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Husbandly Duties

Husbandly Duties

I take my husbandly duties seriously.  My wife’s request for me today was to stay by her side as she recovers from surgery.  That’s just what I did.

It makes for a great excuse to do nothing else – just be at her beckon call.  For the most part, she’s sleeping and making very little, if any demands.  Oh, I think she asked for Jello water at one point.

Heaven knows how many times she’s had to wait on my the last few years.  After the accident I wasn’t able to do much, but she was always there.  She never complained and gave me emotional support as well as physical support.


I was quite grieved years ago when a co-worker announced she was leaving her husband and getting a divorce because he was too sick to care for himself.  Who knows, it could have been all financial for all we know.  It just goes against the worldly marriage vow of “in sickness and health”.

I have great admiration for my friends who stayed by their spouses as their spouse was dying.  There is something beautiful about a commitment like that.  On the other hand, there is something very sad about those who leave because they can’t handle the burden – whether emotionally, financially, or physical.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

When Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman on T.V. I never watched the show.  It struck me as silly and juvenile.  Hearing good things about the new Wonder Woman movie, I decided to take Elizabethe to see it.

Here are my observations…

  • Gal Gardot makes for a pretty super hero
  • The whole premise of an island full of women with no men strikes me as silly, but hey, it’s based of mythology
  • There’s an anti-marriage message in one scene.  It’s sad.  The guy could have said, “Marriage works when the husband and wife work at it.”… But no, they had to make it sound like marriage is bad.
  • It does illustrate that man has agency, but misses the reason why.

Food Court

After the movie we hit the food court at the mall.  It hit me that is one place you can come in with a drink from somewhere else and not be told you can’t bring outside food inside.  So, my $7.50 drink from the movie accompanied my lunch.

The food court is also nice because Elizabethe can get what she wants, and I can get what I want.  We don’t have to worry about going to a fast food place that doesn’t have what one of us wants.

Changing Plans

Changing Plans

Most people don’t like changing plans.  I’m one of them.  However, the day turned out okay in spite of a change of plans.

I told my wife we would go do some shopping this morning.  Our needs took us to several stores — Real Deals, Tractor Supply, Shop ‘n Save and Wegman’s.    When we got to our last stop, Wegman’s, Elizabethe was tired out and sat in the cafe while I got the groceries.

We came home, unloaded the car, and because the morning errands too much longer than I anticipated. I was a bit discouraged because the night before I had planned out my day and now that time was gone.  I questioned whether I should start working on the project I had planned to do, or just save it until tomorrow.

It was then Elizabethe suggested I go look at bicycles.  Hmmm… torture myself looking at bikes that I can’t get?  Nah, not what I want to do with the rest of my afternoon.  After all, shopping took longer than anticipated and now do I want to go window shopping for bicycles?

Now, this is an example of the kind, loving, sensitive wife I have.  She explained she has budgeted an allowance for a new bicycle for me.  She doesn’t want me to worry about the cost because it is coming out of her personal savings and she wants me to go find a bike, buy it, bring it home, and ride it.  Still not convinced that was what I want to do, I figured I’d at least go to a bike shop and look around.

I drove to the nearest shop.  A sales lady greeted me as I entered, and I told her exactly what I had looked at on-line.  She started in with the usual, “Do you want… this?   And, you should consider that… ” and those sort of things.  I flatout said there was no need to sell me on technology, construction, ergonomics, etc., because I used to work at a bike shop as a mechanic.  I explained I know what I want, I just need to find the right bike that fits my wants and then test ride it.

She drew a sigh of relief and asked about my budget.  I told her what I need and how much I would be willing to spend for everything on my list.   I think she was a bit relieved that she didn’t have to deal with a customer who didn’t know what they want and didn’t know what they should spend.

We found a frame in the size I need, I straddled the bike, and it felt like the right size.  From there I tried on helmets and they give me a couple of rubber bands for my pant legs, and it was off to the back parking lot.

Back and forth I road in the parking lot.  I stopped to adjust the height of the seat, and then back and forth some more.  It felt good.  It felt right.

I called Elizabethe, told her how much and she reminded me that was well within the budget she allocated.  With a big sigh of relief from me, I decided to do it.  I walked in and told the sales lady I’d take it and we started in on the accessories.

Water bottles, a frame pump, gloves, seat pouch, shoes, pedals, patch kit, shorts, a new jersey, and before long, I think I had everything.  She totaled the bill and said, “Well, you’re very close.”  Close indeed, but it was my figure, and not my wife’s.  She was too generous with her bike budget.  I’ll be happy with my discounted bike budget, and happier that my wife encouraged me to do this.

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The New Bike

I really toyed with the idea of getting a road bike, but for comfort and the ability to go on the canal trail, I went with a cross-fit bike.  (A cross-fit bike has road bike sized rims (700c) instead of the 26″ rims of a mountain bike, and skinnier tires.  This is Specialized version called the Crosstrail.)

They readied my bike and helped me load it in the car and off to home I went.

Elizabethe’s first question was, “Are you going to go ride it now?”

I figured changing plans at this point is futile.  I managed to get things ready, change my clothes, and I took it for a ride.

Managing to stay off the road, I got on the canal trail and I rode to Red Creek and back.  I miss the days when I could ride 100+ miles in one day.  For now, 6 will do.  Looks like I’ll be changing plans more this week.