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I believe service is what will separate the wheat from the tares.  Doing a survey for my trade guild I learn that those who say they do not have time to serve complain the most.  Don’t we see the same thing in the church?  Those most critical of church leaders are those who don’t serve.

It is discouraging to see fewer and fewer youth doing service.  A friend told me in his volunteer fire department, an alarm called for 8 volunteers, but only 2 showed up.  That’s a scary thought.  A lack of commitment and service, in this case, could cost lives.

We are seeing the same thing in the Chamber of Commerce.  Members want certain benefits of membership, but unless we have people volunteering to help, it just doesn’t happen.  The benefit comes from serving each other.

Foul Mood

I guess I’m in a foul mood today.  Saturday’s 2 out of 8 people showing up on time, and then 1 considerably late for doing service has me a bit ticked.  Then, to read comments in the survey for my trade guild only makes me more angry.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too in a volunteer organization unless you get out and help.  Granted, the church really isn’t a “volunteer” organization.  Things are done by calling and assignment by those in authority.  Nonetheless, when someone accepts an assignment, they have an obligation to be there.  And, if something comes up, they have an obligation to find someone to fulfill their assignment.

Business Volunteer Organizations

Business volunteer organizations are there to help business owners help each other succeed.  Anyone who thinks they can come along for a free ride is mistaking.  It’s like our network group.  You can’t expect to show up and have referrals handed to you.  You have to work at finding referrals to hand out.  “Givers Gain” is the motto of one such referral group.

In our guild there are some young folks who whine and cry about us not having webinars.  Well, folks, who is going to produce, record and manage those webinars?  Webinars don’t just happen.

Then, they expect this stuff to be ‘free’ or cheaply priced.  Again, you can’t have ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ unless you have people volunteering to help.  Without service, everything comes with a premium price.  It’s supply and demand.  If the workers are few, the cost goes up.

Task-filled Tuesday

Task-filled Tuesday

Today was a task-filled Tuesday.  It seems I was go, go, go all day and yet I didn’t really go anywhere.  Technology means we can be kept busy while  not leaving our chair.

Our missionary meeting was today and it was the first time in 3 weeks.  The conference call went smoothly and they talked about what is necessary if we want to extend our volunteer service.  They didn’t explain, and also pointed out they do not know why this is, but we can only serve for 3 years, and then we have to re-volunteer again.

Many of the parts for my grab-n-go photography kit arrived today.  There I saw trying to figure out how to cut the foam inserts to the carrying case.  Quickly I discovered this stuff dulls scissors and knives quickly.  You’d think that gray foam would cut easily.  Well, at first it does, and then it slowly dulls the blade and it starts to tear.

Finally, I got all the individual slots cut out and then it was time to go to the temple.

As they have lately, they gave me things to do where I can sit mostly.  Frankly, I’m getting tired of doing a lot of sitting.

When we got home, I checked my case again.  I’m so proud of how it looks.  It holds 3 speedlights, 3 batteries, 3 remotes and a charger, a filter kit and a couple of power cords.

Now, for the light stands and the big case.  They are supposed to arrive by Saturday.!