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Christmas Weekend

Christmas Weekend

Christmas doesn’t always fall on a weekend, but when it does, it’s Christmas Weekend.  This year, Christmas falls on a Monday, so tomorrow, Sunday is Christmas Eve.  Tonight will be the eve of Christmas Eve. (That’s supposed to be funny.)


Today’s weather has been weird.  It started off raining, and the weatherman said it would rain all day with freezing tonight.


It rained half the day and then turned to snow.  Heavy, wet snow.

Before it got dark I went and plowed the driveway.  I really don’t want to get up early before church to clear the driveway.  For tonight, the Beckwith Mansion is a winter wonderland.

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After the Rain Came the Snow


Some of the gifts arrived at the last minute.  All of Elizabethe’s gifts have arrived, so I guess I’m all set here.  I also sent off eGift cards to my dad and brother.  Everything else was taken care of well in advance.  We are all set.

Elizabethe tells me she can’t find my Christmas stocking, so she ordered me a new one from Amazon.  Hers is all stuffed with the exception of some perishables.  I’ll put those in Monday morning.


We have a couple of pieces of flat bread and an open bottle of spaghetti sauce.  So, I made pizza for dinner.  It was quite good.

Missionary Discussion

Missionary Discussion

Elizabethe and I sat in on a missionary discussion tonight.  A young man we know is taking the discussions.  He has committed to be baptized, and we are sitting in to support him.

Snow and Rain

Snow and rain are a bad combination.  We usually don’t get this type of weather in April.  I worked in the studio and at times it just poured outside.  I was glad to be indoors.

From time to time I would hear a big thud as a chunk of ice hit the roof.  I’m not sure if it is falling off a tree, or from the sky.  I just want to stay inside and work where it is warm.

I had  to run to the Village Hall to get a letter notarized.  Not wanting to be outside more than I had to, I came straight home.  Because of this weather, I have no desire to go anywhere tonight.


Elizabethe bought tickets for going to San Diego while we’re in California.  It will be a day trip to see Crystali and her family.  I’m excited; it will be fun to see the boys and Crystal and Philip.

The church history guys also have a few things they want me to photograph.  Mostly, things that have to do with church history… of course.

Is This Hype

Is This Hype

Is this hype, or are we really in for the storm of the year?  It appears to be starting off a little weak.  You never know if it is TV weather hype, or if it is really going to come to fruition.

According to my weather app on my phone they are saying it is going to snow steadily from 2pm today until 6pm Wednesday, but at the rate of about 1/5th of an inch per hour.


It’s snowing, but not a lot.  I went to the bathroom (in the house… I’m working in my studio) and when I returned for my next potty break, we had got about an 1″.  That’s 1″ in about 1 hour.

Update 2

Okay, it’s coming down steady.  I’m calling it a day and going inside.

Update 3

After eating dinner and watching a show with Elizabethe, I decided to check on the progress.  Holy Cow!!!!  It has drifted against the back of our house and I had to force the door open because of the drift.

I have never seen it drift like that here.  And, I haven’t seen it this deep very often.  Tomorrow morning will be a surprise.



Winter Again

Winter Again

It’s winter again.  After a break of spring-like weather, it is cold and snowing again.  While Palmyra hasn’t been hit hard, some parts of the area have had a lot of snow and wind.

Elizabethe had her macular degeneration shots today.  We drive to Geneva for those, and Geneva’s weather was really nasty.  While there, I drove down the street and got some winter pictures.



copyright 2017 db walton

Snow on a Grave

copyright 2017 db walton

Winter Barn Scene

CSM Meeting

My team had its meeting after our CSM Meeting.  It went well.  Rather than using NetMeeting, I let the folks at HQ show my PDF while I talked.  Cisco’s NetMeeting for some reason locks my computers (plural) up when I try to host a meeting.

I trained my team about the advantages of Adobe Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop.  I also reviewed my workflow.  They asked some good questions.


We got to the temple and it was slushy and nasty.  By the time we got out, the snow had stopped and while still slushy, it wasn’t bad driving home.

Elizabethe’s eye is still hurting.  I can’t imagine how painful it must be to get a shot in the eye.  She has to do this about every 5 weeks or so, and until they find some better treatment, she will for the rest of her life.

Snow Rain Ice

Snow Rain Ice

Snow rain ice is a bad combination.  It went from very cold and snowing, to raining, and then ICE.  The near blizzard conditions of the morning turned to rain late afternoon.  We went to the temple, and when we came out, everything was coated with ice.

Taking the snowblower out about 3:30pm, I clear the driveway.  The snow from earlier was crusted over and under with sheets of ice. It impresses me how well the snowblower did.  It chewed up the ice and blew it out as if it were snow.

Paint Brushes

I have an extensive paint brush collection for Adobe Photoshop.  I decided to convert some of them to Corel Painter 2017 brushes.  So far, so good.  Now, I need to organize them and assign attributes.

I created a fish scale brush from scratch.  It works okay, but there is room for improvement.  That’s for another day.

Painter 2017 is amazing.  I was painting in watercolors and as the paint “dried”, it because lighter in color.  To me, that’s amazing they can do that in software.  Watercolors behave just like the real stuff.


In spite of the storm, we had work to do in the temple.  The roads were icy on our way home, but all turned out well.

Bitter Cold

Bitter Cold

It is bitter cold today.  Many people think it is bitter cold all of the time in this part of New York.  It isn’t.  What is true is we get lots of precipitation, which equates to snow in the winter.  The usually warmer winter weather keeps that snow melted much of the time.

While it is in the low teens today, they are saying in a couple of days it will be near 60F.  That will melt all this snow and then the cycle will begin again.  Until then, it is bitter cold today.

Hearing about the storms in Utah and the west, I’m thinking… they sure have a misconception about our harsh winters.  One big difference is this… they will get a harsh storm, and then it will be sunny and 18F for a few days.  We’ll get a harsh storm, and then it will be overcast and 53F for a few days.


I’ve been painting all day.  It is both rewarding and frustrating at the same time.  With practice, I’ll overcome the frustrations.  Until then, I keep trying.

Digital painting is as real as oil painting (as an example).  Oil painting if you goof up, you might take a rag or a spatula and scrape of the paint.  Digital painting you press the ctrl-Z key until you’ve removed your mistake.  Thus, digital painting goes quicker than oil painting.

I do, however, miss the smell of linseed oil and turpentine.

Visitors Galore

Visitors Galore

It is not even Hill Cumorah Pageant time and we had visitors galore at church.  They opened the overflow curtains during Sacrament meeting.  I think it is safe to say tourist season is open.  The Palmyra Ward probably gets more visitors than any other ward in the church.

President Clark was visiting our ward today.  I wish I would have known.  I would have let him hear a little Here Comes the Sun.

I managed to get some photographs of our Relief Society Presidency in action.

copyright db walton 2016 - Visitors Galore

Relief Society Presidency

We didn’t feed the missionaries today because they had assignments in Fayette.  It’s too bad because I had a great meal planned.  So, Elizabethe and I enjoyed a casual dinner with lots of leftovers.

Weather wise, things have taken a turn for the COLD.  We got some hail this afternoon and they are saying it will be in the low 30s tonight.  They are predicting frost.  This comes just as I was thinking I can turn all of the heaters in the house off.

Great!  We’ve got our tomatoes out.  So, I’m praying we don’t get a frost.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s drive to and from Binghamton.  Let’s hope this cold weather doesn’t bring snow.  I don’t think it will, but it’s a long drive to Binghamton and I’d appreciate some good weather.

Burger King with Tom

Burger King with Tom

Today I went to Burger King with my friend Tom.  We sat and talked for quite a while.  Today he told me all about a trip to Utah he took with the Young Men and how much fun they had river rafting.   I shared with him stories of taking the Boy Scouts on various trips.  We laughed a lot.

Tom’s a good man with some age-related struggles.  I took Tom back to his house where we talked a little longer.  I look forward to our next visit.

The weather has been so strange.  Around 1pm today the wind was blowing, snow blowing around, and it was VERY cold.  It is hard to believe it is April.  This is more like March weather.

Our friend David cooked dinner for us tonight.  He cooked a roast, with potatoes, salad, bread and mixed veggies.  It was quite tasty and delicious.


A few days ago I received 2 T8 LED tubes.  Today I had time to remove the ballast from a light fixture and rewire it for these two tubes.  I was hoping it would work like my homemade 4-tube light, but because of the distance apart, this looks like what it is — a 2 tube fluorescent fixture.  The light is still the same as it would have been had I made a 2-tube light, but the metal cast just looks funky.  Because it is metal, it is heavy too.

I guess I’ll try it with beauty lighting.  I just need to find a beauty to test it on.

Any volunteers?


Drawing a Blank

Drawing a Blank

Have you ever used the phrase, “I’m drawing a blank?”  I’m drawing a blank as to what to blog about today.  Here it is the first day of October, 2015, and I’m like…. “Where has the time gone?”

Okay… I know….

We went from an very summer-like 85 degrees last week to a chilly 45 degrees today.  Yes, it is down-right jacket weather.

There… I said what I wanted to say about the weather…. now what?

I know…

It is time to start up the weather log again.  I have a page dedicated to what happens weather wise around here.  It’s actually quite convenient for those times when someone proclaims, “I remember last year when we had 87 inches of snow.”  That’s when I pull out my smart phone, go to last year’s post and say, “Interesting, I logged we got 0.25″ of snow, but the day before we got 8″, and before that, we hadn’t had snow for a week.”

This is a habit I started when I was riding my bicycle all of the time.  It made it easier for me to determine if it was going to be a bad-weather day and drive into work verses riding my bike.

Garden Weather

Garden Weather

If ever you could call something garden weather, this is it.  It has been tropical rain forest weather this this summer.

The down side to this damp warm weather are mosquitos.  I went out to pick some peas and was attacked by the little vampires.  They are quite thick this year.

That gives me an idea… a hula-hoop with holes that you pass over your body while it sprays you at 360-degrees with DEET.  I know my wife would appreciate that.

The kitchen is undergoing a deep cleaning in anticipation for our Pageant guests.  The place smells like pine sol right now.  But, that smell goes away quickly.

After Elizabethe got home we went to the Joseph Smith Farm where the sister missionaries are teaching one of our friends.  It was a great discussion followed by some blueberry bread I had made as a treat for after the meeting.  Time flew quickly, before I knew it one of the sisters announced that the site closes at 9pm and we need to leave.

We’re only a little over a week away from Hill Cumorah Pageant.  People are already descending on Palmyra to help with the setup of the stage and technical aspects.  The first Pageant performance will be July 10th.

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Hill Cumorah Pageant

If you plan to visit Palmyra for pageant, make your room reservations!   Lodging is scarce.   We actually have a couple of openings, but don’t think you’re going to find something once you get here.  Call now!  (315) 359-5280.