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West Point

West Point

We had a bunch of West Point Cadets at church today.  There was a sea of white uniforms.  Several of them helped pass the sacrament.

After church I was just exhausted.  I think this heat and the computer issues have just drained me.  Part of my wanted to take the grandchildren for a walk and take some pictures, but the other half said, “You need to rest.”

I took a long nap, got up, dug up some potatoes for dinner, and shoved them in the oven.  I have forgotten how good fresh potatoes taste.  Creamy, and the flavor can’t be beat.

For dinner we had a potato bar with baked potatoes, bacon, ground beef, cheese, gravy, sour cream, chopped onions, chopped jalapeños, and more.  Those home grown potatoes were GOOD.  I’m glad we’re getting decent potatoes.  Grass clippings and loose soil did the trick.

We had Sisters Stoddard and Rogers for dinner, and I think they enjoyed our potato bar.  We also had fresh Swiss chard from the garden too, as well as most of the produce on the table was from our garden.

After dinner we went to the Harmer’s home for Root Beer Floats.  It was a nice social evening.  They had about 10 families over and it was nice for Jennifer to get to know some of the people in the ward too.


Networking, Working and Cousins

Thursday mornings start off with the Tri-County Networkers meeting (http://www.tricountynetworkers.com/). One of our presenters couldn’t make it this morning, so I give a short presentation about how to update the web page for the group.

Elizabethe has been feeling under the weather, and has been coughing all day. I’ve been trying to be real careful so I don’t get it. Respiratory ailments and I do not get along.

Work consisted of working on the Route 31 book’s text, and trying to drum up more participation in the book. I find it funny that people’s first reaction is, “Route 31? Why?” Then it changes to, “Route 31? COOL!” You don’t know what’s in your backyard until you look, and Route 31 has a lot to offer.

My cousin, Todd Knowles, stopped in with his wife, Lisa, and 3 of their children. His son Trevor graduated from West Point and they came this way to see the church sites (and sights), and are heading to Kirtland, Ohio, next. I had a fun time showing them the house and talking about its history.