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Public Educations Fails

Public Education Fails

When public education fails, it hurts society.  This opens the argument whether it is the government’s role to educate our children.  It’s not, and this Nation’s Founding Fathers knew it.

There isn’t an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that says people have a right to a free education (at the government’s expense.)    While knowledge is free, a teacher, tutor, instructor, trainer, should get paid.  Some might say if everyone had to pay for instruction, then only the rich get educated.


From 3rd to 12th grades, public schools failed me miserably.  They were going to hold me back in 4th grade, however, my parents fought it.  They were wise.

Both of my parents taught school.  They gave me so much latitude at home I pursued what interested me.  I knew what our household income was, and it wasn’t much back then.  They didn’t have a lot of money, but what they did have was a love for learning.

Where School Failed Me

Here’s what I didn’t learn in public school…

  • I didn’t learn math in school.  Learning it at home from books we had in the house, and later from books bought at K-Mart’s clearance table, I was pretty much self-taught until I reached college.  (Which also explains why I aced every math class from junior high school all the way through college.)
  • I didn’t learn grammar in school.  My mom was a grammar Nazi — a junior high school English teacher.  While she taught me a few basics, such as how to choose the proper pronoun, I didn’t pick up a lot from her.  Everything I know about grammar, beyond reading and hearing others speak, was learned on-the-job when I started writing for a newspaper.

Those are the big ones.  History, chemistry, electronics, photography, were all learned through self-discovery based on the opportunities my parents provided.

Now, before you say, “Oh, but your parents could afford to buy you expensive electronics kits,” here’s how that worked…


It started with an old watch.  My dad handed it to me and said, “Here!  Take it apart and figure out what makes it tick.”

Cost – nothing.

Next, it was a wood burning kit someone gave me for Christmas.  I discovered it could melt solder.  I soon got my hands on a broken radio.  I knew nothing about electronics except for if you connect the hot and neutral you get a big spark.  To me, they were just the black and white wires.  I didn’t even know they had a name.  Soon I was receiving broken TVs, radios, oscilloscopes, and all sorts of electronics with the instruction, “If you can fix it, it is yours.”

I dissected frogs, took apart lawn mowers, tried to repair a broken toaster, and many other things.  The stuff didn’t cost anything because it was junk people were discarding.


Public educations fails today in so many ways.  I look at the examples I see on social media.  When a man who appears (looking at his photo) to be in his mid to late 40s writes like this, “God’s dont exist cuz man made them up,” you have to ask yourself what went wrong in his education.

I will admit I still have a long ways to go in spelling and grammar, however I’ve known for a very long time that an apostrophe “s” is possessive, and “don’t” requires an apostrophe because it is a contraction of “do” and “not”.

It’s not just grammar, it’s math, science, history, civics, and everything else they should have learned in school.

And, before someone jumps all over me regarding how great the schools are wherever they live, teach or send their children, you have to admit.   Parents are not taking the role they should be taking in educating their children.

Public education fails when it tries to assume the role of a parent.  I’m old enough to remember adults saying, “You’re going to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.”  (And, I used to crack up with they called them the Three Rs.)  Today, schools attempt to teach social morals, political indoctrination, and many other topics that are best left to parents to handle.

Oh, I know why.  It’s because too many parents see school as a place where you send your child all day and hope they come home smarter.  They then get upset when public education fails their child.

One Last Comment

God does exist.  He created man.  You won’t learn that in school.