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It’s So Cool that…

It is so cool to be Mormon that popular TV and books shows are starting to throw in references about Mormons.  In October the New York Times wrote about how hip it is now to be a Mormon.  A recent episode of CSI had a rookie FBI agent who was a BYU graduate.  Elizabethe was reading a book where a character was compared to a Mormon Missionary.  And, with two and possibly a 3rd LDS candidate for the U.S. President I suspect we will hear more references.

I’ve got to admit, I enjoy the T.V. show Psych.  It’s stupid, I know.  But, so was Get Smart, Young Dr. Frankenstein, Napoleon Dynamite and many other movies and T.V. shows.

So, I’m watching Psych and Gus, Lassiter and Shawn’s dad walk in to a dance club.  With no mistake for identifying what they were wearing, two blond-haired, good-looking girls walk into the club wearing gray BYU t-shirts.  The blue oval behind the big “Y” were wearing.

BYU Shirt

Back when I was in high school, we had quite a lot of LDS students at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks, California.  Some of the “coolest” kids in the school were Mormons.  (I don’t include myself as being in the “cool” crowd in high school.  I was definitely a band-geek.)  Among the cool Mormon kids were home-coming queens, student body presidents, starters on the football team, and many more.  Yet, in 1971 had you told me, “In 40 years you’ll see people in TV shows wearing BYU t-shirts”, I would have scoffed at the idea.  Had you told me there were several LDS candidates running for office, I probably would have scoffed at that too.

Regardless of public opinion, I’ve always found it “cool” to be a Mormon.


Bruce, John, Mark and myself got together for a barbershop practice tonight.  We’re singing in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  It’s sure fun singing acapella.