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If a staycation is staying at home while taking a vacation, then a Holistay is a day at home during the holiday season.  Today was our Holistay.

We rented two movies to watch.  Elizabethe hadn’t seen Carousell, and neither one of us have seen Jason Bourne.  We watched both.

It has been years since watching Carousell.  I was shocked at the message at the end.  I missed that when I was younger.  Talk about promoting abuse!

That got me thinking about other Rogers and Hammerstein movies.  In most of them, the lead men are jerks.  While I love the musicals, it didn’t hit me until today how twisted their movies are.  Of course, today’s movies are no better, except they promote other forms of abuse and deviancy.


Jason Bourne held true to its roots.  Action packed and suspenseful.  There’s something that draws us to those movies where you don’t know whom to trust.  This is one of them.

I think it was in Fx where one of the characters says, “Trust no one.”

Since I don’t like spoilers, I won’t tell you whom I was disappointed to find out they were one of the bad guys.  You’ll have to watch it for yourself.

In the meantime, don’t mess with Jason Bourne.