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Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ

We discovered a new BBQ place called Texas BBQ.  It is true to form of the service station BBQ joints you find in Texas, however, it is not in an old service station building.  It’s over in the RIT bookstore plaza in Henrietta.

The portions are generous, the food is tasty, and the place is clean. The prices are reasonable too.  I had the 2-meat combo and Elizabethe had their huge, loaded, baked potato plus our 2 drinks and tax came to $30.

Dim Sum After 1pm

I learned in San Francisco’s Chinatown that dim sum is breakfast food.  As the Chinese lady at Dick Lee’s Pastries explained, “Dim sum breakfast food.  Like Chinese donuts.”

We stopped at the Asian Market to see if they had sesame balls.  They were sold out.

Glen’s Off

Glen’s off to California after spending almost a week here.  We had a great time together.  I told him to plan on spending more time the next time he comes here.


We came home and I took a rest.  I got up this morning and experienced a bit of vertigo (twice).  It’s the only time in my life this has happened, so I’m taking things really slow today.  It only happened when I got out of bed.  (First, when I got off the bed, and second whey I took about 6 steps towards the bathroom.  I may have just got up too quickly.)

I’ll be carefully watching my blood pressure and what I eat and drink.  While I think it might be related to my SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) casual about this stuff.  I was fine the rest of the day, but a little cautious about how quickly I’d stand up.  (And, to think Elizabethe has dealt with this sort of stuff her entire life.)


The Drive Across TX, LA, MS, AL and GA

Five states in one day.  We spent the night in Texas, got up and drove. We got up, grabbed some food at the motel, and then started the long drive to Atlanta.

First, there is nothing to see when going across Louisianna, Mississippi, and Alabama.  All we saw were pine trees, and an occasional small town.

Here’s what we did see…  (including the Utah, I mean, Eutaw, exit.)



Louisiana Picker

Louisiana Picker

1 Hour Photo in Louisiana

1 Hour Photo in Louisiana

Roxie F.D.

Roxie F.D.

School Bus Graveyard

School Bus Graveyard

For lunch, we stopped at a place called Wards.  I don’t recommend it.  (And, I do not recommend Whattaburger either.)  About the only thing good at Wards were the fries and soda pop.  I ordered a catfish sandwich which was about 5% catfish, 20% breading, and 75% bun.

About 10:30pm, we stopped outside Atlanta to spend the night.  Our flight home is tomorrow out of Atlanta.

Houston to Corpus Christi

After breakfast, Texas was getting ready to go to school.  I offered to walk him, and so I grabbed my camera and walked him to school.  Along the way he told me all about the various features along the trail.  We got to his school, and he said, “Mom normally walks me to my class.”

I told him I would do whatever his mom usually does.  So, I walked him all the way to his class room.

When I got back to Jen’s, we loaded the car, and took Marilyn with us down to Corpus Christi to visit Crystal.  The drive went quickly, and Marilyn was perfectly behaved. She didn’t whine, or fuss, and was cheerful the whole way.

We had a nice visit with Crystal and had fun holding Kyler (our 11th grandchild), and watching Kaiden and Marilyn play with the toys.  Zack got home in time for us to see him.  (Philip was at work until midnight.)

On the way home, I stopped at a local BBQ place.  Elizabethe commented, “You think a place that doesn’t have an indoor bathroom is the place to eat?”

I pointed out that the bathroom was “indoors”, and she explained the door was outside.  (It was an old converted service station.)  The food was good, but we decided Elizabethe doesn’t like Texas-style BBQ.

We got back to Jennifer’s safely, and then headed out to drive part way to Atlanta.  We made it just a little outside the Texas Louisiana border where we stopped for the night.

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Sledding in Macedon

I knew this morning I would wake to snow.  The reports have been pretty consistent that it would snow on Monday.  It did.

I got up and went out and started shoveling the snow off the driveway.  A little later, my son-in-law, Spencer came out and helped shovel.  Diana then came out and I asked her to do the front porch and then salt the walk ways.  Later, Texas came out and I gave him the small shovel from the car and he helped.

Grandson (Texas), Grandpa (me), and Son-in-Law (Spencer)

A little later, the driveway, sidewalks, porches were all cleared of snow.   The walkways were salted and we were ready to head to WalMart to get Texas some mittens and to buy a sled.

Sleds have sure changed since I was a kid.  WalMart had a plastic tobagon for $10.  It turned out to be the best choice.

Behind the library in Macedon is a large hill that is perfect for sledding.  We stopped there and hiked up the hill.  Texas took the first run.  He just flew down the hill.

He pulled the sled back up and this time, Texas AND Grandpa went down together.  Towards the end of our run, we got turned sideways and spun-out.  We managed to keep it upright, and we had fun.

Texas Making a Run Down the Hill

Next, Jennifer tried it.  Texas took a couple of more runs.  Spencer took Marilyn down the hill.  And, then it was time for Grandpa and Texas again.

This time, we were going pretty straight and then suddenly turned sideways and rolled.  We both rolled the same direction and I’m amazed Texas managed to keep from being run over by me.  When we both came to a rest, Texas stood up and his hood was filled with snow and he was wandering around like the headless man on the AT&T commercials.  He finally cleared the snow and announced, “I’m done.”

We came home and after a short rest, Texas and I went out and built a snow man in front of the mansion.  (It wasn’t very big, but to a 3 year old, it was a masterpiece.)

Texas and his Snowman

They are still taking a nap, and I’m catching up on e-mails.  When they wake, it is time to go buy some lobsters for a lobster feast tonight.

Spencer bought 8 lobsters.  Wegman’s had them for $6.75 a pound.  We came home and boiled them all and ate until we were just stuffed.  We had shrimp and cheeses and crackers and… well, it was enough food that nobody could complain about being hungry.

Touring Facilities in Dallas

Our class worked through lunch today and got out early.  A co-worker took me on a tour of some of our facilities in Dallas and Richardson, Texas.  It was kind of nice to be able to see equipment I’ve configured and shipped over the last 8-plus years.  Having never been to Dallas, except to change flights at the airport, it was interesting to see the BIG HQ building and our big data centers.

One AT&T Plaza (iPhone pic)

One AT&T Plaza (iPhone pic)

Too big for iPhone camera, so I looked up.

Too big for iPhone camera, so I looked up.

And, inside the lobby is the “Golden Boy” .  This statue (below) started on the Western Electric Building in Manhattan, it’s been moved around a bit,  and eventually settled in Dallas in the 7-story lobby of the Ed Whittaker Building at One AT&T Plazza.  (Here’s a photo gallery dedicated to the statue – http://evelynbeatricelongman.org/1915_genius/ )
Golden Boy

Golden Boy

On the way back to my hotel, I made a wrong turn so I went around the block and actually found something I wanted to photograph.  This section of Dallas is called Farmers Branch.  There’s a little park with a couple of old log homes and some other homes built in the mid-1800s.

You can see a pic at my photo blog at http://dbwalton.wordpress.com

Another Day in Dallas

All I have to report today is that I found a great burger and ice cream place.  It is in North Dallas and it is called Braum’s.  The burger tasted fresh and had quality ingredience.  And, the ice cream was darn good too.

Now, if I could find a t-shirt for my grandson Texas that says, “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

Dallas and Raining

Well, not much of an update about the mansion, Palmyra, or any of the happenings around there.  I spent most of the day in airports.  But, I’m finally in Dallas.

I thought I’d try a real “Texas BBQ.”  Well, don’t go to Dickey’s BBQ of you are looking for good food.  I will leave it with this:  The “smokey” flavor tasted like car exhaust smoked meat.  It was pretty bad.  I will try to find a good BBQ while I’m here, but for now, Dickey’s is NOT it.  (The place has a big sign on the wall that says, “Texas Gas Station”.  That should have been my clue to turn and run out the door.)


I leave for Dallas in the morning.  Training.  Oh, boy.

So, after church I started packing.  Packing for a trip a couple of months after a major move is… well… frustrating.  Ever try to find something that you know was in a box  somewhere?

I am not sure how well I’ll keep the blog updated from my hotel room, but I’ll do my best, or convince Elizabethe to take over for a week.

Yesterday at Watkins Glen

Yesterday at Watkins Glen