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Server Work

Server Work

I built a good career off my knowledge of computers, mathematics and algorithms.  I say, make the server work.  That’s right, make that server work.

Every computer I own has virus checking software.  These days, it is stupid not to have it on a computer.  The problem is, it can really slow down a computer when scanning LOTS of files.

So, I finally put my former career to use.  I realized all of my computers were doing scans on the server.


That’s a good question.  Why was I doing that when the brains of my server are just sitting there doing what servers do — sharing files.  Why shouldn’t the server being doing all the work?

Yes, my server has virus software too, but without getting in to the nitty gritty, it basically takes care of the server’s internal hard drives.  It’s time to make it take care of the NAS drives too.

Setting it Up

Setting it up is easy.  I just told the virus software on the server to scan EVERY drive it can see.  Now, I can tell my laptops and desktops to only scan files it is opening (with the exception of their C: drive.)  This will sure make things a lot faster.


Oh, and an update… it is scanning it’s 2,133,529th file right now.  That’s over 2 million files that my desktop doesn’t need to scan.  Yeah, my computer is already running faster.

Copyrights and the Anti-virus Virus

Last night I got a call from one of our network group members who said they were notified that their house is ready to close and she couldn’t be at the networking group meeting.  She then informed me she was the speaker and asked if I’d be willing to trade weeks.  I have been mulling my presentation for the 15th over in my mind so I thought, why not.

This morning I got up, got a big black felt pen, and made some quick visual aids about copyrights.  The presentation went over better than I thought.  People said they learned a lot about copyrights.  So, here’s some keys I’ll share with the group…

  • the person who snaps the shutter when taking a picture, owns the copyrights
  • copyrights are automatic, however, registration provides proof if you need to go to court to protect your copyrights
  • procedures, lists, methods, etc, cannot be copyrighted
  • logos cannot either – that’s what trademarks are for
  • inventions cannot either – that’s what patents are for
  • contracting with someone to take photographs is not work-for-hire unless it is on a motion picture set to be used in the move
  • work-for-hire in photography (with the above exception) requires the photographer to be a W-2 employee
  • a license is permission to use a copyrighted image – for example, I provides a license to my head-shot clients so they can use the image on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • copyrights on photographs expire 70 years after the death of the photographer

I think the first item on the above list surprised people the most.  I heard one member say, “You mean all the pictures I’ve taken are copyrighted?”

Upon returning home I saw this interesting message on my computer that Norton had stopped running.  I went to their web site and it said the message meant another virus protection had been loaded on my computer.  I checked and there was a program called AVG Antivirus installed.  I went to their web site and they claimed to be, “the leader in anti-virus tech.”

I clicked on their contact button and sent them a nasty e-mail.  The e-mail I got in return was from another company saying, “We don’t have any software products.”  I went back and checked, and when you go to the support page, and click on contact it directs you to this other company’s contact form.  Thus, it looks like this is a scam company.

Beware – this thing is malicious and is difficult to remove.  I’m not sure where it came from, or how it got installed, but I’ve been working on it all day.  I’ve been in to regedit a couple of times looking for entries that came from this thing.  It’s too bad it is so hard to catch such people.  It would be nice to see them sued and prosecuted.