Yes, it happens.  It happens when you don’t want it to happen.  It has its way of just popping up at the most inopportune times.

Is there something in the air?

I won’t get in to everything that is going on, but most of it has to do with flakey people.  My parents taught me to be responsible.  The earliest lesson I learned in this regard was when I was about 12.


I was playing in the orchard at the end of the street.  I found a slot car chassis, and brought it home. There it sat for several days.  Nothing was done to it.

Toad, a boy who lived a few doors down came asking about it.  I told him I found it, and I gave it to him.  You’d think that would have been the end of it, and that I would have been thanked for returning it to its rightful owner.

Nope.  It happens that didn’t work, or so he said.  As a result, I ended up buying him a new slot car.

Ever since that day I am careful to take responsibility.  I’m also careful that I don’t put myself in a situation like I did with the slot car.

Unpaid Judgements

You’d think having an unpaid judgement hanging over your head would be a high priority to resolve.  I have one former tenant in that situation, and several others who SHOULD be in that situation.

My comment to Elizabethe was that someday they’ll go to buy a car or a home and the judgement stop them from getting credit.  She replied that they probably will never get to that point in life.

Sad, but true.

Needed Break

The temple is a needed break tonight.  If I weren’t going to the temple tonight I’d probably withdraw myself from the world.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

For Halloween 2017 we went to the temple.  I officiated the first session which had 47 people.  Most of them are site missionaries, plus there were people there for a couple who are being endowed and then sealed.

I goofed up after the session.  I have an assignment to go to sealings,  so I went to the sealing of the couple who were there to be sealed.  Unknown to me they had a proxy session going on in the other sealing room.  Oh, well.

Earlier in the Day

Earlier in the day I had hard drive problems.  As a result, I decided to re-format this hard drive.  It wouldn’t work.  It kept locking up the USB 3.0 port.

I think I’ve figured it out.  The drive pulls more power than the wall wart I am using.  I found a 3A wall wart.  I will try it tomorrow.  It is time to invest in bigger wall warts.  You can always use a higher amperage wall wart, but an under-powered one can/will cause problems.

Hmmm… I wonder if someone makes a multi-drive power supply for external USB drives.  Most of them use the same size coaxial plug.  As a result, there’s no reason someone can’t make a universal multi-tap supply.  It would save on power strip outlets too.



Route 66 FHE

Route 66 FHE

We had a Route 66 FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight with the Taylors.  The invited the Amsdens, Harris, and a new couple in the ward – the Myers.  Paul and his wife also came.  We had fun.

Instead of doing a traditional slide show, I prepared short videos.  Each was set to music.  Each had a theme.  For example, one was about cars, another service stations, and so forth.

Jodi asked everyone to bring a dish to share.  I made stuffed mushrooms.  Jodi made pulled pork sliders.  There was plenty of food, and it was all good.

Senior Portrait Session

Earlier in the day I had a senior portrait session with this young lady…

copyright 2017 db walton
Senior Portrait Session

As you can see, she has beautiful long hair.  We had fun working together.

She is the first client to ask for senior portraits on the temple grounds.  She wore a lovely dress and we took pictures around the temple.

As a result of this client calling, I know my Google placement is working.   I won’t go in to details, bus her grandmother told me about one photographer who saw this as an opportunity to pad her portfolio.  That knowledge gives me something to talk about the next time I address a group of photographers.

It would be like this…

Suppose you took your car in for an oil change, and the mechanic said, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to put a high performance exhaust on one of these.  Would you mind if I did that?”

There are too many hacks out there giving the photography industry a bad name.

Recommend Desk

Recommend Desk

Working at the recommend desk in the temple is always a delight.  Meeting people as they come to the House of the Lord is an awesome responsibility when you think about it.  It is your job to assure people have the correct documents to enter the temple.

Being a “destination temple”, you meet people from all over the world too.  People come from around the world to visit the Palmyra Temple.  Many ask to look out the window to see the Sacred Grove from the temple — something no other temple has.

As one person put it, it is the only temple you can look out a window and see one of the Lord’s outdoor temples.

Sacred Grove

Becky took the car after dropping us at the temple so she can visit the Sacred Grove.  She returned later to go to the 7:30pm session.

In spite of Hill Cumorah Pageant being over, we had several guests.  They had enough for a sealing session that it wasn’t necessary to augment it with ordinance workers.  I wish every night was like that.


Rain is slowing the progress on the roof.  They are 90% complete.  They have a few pieces to attach and rain gutters and then they are done.

OpenGL Blues

OpenGL Blues

I’ve got the OpenGL blues.  My laptop I use for administration stuff is about 6 years old now.  I bought it before I retired from AT&T.  It’s been a good laptop, and by today’s standards, it is still pretty decent – fast, reliable, well made.  However, there is one problem.  The OpenGL drivers for the video chipset are no longer supported.  This means a bunch of new software will not even run on it.


I really don’t want to buy a new laptop.  However, I just might.

Lenovo disappoints me.  Drivers aren’t that difficult to create (I know, I used to write them).


The temple tonight was moderately busy.  Either my allergies are bothering me, or I caught what Elizabethe had this weekend.  As a result, my head was a bit fuzzy while trying to concentrate on the temple ordinances.

Corel Painter 2018

I attended a webinar where they announced Corel Painter 2018.  I guess the update path has gone from 18 months down to 12 months.  It’s still cheaper than Adobe’s Creative Cloud scam.  At least with Corel I can choose not to upgrade, and my old software will keep working.  Adobe, if you cancel your Creative Cloud account at the end of your 12 months you’re out of luck.



Enlightenment is not sought enough.  I’m guilty of not seeking it often enough.  I think we assume too much, and trust what we know without thinking about what we don’t know.

Such was the case today when I went to the temple.  My thoughts were centered around solving my own problems when I finally simply let go.  I let go of the thought that I even had the knowledge or power to solve them.

Suddenly I began to see and understand something I had never understood before.  Having nothing to do with my anxieties and problems, my new understanding caused a calmness.

I thought, “I need to pay more attention when I attend the temple!”

Chamber Meeting

The day began with a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  We had two new guests who provided great input.  The more people we gain like that, the more powerful the chamber can be in bringing about good changes.

There was a discussion about how foolish it is for a business to pass up chamber membership at $65/year.  Just the publicity via the Internet is worth the $65 membership.

Oh, well… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.




Busloads of people come to Palmyra, New York, each year.  It’s not just during Hill Cumorah Pageant, but all year long.  The busiest time, of course, is during Hill Cumorah Pageant, but next to that April through October is also an extended busy time.  Of course, the best Palmyra NY lodging is here – at the Beckwith Mansion… but then, I’m biased.

I’ll admit that it is an old house, and with old houses comes some caveats like no air conditioning, elevators, and modern comforts like that.  On the other hand, it has history, character and charm.

copyright 2017 db walton - busloads
The Beckwith Mansion


Busloads at the Temple

We had a busy night at the temple.  Someone commented it must have been the largest sessions I’ve officiated over.  Well, not quite, but close.  I believe I counted 30 guests.

We also had a couple of groups in the baptistry.  One was a group of about a dozen people from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  The other was a couple from Syracuse.  The first group came on a big bus.

Studio Cleaning

In cleaning my studio today I discovered all sorts of dead ants.  These are those big black ones.  They are dead because I bug-bombed the studio a few days ago.  (I do this each spring because if I don’t, the bugs overrun the place.)  It’s nothing the vacuum cleaner can’t take care off, but it is still disgusting.  I hate ants, hornets, wasps and squirrels.


Eylea Injections

Eylea Injections

Elizabethe goes for Eylea Injections every 5-6 weeks.  These are to hold off wet macular degeneration.  It is a disease where a blister-like sore cause the macula to separate causing partial to total blindness.  As a result, we take regular trips to Geneva for these shots.

Eylea is a miracle treatment, but expensive.  (Average cost is $1,850/shot.  That’s about $18,000/year!)  Thankfully, it’s maker, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals offers a price reduction as we qualify for it.  It would be financially devastating if it weren’t for their discount program.

I drove Elizabethe to her appointment this morning.  It isn’t advisable for her to drive herself to and from these appointments because her eyesight is impaired after getting the shot.  Until they find a cure for macular degeneration, this will be our monthly routine.

Reading Time

While waiting for her, I use this as reading time.  Except for the scriptures, most of my reading is that of manuals or how-to books and magazines.  I have a hard time getting in to books, and because of that I read instructional materials.

Today while Elizabethe got her injection I read my AD200 manual and the transmitter manual.  I brought the transmitter with me and I tested all the settings.  I’m now ready for my next shoot.


After being away for a couple of weeks it was nice to get back to the temple.  The evening passed quickly as my schedule kept me busy.

I told Joe Riggs I said, “Hi”, to Sister Westover when I was in California.  It really made her day.  Joe said my doing so made his day.  Wow, it’s a good feeling to know that you made two people’s day with a single act.  That in turn has made my day.



Elizabethe gets Eylea shots every 6 weeks.  I drive her to and from her appointments because she can’t see after getting a shot.  (These shots are in the side of the eyeball.)

The doctor says there is small improvement.  That’s good because past treatments for macular degeneration were considered successful it they delayed the loss of sight.  This might actually reverse the macular degeneration.

They are also on Tuesday, and my missionary meetings are Tuesdays.  We also work in the temple on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are busy days.


Jennifer and her children are coming in tonight.  We will be at the temple, so we won’t have much time to visit.


They got her a few minutes after we returned home from the temple.  We need to rise at 2:30am to get to the airport on time.   Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

Cold Again

It’s cold again.  Temperatures were near 80 yesterday, but chilly today.  They say it will drop more tomorrow.

I really want temperatures in the 70s.  It will be nice to start bicycling and hiking.

The grass is getting taller, and I might need to mow before this week is over.  I don’t want to mow until the flowers are done blooming.



Turning Cold

Turning Cold

It warmed up for a couple days, and now they say it is turning cold again.  The winds are picking up, thousands of people in the area are without power, and we’re one of the lucky ones.  Our generator kicked in during a 3 hour outage yesterday.  Other than that, we’re okay.

Because of the bad weather, I canceled a shoot tonight.  The client was happy to oblige because they didn’t want to go out in this weather either.

Our networking meeting was sparsely attended.  Again, it is because of the winds.  The news said some areas experienced winds as high as 80 mph.  Trailer trucks have been blown over, trees and utility polls downed, roofs ripped off, and that’s only a start.

Grocery Shopping

During a lull in the winds I went to Wegmans. Being in the mood for cheese, I sampled some great cheeses… and I bought a few.  Dinner is cheese and fruit tonight.

Produce prices keep rising.  I will be happy when summer comes.  $3/pound for tomatoes is simply too much.  Apples are $3 to $4 a pound.  I suspect that is because it was a bad year for apple growers.

Missionary Pictures

I had the temple missionary pictures printed.  They turned out great.  I love my on-location lights.

copyright 2017 db walton
Temple Missionaries 2017


copyright 2017 db walton
Temple Presidency – Miner’s, Black’s and Schwindimin’s

The Miner’s took off before I got a shot of the presidency together.  So, I had to do my magic and add them in.  I realize now that the horizon between the trees doesn’t match.  Hopefully, nobody else will notice.