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59 and 1 Twelfth

59 and 1 Twelfth

Remember when we were kids and someone would ask, “How old are you?”, and we’d respond with, “I’m 6 and a half.”  It was like that 6 months really made such a big difference.  Well, I’m 59 and 1 twelfth.  Yup.  Big whopping deal.

It’s funny as I approach 60.  It’s no big deal to close another decade.  What will be a big deal is when I reach 59 1/2 and then 62 1/2.  The rest will all be a blur in time.

Too many appointments today

I had too many appointments today.  At least when I was working for someone else I could get up, go to the office, and all those appointments were on the company’s time.  Now, I get up and have to carefully balance my time because, as they say, time is money.  (And telemarketers wonder why I get testy when they interrupt my day.)

Have you ever thought what it would be like if the world were tit-for-tat when it came to time?

Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you take your car in for a repair and they spend 2 hours working on your car.  You now owe the repair guy 2 hours of YOUR time.  So, being a photographer, the mechanic would be able to demand 2 hours of my time taking photos.  Ah, but let’s say they tell you your car will be ready at 1pm, and you show up at 1pm and it is not ready, and thus you end up waiting 1 hour.  Now, the mechanic owes you 1 hour leaving a net of 1 hour that you owe the mechanic.

I bet if that were the case people would be more respectful of your time.

The biggest considerations of time are, in my opinion…

  1. someone being late for an appointment with you,
  2. being kept waiting for an appointment you are on-time for,
  3. starting a meeting late, and
  4. making a meeting go over time.


I once had a client miss their appointment by a LONG shot.  Being self-employed I sat in my office wondering, “Do I open the door and say, ‘Sorry, your appointment was 2 hours ago’, and then close the door?   Or, do I simply chalk it up to miscommunications?

This is one of the reasons I take a non-refundable retainer when someone I don’t know makes an appointment.  Here at the house, we take a non-refundable payment when they book the room.  Why?  We’ve simply been burned too many times before.

Besides, people who stick to their commitments don’t have an issue with an advanced payment.  It is people who don’t stick to their commitments who do.  So, it becomes a red-flag in business.

There is an element of naivety too.   One one hand, you have the client who stiffs you.  What has it cost them?  Nothing, unless you’ve collected a deposit.  On the other hand, you have a business that has been holding time and/or resources available for you, and at the last minute cannot get someone to take your place and pay the money lost.

It looks like this…

Without deposit…

Client:  Out nothing for flaking – i.e. no responsibility or consequences
Business owner:  Wasted time and resources (example:  $85 for the room that night)

With a deposit…

Client:  Out $85 for flaking – i.e. responsible to the amount of $85.  That’s their consequence for flaking
Business owner:   Wasted time, but at least the resource was covered (i.e. the room got paid for that otherwise might have been booked by someone else.)

A sign in a doctor’s office once said, “You will be charged $35 if you do not show for your appointment.”

I have no problem with that.  That’s the way it should be.

Time is valuable.  We all get 24 hours in a day.  So, when one person robs another of time, there should be recompense.

If the election were held today

I got some e-mail asking who I would vote for if the election were today.  So, I went and looked at who is running…

  • Former Florida Governor – Nope – career politician
  • Neurosurgeon and Author – Yup, I’d consider him
  • New Jersey Governor – Nope – career politician
  • Texas Senator – Nope – career politician
  • Former CEO – Yup, I’d consider her
  • Former Virginia Governor – Nope – career politician
  • South Carolina Senator – Nope – career politician
  • Former Arkansas Governor – Nope – career politician
  • Ohio Governor – Nope – career politician
  • Former New York Governor – Nope – career politician
  • Kentucky Senator – Nope – career politician
  • Florida Senator – Nope – career politician
  • Former Pennsylvania Senator – Nope – career politician
  • Businessman – Nope – I don’t trust him

2016 Democratic nominees

  • Hillary Clinton – Former New York Senator – Nope – career politician and can’t be trusted
  • Bernie Sanders – Vermont Senator – Nope – career politician and admitted socialist
  • Martin O’Malley – Governor of Maryland  – Nope – career politician

Waiting for Support

Waiting for Support

When something is broken, waiting for support is the hardest thing.  Between the washing machine and computer, I’m thoroughly frustrated.

Sears is supposed to be here between 8am and 5pm to fix the washing machine.  Microsoft is supposed to call me back in a few hours to work on my PC’s BSoD errors.

I spent a good portion of the day attempting various things on my PC.  It gives a BSoD with most anything I try.  This is crazy.  I’ve gone the entire week without being able to use my desktop.  (I’m working from my laptop, which, by the way, is working okay with Windows 10.  That tells me it is probably a driver incompatibility with something inside my HP.

The lawn is mowed and at least I don’t have that glooming over my head while I’m trying to resolve my computer issues.

On the brighter side, Elizabethe and I celebrate 18 years of marriage today.  Yes, we have now been married to each other longer than we were married to our previous spouses.

Jennifer and Spencer and kids arrived home late from their trip.  They stopped on their way and picked up groceries for tomorrow’s dinner.

Oh, Sears never did show up.  I’ll have to call them on Monday.  In the mean time, our washing machine gives an HF error.

At least when an old ringer stopped working, you could see WHY.

I’m starting to hate technology.