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Custom Backdrop

Custom Backdrop

I am hoping my new custom backdrop (one I designed) arrives today.  It sounds like it will work great for my afternoon portrait appointment. In the meantime I’m working on retouching and administrative work.

I love the UPS phone app.  It tells me when packages arrive.  Better than a doorbell, I love this app.

App Alert

Around lunch time my UPS app alerts me my backdrop is delivered.  Wow!  How cool is that.

I run out and grab it and open it right away.  It is SO COOL.

copyright 2017 db walton - custom backdrop

Duplicity Backdrop by db walton

I could hardly wait to see it as a backdrop, so I did a self-portrait in front of it…

copyright 2071 db walton

db walton by db walton

I named it “Duplicity”.  Hang it one way and you have a background of cool tones for a portrait.  Flip it 180-degrees and you have a background for warm tones.  Hence, duplicity.

Right now this is exclusive to photography by db walton llc.  Perhaps a year or two down the road I will offer them to the public for purchase.  However, if you like it this is the only place you can get a portrait with it as a background!

The Shoot

My shoot clients arrive and yes, they look great against the backdrop.  I utilized the cool end of the backdrop.   I then had them sit and got a little of both.

copyright db walton

The New Backdrop in Use

I love it when a plan comes together.

Pending Storm

Pending Storm

There is a lot of talk about a pending storm.  It is supposed to move in tonight.  Some say it will dump 8″ tonight.  I say it is too warm.  It’s almost 60 outside.

I went to get groceries at Wegman’s and I was torn between wearing my jacket or taking it off.  It is sunny outside.  If it did snow it would melt before it hits the ground.

Stake Conference

The adult session of stake conference is tonight.  It went very well.  I was the organist for this session.

Sister Barrett played a wonderful piano medley of I Stand All Amazed… and now I forget the second hymn in the medley.  It was wonderful.


Before conference I prepared a steak for me and a pork chop for Elizabethe.  We also had baked potatoes and a tossed salad.  It isn’t often that we get to have a nice meal at home by ourselves.  I made sure  we did tonight.

My steak was cooked to perfection, and so was the pork chop.  The secret was bacon grease.  I cooked 4 slices of bacon as a side for our meal.  The grease was perfect for pan frying both slices of meat.  I started the pork first, and added my steak at the appropriate time and then finished them both in the oven.



A Good Chamber of Commerce

Fred and Fanny Farkle would feel fantastic with this fickle weather we’ve been having.  Yesterday, it was record cold.  I mean very cold.  Today, the ice is melting and the snow is almost gone.

In fact, tonight we walked outside and Elizabethe had her coat draped over her arm.  I commented, “It feels warm”, and she noted that she didn’t even put her coat on.  You couldn’t even see your breath it was so warm.

Or was it?

I got in the car and the outside thermometer displayed “ICE”, and then it flashed “32F”.  Yeah, freezing and it felt warm.  That’s how crazy our weather has been.

This morning the MPWCC (Macedon Palmyra Walworth Chamber of Commerce) met with a representative from the AdCouncil regarding rebranding the chamber.  It was a good meeting.  I’m in hopes that people can stay focused on business in this area, and not get sidetracked in to discussions about other activities.  The meeting went well, and our facilitator managed to keep the sidetracking to a minimum.

At some point, we’re going to talk about a name for the “new” chamber.  MPWCC is too long and too restrictive.  (What if someone from Marion wants to join???  See my point?)

One that I heard was Western Wayne Chamber of Commerce.  It’s okay, but I’d move to shorten it to West Wayne Chamber of Commerce.  You could do a lot with a logo using WWCC.  There’s something to be said about symmetry in a logo and you could do that with WWCC.

copyrigh 2014 db walton

Palmyra at Night

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with something that isn’t geographically limiting.  For example, Macedon is right on the edge of Monroe County, and Palmyra is actually split between Wayne and Ontario Counties.  So, WWCC could alienate those who live outside Wayne County.

I’m thinking we don’t even need Chamber of Commerce in our name, but use it as part of the description.   Some along the lines of Business Builders Cooperative, or something like that.  No regional affiliation implied, allows us to grow without bounds, and boldly states what we do.

That’s just one idea.

This area has so much potential.

For example, last night we went to Books ETC. in Macedon.  Elizabethe is displaying some of her quilling, Claudine Bartlett was displaying several oil paintings, and Terry (I can’t remember her last name) was displaying her photography.  One of the guests commented to the effect that there is no place, except Books ETC., in the area where you can go, sit down, and have a conversation with some strangers.  And, he’s pretty much right.  (Before someone rattles off the name of some bar… the majority of people don’t frequent bars, nor do many of us like going in to bars.)

Starbucks next came up.  I pointed out that in Starbucks, people are either listening to their music while texting or doing something on their laptop, or they are in and out.  Most agreed that even a place like Starbucks doesn’t fit the bill.

I remember growing up and for the men in town, the barbershop was the place many of them gathered.  Most of them were there to talk about sports.  But, you would see guys in there who were not there to get a hair cut.  They were there to talk.  I learned a lot about cars, splitting wood, and other manly topics while getting my hair cut.  I was just a kid so I didn’t contribute.  I just listened.

This all comes back to local business development.  Too many businesses come and go because they don’t have a good business model.  You can’t just open the doors and expect people to give you their money.  You have to create a want and a need for them to come in to your store.  A good Chamber of Commerce should help drive people to your business; it is up to you to keep them there and take their money.

So,  it will be an interesting journey with the Chamber of Commerce.