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Pickup Car Tomorrow

Pickup Car Tomorrow

I pickup the car tomorrow.  Knowing this has quelled my anxieties a bit.  Tomorrow night I start putting stuff in the rental car.  We leave on Monday for Route 66.

Our networking meeting today was a wash.  Our speaker didn’t show up.  The cage needs rattling again.  If you live in West Wayne County, or anywhere close, consider joining us.  It is a great way to find new clients and customers.


Progress is made.  I found a couple of missing batteries.  The other memory cards appeared. My missing battery pouch were under a protective padding in my camera bag.  As a result, things are looking better.

Many of the bags require better organization.  Right now, things are thrown in and not organized.  Elizabethe is really good at doing that stuff.  Perhaps we’ll watch a show while she organizes bags.

Unlike going on a normal trip, we need to bring power strips, various chargers, USB cords, laptops, in addition to our camera equipment.  My camera bags are fairly organized.  The bags with the cords and miscellaneous stuff are my concern.

Lego Lens Keeper

I am gluing lego lens keepers to my tripods.  Basically, you glue a Lego to your lens caps and tripods.  When you remove a lens cap, you attach it to the Lego.  As a result, you do not lose your lens cap while shooting.

The idea isn’t mine.  I saw it in a magazine years ago.  I am just getting around to implementing it.

As an added bonus, it covers the camera logo on the lens caps.  Why advertise for a company that isn’t compensating you in some degree.

John Kidd

I called my friend John Kidd.  We talked for a while.  He’s making pens and I told him he can have all the black walnut he wants.  I also have maple and who knows what else.

He asked if I could bring a chunk as I pass through that area.  If we have room in the car, I will.  It can be cool to have a pen made from wood from my property.

We talked about working in the temple, things that don’t change based on where you live, and other stuff.  Of course, we talked about camera stuff.  He joked that he was told he needed a hobby, as if photography wasn’t enough.


Star Wars VII

Star Wars VII

Elizabethe and I finally saw Star Wars VII.  We went to the $5 10am showing in Pittsford.  As we pulled in to the parking lot, there were a LOT of cars by the cinema.  I thought, “Oh, crud.  Everyone’s going because it is a holiday.”

We get in to the theatre where Star Wars VII is showing and it is quite packed.  We picked two adjacent seats as far back as we could.  As I was about to sit down, the man I was about to sit next to looks up and it’s Elder Jensen — one of the temple missionaries.

I shake his hand and I’m about to sit and notice most of the people in that section are temple missionaries.  Surprise!  It was their p-day activity.

Well, I’m not going to talk a lot about the movie.  Harrison Ford offers some great expressions and on-liners that are typical of Harrison Ford and funny.


There was a blanket of snow on the driveway this morning.  It was not much snow.  It was only about 1″ maximum.  I guess winter is finally here.

Of course, last night on the news they were saying, “Wayne County expect 8 to 10 inches of lake effect snow.”

Wow, if I were that innacurate as a network engineer I wouldn’t have had a career as a network engineer.

Windows Tech Support

I got another one of those calls claiming to be from Windows Tech Support.  I thought I’d turn the tables and I asked him for his IP address.  He said it was  I laughed and told him I know that’s a private IP address (one that cannot be routed through the Internet) and told him I needed his routable IP address.  He stuck to his story that was his routable IP address.

He was pretty tenacious and insisted I work with him.  I just said, “Get yourself a good attorney”, and hung up on him.

If any of my readers get a call like that, don’t give them ANY information, and don’t do anything they ask you to do.

Supposed to Rain

Supposed to Rain

It was supposed to rain all day today, or so the weather report said.  It finally hit in the early evening hours.  Then, it really started to thunder and lightening and pouring.

Do you realize it is only 3 months until Hill Cumorah Pageant?

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Hill Cumorah Pageant

That’s right, it is only 3 months away.  And, if you’re not from around here, and you want to visit during pageant, you might think 2015.  You’ve got to plan for rooms about 6-9 months in advance.  Some people book 12 months in advance.

But, don’t let that stop you from visiting during non-pageant time.  We’ve got a LOT to do around here.  I know, you may have talked to someone who has told you Palmyra is this dinky town in the middle of nowhere.  Well, the first part, dinky, is right.  But, we’re only a short drive from Rochester.  (Airport code ROC.)

When you come to Palmyra, here is the shortest to-do list:

1)  Sacred Grove – Plan 1 hour for the tour of the log and frame homes and 2 hours for the Grove.  Bring insect repellent.  And, you’ll find once you get in the grove time will fly, and you may want to spend more time.  So, 3-4 hours.

2)  Hill Cumorah – Plan 1-2 hours.  You can drive to the top, but the walk up the north side is lovely and will give you an idea of what Joseph Smith might have seen.

3)  Alvin Smith’s Grave – 30 minutes.

4) Martin Harris Home – 30 minutes – it’s a stop and look – no tours

5)  E.B. Grandin Building (Book of Mormon Publication Site) – 2 hours.

6)  Palmyra Temple – 2-3 hours for a session

When you add all of those up, you’ll find it would be nuts to cram all that in to a single day.  Break it in to 2 or 3 days as you’ll want time to eat and visit some of the local shops in the village.

Lodging:  Of course there’s the Beckwith Mansions (we have 5 rooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests by law).    A few doors down from us is the Liberty House B&B.  I believe they have 3 rooms, hence about 6 guests.  There are a couple of other B&Bs, but I’m not familiar with their accommodations.  Finally, you have the Palmyra Inn.  They are a good sized hotel for this area.  Please note that you will spend more for lodging in this area as the taxes are quite high and it has nothing to do with LDS tourists or pageant.

Food:  We don’t have any fancy steakhouses in Palmyra, but we do have some of the best pizza in the world.  Nima’s and Mark’s are both great choices.  We also have three diners:  Athena’s, Acropolis, and Square 1 Diner.  And, you MUST go to Chill-n-Grill, if anything, for ice cream.  We have one Chinese take out – Happiness Garden.  You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a variety.

Plan ahead, and I’d be glad to answer your questions.

Rain, Again? Really?

I’m heading out the door at 7:15 am and it is starting to rain. I get to my networking meeting, and it is raining pretty hard. By the time I left there, it was raining even harder. The ground is saturated and the water is not going anywhere.

Later, I see on Facebook that there is flooding in areas of Wayne County. I didn’t think that was possible given this land is used to 4 inches a month. I haven’t checked the statistics, but I think we’ve got our share of rain this month.

Rain, rain, rain. We’ve got our share so far.

Here’s some news…

My studio has announced the July Head-Shot Days. (see blog.dbwalton.com )

Fine Art by DB is ready for this new season with some great prints of Palmyra and surrounding areas. (see http://www.FineArtbyDB.com )

If you haven’t “Liked” Fine Art by DB on Facebook, please do so.  You’ll be entered in to our drawing for a pizza party.  (Provided via a gift card to a pizza restaurant in your area.)

New York State Route 31

I decided to make today my kickoff for my Get it Done on 31(tm) Tour.  At our networking meeting, I handed out cards and told people about the book.  Now comes the hard part, getting the word out to businesses I don’t see on a regular basis and especially those outside the Palmyra/Macedon area.

Click on the following link to read the letter to business owners on NYSR 31.  It is a PDF and contains an application and questionnaire.


The book will be a coffee table book of a pictorial tour down NYSR 31.  I call 31 the Main Street of Western New York.  There are so many villages where 31 goes through the center of them.  There are lots of quaint shops and diners.  It’s going to be fun putting this together.

I’m also creating a card for the TriCounty Networkers of Monroe, Wayne and Ontario Counties.  This is a networking group of businesses in the area.  Our members are highly focused, and good businesses to do business with.

They say we’re supposed to get hit with the “most snow ever” storm.  I’ll believe that if it happens.  And, if it does happen I guess we’ll be sticking close to home.