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Toronto Traffic

Toronto Traffic

Toronto traffic sucks.  To save about $200 I decided to drive to Toronto and fly form there to Tel Aviv.  Let’s see how that worked out…

  • drive there – 3+ hours (This was because it was New Year’s day and no commuters on the road.)
  • Parking for 10 days in Toronto – about $270
  • Drive home 6+ hours (I’ve since learned it has some of the worst traffic in the world.)

Will I do that again?  Probably not.  I might do like my friends the Harmers did.  Fly to Toronto from Rochester and there to Tel Aviv.  I would have come out ahead.

On the bright side, I made it home safely.

Other Messes

I also came home to a mess left by a tenant who simply vacated on his lease.  I’ve never seen such filth in my life.  It looks like I have to replace a microwave oven, carpet, mattress and box springs, as well as paying to have it professionally cleaned.

We live and learn.  One lesson I’ve learned from this is if they are slow getting their initial deposit paid, you probably don’t want them for a tenant.

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Living in Filth

How do people live in such filth.  (This photo doesn’t do it justice.  That orange spot, center bottom is a bleach mark (and there are many) where he tried to clean the carpet with who-knows-what.  The sad part is, why bother cleaning the carpet when you live in filth?

To Do List

I have a major to-do list for today.  This is just one item.  I will be updating and adding updates from my trip in the next few days.

It’s nice that we don’t have Toronto traffic in Rochester, because I have some errands to run.

Portrait Day

Portrait Day

I dub this portrait day.  A morning setting up the studio is followed by an afternoon of shooting portraits.  Thus, it doesn’t get much better for a portrait photographer.

It is cold and wet, but not quite snowing.  Because of the weather, it is a good day for working inside.  Trips to and from the house are unpleasant because the ground is muddy.


Elizabethe is spending time updating our rental contracts.  We’ve learned as landlords there are a few things we need in our contracts.  For example, we will start requiring renter’s insurance, payment by check or credit card, and a few more details about tenant responsibilities.

How do you get a tenant to change the furnace filter every quarter?

You do it yourself and bill them.  Actually, I’m not going to bill them for my changing it, but require they have a filter ready for me, or they pay $25 if I provide one.  The same will be true for smoke and CO detector batteries.  However, as the smoke and CO detectors die I am replacing them with sealed, 10 year units.  I figure the furnace is my investment and I need to look after it because they aren’t.

Saturday Harvest

Saturday Harvest

Today was a Saturday harvest day for our garden.  Elizabethe spent a good portion of the day canning what I brought in.  Prior to that, she enlisted a friend to help weed the garden and pull out the dead vines and plants.

Our Temple Missionaries will be heading home soon.  This means we will have a 1-bedroom suite available for rent over the winter months.  This features a large walk-in closet, a private bathroom with tub/shower combo, and is fully furnished.  We prefer a tenant who is looking for a month-to-month over the winter.  That is, someone like a student doing an internship, someone on a temporary assignment in the area, etc.  (NO PETS, NO SMOKING, and NO ILLICIT DRUGS or ALCOHOL in the house.)

We also have a work-for-room-and-board offer, however, it is not available for this room.  But, we might be willing to offset the rent for work.

I learned some very sad news this morning.  A young man who was one of my Boy Scouts, David Hart, passed away.  This makes the 4th former Scout who has died.  The news hit me hard.  Of the boys I grew up with, to the best of my knowledge, we are all still alive.  Yet, I had very few Boy Scouts when I was a Scoutmaster, and to have 4 of them go before me is a bit of shock to the system.  I have not heard how he died.


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