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Dressing for a Headshot

Dressing for a Headshot

I addressed the Tri County Networkers this morning about dressing for a headshot. At our Thursday morning meeting at Yellow Mills Diner, I address this team of business owners about the do’s and don’ts of dressing for a headshot.

After displaying a few shirts and explaining why one should or shouldn’t wear such a shirt, I showed a few ties and explained the “meaning” behind each tie and talked about what should or shouldn’t be worn.  Then, it was time for referral sharing time.

I was pleased how several members of the group valued my work.  I’m glad the presentation is over, but more happy to hear the complements.

Next stop was getting an oil change on the car, and then it was home for a short period before moving on to my next appointment.  The oil change went very quickly because I think I was the first customer this cold morning.

After my appointments were done, it was off to catch up on e-mail and stuff.

For dinner I wanted to use up some whole wheat penne pasta.  I cooked it up, and cooked some spaghetti sauce with chunks of sausage in it.  I then mixed the two, covered it with cheese and pepperoni and shoved it in the oven for the cheese to melt.  Mmmm… it was good.

This week has gone by quickly.  It is hard to imagine that January ends in a few days.

Thought it was Friday

Thought it was Friday

This day was so jam-packed at the close of the day I thought it was Friday.  As I sat their reviewing my chores for Saturday, it suddenly hit me.  It’s THURSDAY.

Just to give you an idea… the day started with my presenting at Tri-County Networkers.  I gave them a short presentation on how it is “all bout the light”.  I used a little battery powered work light and a volunteer subject to demonstrate various things like split-light, loop-light, Rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting, etc.

From there it was off to the car dealer where they repaired a re-call on my car keys.  This recall is about as crazy as the lady who sued McDonald’s because the coffee was to hot.  In this case, someone over-loaded their key ring to the extent it caused the car to shut off when it hit a bump.  As Enrico would say, “You can’t fix stupid”, but we try.

Next stop was the orthopedic surgeon for a follow up on how my knee is healing.  I return in 6 more weeks to see how it is doing.

At this point, it’s noon, and I have a young man coming to the house this afternoon to help with some work that requires kneeling which is something the doctor says I shouldn’t do.  So, in this brief window, I tried to update my blog entry for the last two days, and check my e-mails.  Before I knew it, my window was closed and he was here to help.

I had him clean out underneath my desk.  I had a bunch of boxes stored under there and it looks really awful.  He got down on all 4 and pulled the boxes out.  We then brought some file drawers in from the garage and he got down on all 4s again and put them under the desk in place of the boxes.  Now it looks nice.  Moving the small parts from the boxes to the draws will be easy and something I can do from my office chair.

Speaking of office chairs, after I recovered enough that I didn’t have to keep my leg elevated, I discovered my office chair was too short.   It kept my leg bent at a unhealthy angle.  Mary Ann Edwards from Endless Energy Massage came over and pointed out that my monitor and chair were not suited for sitting very long.  At first, I was putting a pillow on the chair, but that wasn’t all that comfortable either.  So, I went out and bought a taller chair.  It was the tallest I could find and it wasn’t tall enough.  So, I ordered new wheels that were 4″ instead of 2″.  Voila!  That did the trick.

The sad thing is, most chairs aren’t tall enough and I have short legs.  This means restaurants, church, and other places where I sit get to be a real pain in the knee after a while.  So, if you see me stand and extend my leg, that’s why.  Also, I find sitting in a front row where I can hold my leg out also helps, but that’s not always an option.

When we were done organizing the office it was time to head to Hill Cumorah where they had a special dinner for Historic Palmyra.  I sat next to our Village Clerk, and my neighbor, Irene Unterborn, and a couple of new site missionaries from Colorado Springs.  We also had Bonnie and Steve Hays there, as well as several other people involved in Historic Palmyra.


copyright 2015 db walton

Elder Ostler Welcomes the Group

After the nice dinner we all watched Meet the Mormons.  This is my third time seeing it and I still enjoy seeing it.


copyright 2015 db walton

Sitting Down for Meet the Mormons


Tri-County Open House

My day started with Tri-County Networkers Open House.  We had a great attendance.  It was nice to see so many people showing interest.  I handed out all but 3 of the Israel flyers at the open house.

Upon returning to my studio, I promptly ordered 250 more flyers.  As I had to go to Perinton to pick them up, I dropped a few off at the mission office, and a few more at Hill Cumorah, and a few at the Palmyra Pharmacy.  The word is traveling fast, and I think this means we’ll have a good attendance.

As I headed to Hill Cumorah, the weather became drastically different the further I drove south.  Now, Hill Cumorah, for those who don’t know, is only 5 miles from my house.  Yet, in that 5 miles it went from windy, to windy and a LOT of snow falling.  It was near blizzard conditions.  I spent some time talking to the missionaries there, and then braved the weather to head back home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on photos for the Israel presentation.  Trying to decide which ones would be included, and which ones would not was difficult.

copyright 2014 db walton

Israel Sunset

It was Elizabethe’s and my turn to clean the church tonight.  We arrived during the window and were met by Brother Green who directed us as to what needed to be done.  I’m sure the weather made for a less-used building, which meant the cleaning was lighter than normal, but this was good as we were the only ones who were there besides Bro. Green.  A little later, some of the full-time missionary sisters arrived, and they helped out.

Phase II – The Village Planning Board

We had a good presentation at Tri-County Networkers.  Shane Schumann of Schumann Construction talked about his company and the services they provide.  I’ve used Shane.  His company does great work.

After the meeting, I presented Mary Ann with her painting.  This is a portrait I painted of her and her horse.  She was delighted.

Evening came and I walked down to the Village Hall for the planning board’s approval of our special use permit.  What a delightful group of people.  In California I would have felt anxious and nervous.  Here, they made me feel like I was among friends.  I love living here.

They asked questions about guests during Hill Cumorah Pageant.  I explained we have a shortage of places for people to stay and that’s what got us involved in renting rooms.

Chamber of Commerce

I attended the board meeting for the Macedon Palmyra Walworth Chamber of Commerce today.  There is so much potential there and I wish businesses could see it.

When I look at the potential of the Tri-County Networkers, it is so obvious that people are dedicated to helping each other’s businesses grow.  I think the chamber has larger potential.  So, I’m going to tell them I’ll join the board… if they will have me.

The Rochester Referral Network had its meeting today too.  It’s a good group too with lots of potential.  The dynamics are much different.  Both groups have been beneficial to my business, and I hope I have to theirs too.

Networking, Working and Cousins

Thursday mornings start off with the Tri-County Networkers meeting (http://www.tricountynetworkers.com/). One of our presenters couldn’t make it this morning, so I give a short presentation about how to update the web page for the group.

Elizabethe has been feeling under the weather, and has been coughing all day. I’ve been trying to be real careful so I don’t get it. Respiratory ailments and I do not get along.

Work consisted of working on the Route 31 book’s text, and trying to drum up more participation in the book. I find it funny that people’s first reaction is, “Route 31? Why?” Then it changes to, “Route 31? COOL!” You don’t know what’s in your backyard until you look, and Route 31 has a lot to offer.

My cousin, Todd Knowles, stopped in with his wife, Lisa, and 3 of their children. His son Trevor graduated from West Point and they came this way to see the church sites (and sights), and are heading to Kirtland, Ohio, next. I had a fun time showing them the house and talking about its history.

It’s Another Very Full Day

I’ve volunteered to take over the Tri County Networker’s web site administration.  I decided to use WordPress (that’s what I use for this blog you are reading) for the base of the site.  WordPress allows for other people to participate, without making them administrators.  That way, each person can deal with their own section of the web site without me building a page for each business.  I just have to build the backbone and my page, and they can build their pages.

At our meeting this morning, I introduced this concept to the group by giving them each a sheet of paper explaining this.  Currently, the page www.tricountynetworkers.com is not pointed there.  But, soon it will go LIVE.

After the meeting this morning, I came back to my office and got the backbone built.  It’s a simple design with About, Members, Join Us and Meetings pages.  Each member will place their pages under the Members section.  Cool, eh?

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading someone’s blog.  They said they would treat anyone who followed their blog to lunch.  The catch was, they would have to travel to Webster, New York.

I bet he didn’t expect a follower to be just 20 miles down the road.

So, I’m now following his blog, and today, we met for lunch.  He suggested we meet at the Red Robin in Webster, and being a burger fan, that sounded good to me.

Before I continue, I just must say, one can never have too many good friends.  I recently read that at any given time, the average person only has a couple of “close friends”.  The article also said that several decades ago, the average person had about 4 close friends.  So, close friends are a rarity nowadays.

The hostess directed us to our booth, and we sat down and immediately started to chat.  We were so busy chatting that the waitress returned a couple of times to ask if we were ready to order.  Of course, we were too busy and hadn’t even looked at the menu.  So, we took a break from our discussion and looked at the menu.

After a quick scan I had decided on a burger with blue cheese and onion rings.  When it came time to order, my new friend ordered first.  It was funny.  He ordered exactly what I was planning to order.  I just looked at the waitress and said, “The exact same for me.”

It was a fun conversation getting to learn about each other, and the jobs we’ve had in the past.  It was all tied together with our love of photography.  We talked to the point where the waitress came over and politely asked if we wanted to settle the bill, or if she should turn it over to the next waitress as her shift was ending.  (Poor gal.  Having waited tables, I understand where she was coming from, and we weren’t really being fair to her.)

So, the tab got settled and we continued to talk.  (I’ll give my review of Red Robin at the end of this.)

I drove away feeling glad I took some time to drive to Webster and meet this gentleman.  We obviously have the same taste in burgers and photography.  If feels good to have made a new friend.


After my luncheon, I returned to the office to do some more work.  Time just zipped by, but my new toy has kept me a little more focused.

Me, focused?

New toy?

I bought a Tascam recorder that fits in my pocket.  It’s going to serve two purposes.  The first is my “to do” list.  I push the record button and say, “Remember to e-mail that new client”.  Then, when I get back to the office, I plug it in to the computer and listen to the MP3 files on the thing.

The second purpose is to record conversations when out and about doing journalistic photography.  As many of you know I’m doing a book on NY SR 31.  (See http://www.GetItDoneOn31.biz  and while you’re there, click on the KickStarter link.  The project could use some financial backing.)  This way, if I’m taking pictures of a diner along 31, and I’m talking to the owner, I can let the owner talk in to the recorder so I don’t have to try to remember all of what he says about the diner’s history.  And, because it is actually a very high quality recorder, I could use it for video sound tracks…. if I ever shoot video.

This little Tascam is an amazing device.  I will definitely use it the next time I get some guys together to sing some barbershop.

Again, I’m beat at the end of this day.  I’m not 40 any more, that’s for sure.

Red Robin… the review…

Service – 4.5  (I’d have given our server a 5, but she was a little hyper vigilant.  She just needed to tone it down a notch.)
Atmosphere – 4 (It’s a burger joint, but nicer than most burger joints.)
Cleanliness – 3  (Other Red Robin’s I’ve been in have been a little cleaner than this one.  The bathroom deserves a 5, but the front of the house was tidy, but a little soiled looking.  Our table was still wet when we sat down, and a little sticky.)
Menu Choices – 5 (For a burger place, their menu is focused, not too many choices, and attractive.)
Food taste –  4 (My burger was really good, but it is hard to give a hamburger a 5 unless it is exceptional.)

I like Red Robin restaurants.  You don’t feel like your in a burger joint, but when you look at the kitchen, you realize, that is exactly what it is.  It’s just disguised to look more like a T.G.I. Friday’s or something.  That’s not a bad thing.  After all, sometimes you want a burger place that feels like a sit-down restaurant.

Rain = Green

Things are really greening up around here.  It has been raining all day.  Unfortunately, the flowers are all closed up because of the overcast and cold.  They will, however, look real nice when the skies clear in a few days and it warms up.

This morning I presented at the Tri County Networkers Meeting.  My 10 minute presentation was on 12 elements that make a good image.  The feedback was very positive.  I really stressed over this presentation as I just didn’t know what to present.  So, I did the wise thing, and prayed for guidance.  After that, my mind was clear as to the direction I should head:  Show examples of the 12 elements.

Element 10:  Subject Matter

Element 10: Subject Matter


Everyone got a chuckle out of the above example.  It was funny to hear the “captions” being shouted out.

Although I’ve learned not to get emotionally attached to a picture I’m going to submit for Print Competition (and I’m still learning), I’ve found that if something in your photo creates an emotional response, then you’ve got a great shot.  If it makes someone laugh, cry, feel warm inside, fall in love, etc., then I’ve done my job.

I guess that’s why I love this shot so much…

Elizabethe - Flim Noir Style

Elizabethe – Flim Noir Style