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Speaking in Syracuse

Speaking in Syracuse

I was speaking in Syracuse tonight.  Well, technically, Liverpool, New York.  It was to a group belonging to Professional Photographer Society of Central New York (PPSCNY).

The presentation  went well even though Open Office crashed on my when someone asked me to go back to a previous slide.  But, I had a backup as a PDF.  So, we watched the rest of my presentation as I paged through my PDF version.

Prior to my speaking engagement I had my networking group in Rochester.  From there, I drove to Geneva to meet with Finger Lakes Professional Photographers.  I left that meeting early to drive to Syracuse for my speaking engagement.

The Finger Lakes Group had a photographer talking about smoke and water drop photography.  I might try this during the winter when things are slow and it’s too cold outside.  I’ve got some ideas for the smoke photography.  Yeah, the house will smell like incense, but the basement can use some deodorizing.

It’s midnight, and it has been a very long day.

Tomorrow I have to get up early, but the day has appointments spaced out.  That should allow me some catch up time.

Again, if you know someone who might like this cool workshop in October, send them this link:  http://www.dbwalton.com/store/studio-lighting-for-glamorous-results/

Israel Day 13 – Returning Home

We had a few issues in Israel at the airport, but thank goodness we were flying with Matt who was able to get them ironed out.   I managed to upgrade to First Class for the flight home, and I’m glad I did.  The Airbus 300 had a nice cubical for each first class passenger.  The seat folded down to a nice bed and that allowed me to get some good rest during the flight.

We arrived in Philadelphia at 5am, breezed through customs, and managed to get an earlier flight from Philly to Syracuse.

copyright 2014 db walton

Matt on the Dash 8

Wait! My car is in Binghamton!

Matt called his wife who so graciously drove to Syracuse, picked us up, and then we drove to Binghamton.

I get to Binghamton and where my car was parked was a mound of snow covered cars.  Under snow, all cars look alike.  I managed to finally find mine, scraped and dug it out and pulled in to an area where it had already been plowed.  This is what it looked like.

copyright 2014 db walton

Car Covered with Snow

I managed to make it back to Palmyra late afternoon.  It was nice to be home.


Day 4 of the Tour

We photographed the breakfast at the hotel this morning, and then after a bit of a rest, we hit the road for the last day of the tour. We did a little detour to Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. The story behind Tip Hill, as it is also called, is known for a stop light that has the green light at the top, instead of the bottom. The standard is RED, YELLOW, GREEN. But this light is reversed, and here’s why…

The light was installed in an Irish neighborhood, and the following morning, the neighborhood boys took rocks and broke the red light as they felt it was an ethnic attack against the Irish to have the green light on the bottom. When the city replaced the broken red light, again the rock throwers broke it out. Finally, they decided to reverse the lights and that stopped the vandalism.

We made our way back to Route 31, and continued the drive home in the reverse direction.

After making it home, I spent the rest of the day copying all the photos and making backups. Now comes the hard part — organizing the pictures and writing the book.

Speaking at PPSCNY

I left a little early to go to Syracuse today to speak at the PPSCNY meeting.  They had about 16 photographers there.  It was my first time giving the presentation on Lightroom Presets Done Right.  I have a few kinks to work out, and I need to prepare some specific images.  Also, I need to figure out if my projector will support a higher resolution.  I couldn’t see 100% of what I see on my laptop screen when not connected to the projector.

Live and learn.

I drove through Oswego on the way.  What a cool city.  It’s been around since the Revolutionary War.  There’s an old fort there where we fought off the British in the War of 1812.

Lake Ontario from Oswego

Looks like I need to take a trip back to Oswego for a day of taking photos.  Some of the houses and buildings there are spectacular.  I’m not sure where all those people work who live there, but it is good size city.

Oswego City Hall

New York has quite a few gems hidden away.  It’s too bad more people do not come to Palmyra and spend a week or two.  There’s more to see here than just Palmyra.