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Collecting Paintings

Collecting Paintings

Chuck Collie went with me to collect the paintings from the merchants today.  Chuck road his scooter while I walked along side.  We had a great time and good conversation.

At one point, I found myself almost saying, “Let me know if I’m walking too fast,” and then it hit me.  His scooter is electric.  Yeah, my brain misfires sometimes.

Couple from Utah

Saturday I ran in to a couple from Utah who were here as tourists.  The ran in the Pirate 5K.  I saw them at church yesterday too.  Today, Chuck and I ran in to them.

I love it when tourist actually spend time here!


This couple were here for a few days and they immersed themselves.  I think that is great.  I hope they go back to Utah and tell their friends how much fun they had (which they did!)


This was a guy and his adult daughter.  She looked like she was perhaps in her 40s, and he looked like he was in his mid to late 70s.  As we walked away (well, Chuck drove his scooter away), Chuck motioned me to get closer and asked, “Is that his wife?”

I laughed and told him it was the guy’s daughter.  As a result, I could tell Chuck thought the guy was a cradle robber.


The remainder of my day I spent mowing the lawn.  In addition, I trimmed some bushes back.  I am beat.  That hedger works great, but the arms tire from holding it at various angles to trim the bushes.

Collecting paintings this morning was easy and fun compared to whacking bushes.   I trimmed before I mowed the lawn.  That way, the mower mulched the stuff.

Baked Beans

Baked Beans

When Elizabethe cleaned the freezer the other day she found a bunch of cubed turkey ham.  The stuff is a little salty, like Spam, and so I want to mask the taste.  I decided it will taste best in baked beans.  I took that and a ham bone and threw them in the crock pot with a mixture of red and black beans.

Elizabethe joked that the elders will eat anything.  I made some broiled chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, greens from the garden, and the baked beans.  The beans were pretty decent in spite of the salty turkey ham.

Today at Church

Today at church we had a lot of visitors.  There were not as many as last week, but there were still a lot.  The High Priest Group was packed.  (Last week, many took off after Sacrament Meeting.  This week, a large group stayed for all the meetings.)

I find it interesting since Sacrament and Priesthood/Relief Society are both commanded meetings to attend why so many people, when traveling, take off right after Sacrament Meeting.  The same is true with General Conference.  We’re commanded to attend conferences, but so many find it a “vacation” from church and go do something else.  I don’t understand it.

Speaking of High Priest Group, Chuck Collie was teaching.  He had the visitors laughing.  I bet they went away thinking we are the most lively High Priest Group in the church.  Well, they’re right.

Chinese Meatballs

Chinese Meatballs

The nice thing about frozen meatballs is you can throw them in the crockpot with some sauce and away you go — Chinese Meatballs.  Yes, that’s right.

I don’t think you’ll find this on the menu at a Chinese restaurant.  I took some homemade sweet-n-sour sauce we canned, some pineapple and the meatballs and threw it all in the crockpot.  Served with rice it is like sweet-n-sour pork without the bones.  And, we have enough for another meal even after feeding the missionaries!

Sisters Petersen and Jones came to dinner.  We enjoyed the meatballs and then ice cream for dessert.  Since it was Fast Sunday, they shared a message about the power of fasting.  (In the Mormon church we fast on the first Sunday of each month.  To us, a “fast” consist of going without food or drink for 2 meals, and contributing what we would have spent on those meals to a fund that is used to feed the poor and needy.)

We had a large number of visitors at church today.  You can tell it is tourist season, we have to open the partitions in to the cultural hall in order to fit people in the chapel.

Tomorrow is the First Monday Event, and I’ve already had two people say they can’t make it.  I know Gary is coming.  I hope we have more people.  After all, it is a fun event.

My Turn to Cook Mexican

My Turn to Cook Mexican

Today it is my turn to cook Mexican.  After last night’s dining experience I’ve decided to fix some good Mexican food for the missionaries.

I prepared some enchiladas, some ancho chili sauce, rice, beans and a slaw.  Each plate had two cheese enchiladas and one beef enchilada toped with the homemade enchilada sauce and some cheese.  I think I out did myself this time with the flavors.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take a picture.  My brain just hasn’t been fully functioning right since the accident.  While I joke saying, “You’d think I hit my head and not my leg,” when I’ve forgot important things over the last few months, it really isn’t that funny any more.

So, sorry, no photos of my Mexican cooking.  I think I’m going to ask the missionaries to remind me to take photos before we have a blessing on the food.

We had a lot of visitors at church today.  There was a huge group from South Weber, Utah.  They about doubled the size of the High Priest Group.

We also received news that some of our guests have been told they are not needed during Pageant.  This is sad as some of them already had tickets and non-refundable reservations.  I’m not sure why the change, but pray all will work out in the end.


1000 Plus

1000 Plus

We had 1000 plus people at church today.  This is expected for Pageant.  President Francis talked and he pointed out to people this isn’t normal attendance.  The bishop asked Palmyra Ward members to raise their hands so visitors could see how few we are in comparison to them.

One of the most miraculous things that has happened every “Pageant Sunday” cannot be expressed in words, but I will try.  Traditionally the congregation sings The Spirit of God, and the choir joins in on the 4th verse.  I’ve heard the choir rehearse.  I know their capabilities, but when it comes time for them to join in on the 4th verse, words cannot describe the additional support they receive.  It is not earthly; it is heavenly. Being the organist, I’m right there in front of the choir.  Today when we reached the 4th verse, the voices I heard were not coming from the seats in the choir.  The choir was to my right, and there was a full sounding choir on my right that sang to perfection. Voices come out of the air and fill the chapel with a sound that can only be experienced.  This happens every year, but this year was exceptionally stronger.

It’s difficult to play when your eyes fill with tears of joy.

Rude Response

My daughter shared this link with me.  It goes along with my entry of yesterday (see Rude).

A father’s response to the song Rude:  http://on.digg.com/1m1mXuk

I love it.


Pageant does not perform on Sunday or Monday.  It will resume on Tuesday night.  I’ll be there with a friend.

Today we are getting rain.  This is good because we can use the moisture, and this way, it gets it out of the system for Tuesday.