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Home Again

Home Again

We’re back home again.  It is becoming increasingly more difficult to update my blog while on the road.  But, I’m home again and here’s a re-capture of the last two weeks.

Software Issues

I’ve been dealing with software issues with a program by Smith Micro called Poser 11.  The software does what it does quite well — that is 3D rendering and animation.  What it doesn’t do well is file and data management.  I’d give them an A+ on the 3D stuff, but an F in file and data management.

With my expertise in the Windows file structure and data handling, for me to have issues with a software package does not speak very highly of that software package.  Again, they do the 3D stuff well, but their programmers could use some schooling on Software Quality Assurance, file handling, and data structures.

A summary of the issue is this…

You cannot create a Poser scene on computer A, save it to a USB drive, and then take it to computer B and open it.  The only way it will work is of Computer B looks just like Computer A in every aspect.

I’ve spent days on getting their software to find these files.

Utah Trip

We went to Utah for Rebecca’s wedding.  We got there on Friday, and spent most of the day helping her and Stephen pack the moving van.  We spent the evening with Amber and Jason and their friends.  I treated everyone to a huge ice cream feast after dinner.

Wedding Day

The wedding was at the Provo City Center Temple. It is quite beautiful.  I remember the night the Provo Tabernacle burned down.  Now, it is a lovely temple in the center of the city.

We had a bit of a break between the wedding and reception.  When we got to the reception we were all a bit surprised at the decorations.  Rebecca wanted to keep it very simple.  At least there wasn’t any drama during the wedding or reception.


We attended church with Amber and Jason.  After church we went to Sarah’s house and had a BBQ.  Natalie and Amber and their husbands and kids got to meet Sarah, Becky, and some of the nieces and nephews who live in Utah.


Monday was Amber’s day to do stuff with us.  Natalie joined us and we went to the Church History Museum and saw the interactive display I provided images for.  I thought it was going to be one on the Hill Cumorah.  Instead, they used pictures from Fayette and did a virtual tour of the log home there.


Amber was off for her IVF treatment, and Natalie and boys joined us for breakfast at Becky and Glenn’s.  After breakfast, Natalie, Brad and Mike and I went and got In and Out Burgers.

In the evening, we had dinner at Amber’s and celebrated Bethe’s birthday.  Jennifer arrived just a few minutes before we had to leave for the airport.


We had a wonderful trip and got to see all 5 of my daughters and their children!!!

Wedding Booked 2 Years Ago

Wedding Booked 2 Years Ago

It is not often a photographer does a wedding booked 2 years ago.  Today was a first for me.  This couple came to me in 2012 and we did their engagement session in 2013 and now their wedding.  Talk about anticipation, but also talk about planning.

The job came to me through the Tri County Networkers, which is a networking group I belong to.  (http://www.tricountynetworkers.com/) The Bride’s uncle came to me a couple of years ago with a referral.  I met with the bride and her mom and we all hit it off.

To this bride’s credit, she is the most organized bride I have ever met.  She could write a book on how to plan your wedding correctly.

The wedding was beautiful, and like any wedding, there were a few glitches, but none of them interfered with their wedding.

Some of the cool things they did that I, as a photographer, really liked are…

  • Bubbles instead of rice or birdseed

    copyright 2014 db walton

    Bride & Groom (with Bubbles)

  • For favors, a fruit stand for guest to grab an apple or snack
    copyright 2014 db walton

    Fruit Stand Favors


  • A cake that was so amazing I don’t have time to describe it, nor am I going to post a photo here.  (I’ve got post-wedding work to do).
  • Autumn decorations that just really made you think autumn.
  • A trolley car for the bridal party

I could go on, but those were the main things that were fun for me as a photographer.

Now, here’s the amazing part.  I was doing most of the reception shooting on my Fujifilm X-E1.  It’s a great low-light performer.  Right as the night was ending, the battery was starting to show a “low” warning.  I checked my bag, and there were not any batteries in it!!!  (Remember yesterday… I charged them… but not for this camera.)  The amazing part is I finished the night with power left to spare on my battery.

There’s a God.  If there weren’t, my distracted brain would have caused me to self-destruct long ago.  Nobody is that lucky.

Oh, and then I left my camera bag outside the church earlier.  It didn’t get stolen.  That too is a miracle and evidence that God watches out for me in spite of myself.

Open During Construction

Open During Construction

I find it nice that Tops in Parrington is open during construction, but I also find it a little odd shopping there during the construction.  I found myself on an isle that had construction with no food.  That was strange.

While shopping there, I was trying to figure out where they are heading.  There is a huge wall the divides the store now.  My first thought is, “Are they going to make the store smaller?”

My next thought was, “What will be beyond this wall when it is complete?”

Strange indeed.  I found some of the sections appeared to be smaller, as well as in different locations.  The meat and milk sections seemed smaller.  That struck me as strange too.  Perhaps it is just temporary until the construction is complete.

With a big wedding coming up on Saturday, I’m starting to feel the pre-wedding anxiety.  I can’t believe I’m the only photographer who feels these.  Sometimes, it is enough for me to ask, “Why do I do this?”  Actually, I love photographing weddings.  But, like performing on stage, you get the pre-show jitters only to find that euphoric high once you start working.


Small World and Weddings

I photograph lots of weddings, and some times, I do not see a single person I know. Other times, the connections are amazing.

Take today’s wedding. I asked a family, obviously from out-of-town, where they were from. They said Highland, Utah. I told them my brother lives there, and told them where. They responded back that it was close to where they live. As the conversation progressed, I learned they live across the street from my brother.

The bride turned out to be the cousin of one of my home teaching families.

Small world… especially at some weddings.

Clean and Consult

I’m still cleaning my office and studio. Throwing out a lot of old magazines and donating good ones to the library.

Got things to a decent point when my wedding consult showed up a little early. This young lady was prepared. I wish all brides were that prepared. Too many think that hiring a photographer is a matter of scheduling someone to take photos at their wedding. (I think I’ll blog more about this on my photography blog.) And, even more think they’ll have a friend take the pictures. The latter is fine as long as you don’t mind taking risks on your wedding day.

About 4pm, I came down with a really bad headache, so I’m calling it a day.

Amber’s and Jason’s Wedding Day

Natalie met us at Mark’s this morning and we headed out so we could take some photos of Amber before the wedding.  We got about 2 miles down the road and she called telling us she is nixing the before-shots because she won’t have time.  (Which is all good as I thought she was trying to cram too much into the day anyway.)

The wedding was very sweet, and the sealer was one my BYU professors, Paul R. Anderson.  We passed Elizabethe’s sister, Becky, and her husband on our way out as they too were being sealed today.

Amber and Jason

We had very little time before we had to be to the luncheon in Highland.

Reception Center

After the luncheon, we had a short break ad then it was time for the reception.

Daddy and Daughter Dance

It was a wonderful day and we were quite tired out at the end.

Reception Sign


The Day Before a Wedding

The day before a wedding, those involved are typically stressed out and running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Working in the wedding industry, I see it at both ends.   And, in all cases, it isn’t worth going through the stress.  Sometimes, people learn:  you turn off your cell phone and do what you have to do.

I discovered the WalMart in American Fork, Utah has a huge wide-format HP printer.  You initiate the print from a kiosk, do all your own color correction, and then send it to the printer in the back room.  In about 15 minutes, you have your large print.  Although I’m still skeptical on the longevity of ink jet prints, especially non-Epson, non-pigment based inks, it’s great if you need a fast print.

After all the running around today, Natalie and Ben picked us up and we spent some time with them.  It was then back to Mark’s where we spent the evening talking.

Kinghorn-Lindquist Wedding

Today’s the wedding day.  John and I get things organized and Jill feed us breakfast. 

We met the groom at 10am at the temple to take some pictures of him.  A very nice man, we had fun taking some pictures of him along with the bride’s brothers.  My daughter, Natalie, showed up, and got in the action too.  (Natalie and the bride are cousins.)

The sun was playing hide-n-seek with us all morning.  As a photographer, I wish every outdoor shoot was on a cloudy day, but you learn to deal with what you are given.

Groom – Kevin Lindquist

We had a very short break before the sealing party got out of the temple.  We then took pictures of the newlyweds. 

From there, we had a very short break as we had to then start our way to the reception.  The reception was held at an old LDS chapel in Salt Lake City called, “The Old Meeting House”.  It was quite a charming place. 

We finally got out of there around 11pm, but only after being entertained by Brianna (my granddaughter) doing some break dancing.  It was quite funny watching her, and she was the center of attention.

Brianna performing to a crowd after the bride and groom departed.

Now, it is not often I’m hired to do a wedding where my daughters and granddaughters are in attendance.  At one point, Brianna was dancing with my grandson, Texas.  I came up and asked if I could break-in and have the dance.  Brianna looked at me and said, “NO.”

What a character.

At the end of the night, I was dead to the world.

Amber, Natalie and Me – Crashed!

I’m very grateful Karen and Tanya asked me to photograph Tanya’s wedding.  It was quite an honor and a joy.