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3D Assets

3D Assets

I never thought I would get in to 3D modeling.  I never thought I would be using the term 3D assets.  Well, I now own a couple hundred dollars of 3D assets and I’m in to 3D modeling.

Most people use 3D modeling for video games and movies.  Not me, I’m using it for art.  It would cost me about $200 to hire a model for a day.  Now, for $200 I have several models, wardrobe, and more.

Granted, it is difficult to set a face for the right expression, but that’s part of the learning process.  I have to ask questions like, “What makes a person look surprised?”  Or, “What makes a person look like they adore someone?”

copyright 2018 db walton

Close-up of Expression

It’s pretty cool.  (I hope the above captured the expression of a shocked surprise.


Much of my day was spent organizing my 3D assets.  The way they install on the hard drive isn’t very intuitive when trying to find what you’re looking for.  Most of them are installed by the vendor’s name.  So, if I’m looking for a dress, seeing a folder named ADP, for example, doesn’t tell me it contains a dress.

As a result I have spent most of the day putting my assets in to folders that make sense to me.



How do you get people involved.  That’s a huge question for any organization.  It has also been the topic at many Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce board meeting.  Today was no different.

I think people want to see, “What’s in it for me.”   I get that, especially when it involves a business owner.  It’s all about return on investment.

Or is it?

There are some who simply need something to do that they enjoy doing.  Now, those are the people the chamber would like to find.  We could use volunteers to help with events and other chamber activities.  Volunteers could be students or retired folks or anyone in between.

After a the chamber meeting I went to take my friend Tom to lunch.  Tom is fun to be around and we had a great time.

Then it was time to get ready for my photo session.   I had lights to move, and cameras to make sure they were ready to shoot.  Of course, as things would have it, my afternoon was full of interruptions.  But, in the end, it all worked out.

My shoot went well and I’m just loving my LED lights.  What I also love is that my Fujifilm X-T1 interfaces with my Kindle Fire so nicely.  It takes some getting used to, but using the Kindle as a wireless remote is fun.

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A Wardrobe Photo Session

The Big Studio Clean-Up Day

We took our time getting started today, but came about 9 a.m. we were out in the studio organizing and cleaning.  With limited space, you some times have to be creative where you put things.  A lot of time was spent saying, “Move this here… on second thought, let’s put this over here.”

Elizabethe and Stephanie were both huge helps.  We got back drops up on the tracks, props moved to where they are out of the way, hardware on the walls for hanging things, etc.  And, when it came to hanging things, we had lots of beads.



and More Beads.

And there were backdrops too…

Backdrop Track in Studio

The hard part was figuring out where to put this stuff…

Props and Studio Gear

Elizabethe suggested I put my cow’s head above the door.  It actually looked kind of cool, so no apologies to Georgia O’Keefe for this picture of it…

With No Apologies

When we got to the point where I couldn’t take any more, Elizabethe and I headed to Jo Ann’s Fabric to get some fabric for when I want to block the window light.  Holy Cow!  It was nearly $100 for the fabric and that was at 50% off.