provide you with a secure place to store your bicycle during the night.  We will also let you borrow any tools if you need to make repairs.  (Our owner used to work as a bicycle mechanic and has a truing stand as well as other specialty tools.)

If you are traveling with a group, we can house up to 10 people. (That’s not in one room.  That’s just our guest limit upstairs — 10 people with a maximum of 2 per room.  It’s the law.  Please don’t ask us to make exceptions.)

Bicycle Beckwith Mansion - cyclists

Cyclists Along the Erie Canal

And, for those cyclist who don’t know, you can bike the Erie Canal from Buffalo to the Hudson River (about 360 miles).  The Beckwith Mansion is located about 100 miles from Buffalo, and are thus a good sleep-over spot.

We have restaurants and a grocery store nearby, and you may use our kitchen to prepare your meals.  (We also have a nice outside deck and BBQ area.)

From the Erie Canal, to get to the Beckwith Mansion, you can exit the canal trail on Church Street and go about 1/8th of a mile south to Main Street.  Turn right on Main, and go another 1/8th of a mile to enter the driveway to the Beckwith Mansion.

NOTE:  Reservations are strongly recommended.  Although we can often accommodate last-minute reservations, during the summer and fall we can be extremely busy, especially on weekends.  We are also completely booked mid-July months in advance due to the popularity of the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

We provide you with a clean room upon check-in.  The guest bathroom is shared.  We also have laundry facilities, but you must provide your own soap.

Restaurants for our Cyclists Friends

Here is a short list of restaurants within riding distance…

  • Nima’s Pizza – about 1/4 mile east on Main Street.
  • Happiness Garden – about 1/4 mile east on Main Street (Chinese).
  • Mark’s Pizzeria – about 3/10ths mile east on Main Street.
  • Subway – about 1 mile east on Main Street.
  • Chill-n-Grill – about 1 mile east on Main Street (ice cream, hots and burgers).
  • Yellow Mills – about 1 mile west on NY SR 31 (traditional diner food).
  • Acropolis – about 1 mile east on Canal Street (traditional diner food).

Owner’s recommendations:

These are the owner’s recommendations for dining close by…

  • Breakfast – Yellow Mills.
  • Calzones – Nima’s.
  • Pizza – Mark’s.
  • Chinese – Happiness Garden (take out).
  • Ice cream – Chill-n-Grill (seasonal – Late March – September).
  • Burgers – Acropolis.
  • Sandwiches – Subway.


We only have one grocery store and that is Breen’s.  It is located on Main Street where NY SR heads north.  They are a small, locally owned grocery store.

If you want something more extravagant, I would recommend Wegman’s.  We have one about 10 miles east on NY SR 31 in Newark, another about 10 miles west on Perinton, and another about 12 miles south in Canandaigua.