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Elizabethe gets Eylea shots every 6 weeks.  I drive her to and from her appointments because she can’t see after getting a shot.  (These shots are in the side of the eyeball.)

The doctor says there is small improvement.  That’s good because past treatments for macular degeneration were considered successful it they delayed the loss of sight.  This might actually reverse the macular degeneration.

They are also on Tuesday, and my missionary meetings are Tuesdays.  We also work in the temple on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are busy days.


Jennifer and her children are coming in tonight.  We will be at the temple, so we won’t have much time to visit.


They got her a few minutes after we returned home from the temple.  We need to rise at 2:30am to get to the airport on time.   Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

Cold Again

It’s cold again.  Temperatures were near 80 yesterday, but chilly today.  They say it will drop more tomorrow.

I really want temperatures in the 70s.  It will be nice to start bicycling and hiking.

The grass is getting taller, and I might need to mow before this week is over.  I don’t want to mow until the flowers are done blooming.



Teens and Heat

Teens and Heat

When I say teens and heat, I’m not talking about children between 13 and 19 and the police.  I’m talking about the temperatures outside and getting warm inside.

It dropped down in to the teens today, and trying to keep the studio warm for a photo session…. well, it takes a LOT of heat.  It takes a few hours to heat the studio using a couple of portable heaters, and it takes both of them to keep it warm too.

With a gimpy heel, I did my best to straighten out the studio for my photo shoot.  I discovered some fabric I meant to use leaves glitter everywhere.  That’s not good.  I wish if they put glitter on fabric it wouldn’t come off.

It’s pretty much what I did all day.  I got ready, did the shoot, and then backed up the camera cards.  (And, people question my rates some time.  It’s hard work, expensive equipment, lots of training, and it takes time to do it right.)

Elizabethe has been trying to get a proof copy of her book printed.  Between Lulu.com, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and OpenOffice she’s had quite a difficult time.  It will be a huge file, and that’s the problem… most of these systems aren’t ready to deal with a huge file.


Lemon Olive Oil

Lemon Olive Oil

I really like lemon olive oil.  Wegman’s has a lemon infused olive oil that when mixed with plain yogurt makes a great salad dressing.  It is also good with garbanzo beans (mixed with chopped onions and cilantro).  It complements my chicken curry too.

I made my coconut chicken curry along with some a garbanzo bean salad and a cucumber salad.  I’ve got the coconut chicken curry recipe down to a science now.

Cooling Down

The temperatures are cooling down.  A couple of days ago, we needed the air conditioning, now it is feeling like we need a heater.  I’m glad to see cooler temperatures.

If we could get some rain now.

Next Weekend

Next weekend is General Conference weekend.  It seems like it was just April.  Time flies.  Conference is always a treat.  Ten hours of instruction and inspiration is motivating and uplifting.

They passed a list for the chili dinner and only two of us signed up.  I hope that isn’t an indication of attendance.  I plan to make a pot of chili for the dinner.

It is time to start thinking about questions.  I always try to come up with at least 3 questions for conference.    A benefit of doing this is you pay attention more when you’re listening for an answer.



I think flossing is one of those things nobody in their right mind likes to do, but we’re told we must if we want to have good dental health.  A former dentist once told me, “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth,” and when I looked at him with surprise he added, “only the ones you want to keep.”

So, why didn’t God create some healthy bacteria that would live in your mouth and keep your teeth clean and healthy?

You’ve got it.  I hate to floss, but during the last 6 months I’ve done a pretty decent job of remembering.

I had my six month check up today and when it came time to spit it didn’t look as gross as past check ups.  No blood. (Which, I’ve been told the more you bleed, the more it is an indication you haven’t flossed enough between checkups.)  The hygienist only suggested I let the floss scrape the sides of my teeth more.

The temple had a few guests tonight.  It was a nice evening, but it would sure be nice to see more people on a Tuesday night.


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Palmyra Temple at Night

When I came out of the temple, it was a bit cold. The temperatures have really dropped. They say tomorrow night they will be down to the high 30s. Brrrr…

After that, they go back up and we’ll be back to the 70s before you know it.

Ben Dover

Ben Dover

There’s an old joke about the doctor named Ben Dover.  Yeah… It’s time for than annual exam.

The bad news is I had to wait for 1 hour.  It sounded like there was some sort of urgent matter in another room.  The good news is PSA scores are very low and nothing has grown in size.

He did tell me to stop taking the herbal prostate supplements.  He said that European studies say they are no better than sugar pills.  He said to stop taking them, and only resume if things get worse after I stop.  Why waste money.

On the way home I stopped at Donut Delight in Rochester.  This old doughnuts shop, now owned by Salvatore’s Pizza, makes delicious doughnuts.  Since I’m only out this way about once a year, I figured I’d stop and pick up a dozen.

The snow is about 95% gone.  The rain today will probably finish it off.  This was a harsh winter as far as temperatures go.  Coldest in recorded history for this area.

In about 4 weeks it will probably be time to start up the lawn tractor and mow the lawn.  I’m thinking about getting an aerator for the tractor.  After that much snow the lawn is pretty matted.