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Every Week

Every Week

I take my friend Tom to lunch every week.  We visit Subway so often they know us by name.  We walked through the door, there was a line of customers, and the people behind the counter yelled, “Hi, Tom!”

After our delicious sandwich, Tom went to use the men’s room.  While he was gone, the manager asked, “So, are you a relative of Tom’s?”

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My Cheese Steak Subway Sandwich

I told him, “No, we go to church together.”

He then asked, “Every week?”

“Yes, every week.  We see each other on Sunday at church, and then on Wednesday I pick up Tom to take him to lunch,” I responded.


He was obviously impressed.  The impression I have is he is impressed we go to church regularly.  I don’t know what it is like in his native country (India I’m guessing), but his response makes me think he doesn’t think most Americans go to church regularly.

Speaking of Sundays

I heard someone say one shouldn’t visit Wegman’s on a Sunday mid-day around the time people get out of church.  Because I choose to keep the Sabbath Day holy, I didn’t realize so many people don’t.

To all the Christians out there…

When did God invalidate the 4th Commandment?

There’s something in Exodus chapter 20 about not causing others to have to work.

“…in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:”

This goes right along with a radio show I heard a few weeks ago.  The man, a Christian radio evangelist, was railing against those Christians who pick and choose which commandments they live.  He said, “It’s not a cafeteria plan.”

Later that same day, on a different channel, and a different evangelist, this guy talked about “New Age Christians”.  He then said something to the effect that grace isn’t going to save you if you rebel against God and refuse to keep his commandments.

Imagine that… two in the same day.


The ease of keeping the Sabbath Day holy is pretty darn easy if you ask me.  In fact, it is probably one of the easiest commandments to keep.



It’s a nice bucolic day today.  It got up to about 60 today, and they are talking about snow later in the week.  At least it is a nice bucolic day today.

The hymns went quite well today.  It is a rare Sunday when I feel comfortable with every single hymn.  This was one of those days.

President and Sister Black were the speakers, and as he is the temple president, the topic was temple work.  President Black’s talk felt like validation about my feelings about the temple.  I love that we have a temple across the street from our chapel.  I love that Elizabethe and I only live 2 miles from the temple.

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Palmyra Temple as viewed from the Smith Farm

After church I gave Matt a ride to the airport so he could retrieve his pickup truck.  We had a nice talk on the way there.

As soon as I got home, it was time to prepare dinner for the sister missionaries.  Elizabeth wanted me to make a parmesan crusted chicken and pasta.  So it was.

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Chicken and Pasta

I told the sisters they needed to pose for a few stock photos for the church.  It’s funny how people act when you want them to act candid, but we managed to finally get a good shot that appeared to look as though they were teaching a discussion.

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Sisters Van Kampen and Hershi

Pageant Sunday 2015

Pageant Sunday 2015

It is Pageant Sunday 2015 and this is a big deal in the Palmyra Ward.  It’s like a stake conference in the number of people who come to church, but it is business as usual with larger than normal class attendance too.

Our small choir is always assisted by heavenly voices on this Sunday.  I know how they sound, but something special happens during Pageant Sunday.  Voices come out of the air that one cannot describe unless you’re sitting there and hearing more voices sing than people present.  No words can describe it.

After church, Elizabethe’s cousin’s son called.  He is in pageant and was at the hill and asked if he could come visit us.  We drove to the hill to pick him up and bring him to the house.  We had a nice visit and dinner.

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Jarom and Elizabethe

Also at church today, I ran in to a group from Sao Palo, Brazil, that I ran in to in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  We were both excited to see each other again.  I managed to get a picture of them in front of the building in Palmyra…


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Group from Brazil

The last few days have been quite busy.  Elizabethe and I spent a quiet evening watching the Woman in Gold – a movie about the Klimt painting and a woman’s fight to get it returned after the Nazis stole it in WWII.  Great movie!

Missionary Sunday

Missionary Sunday

It is a missionary Sunday today.  The mission president and one of his counselors spoke in Sacrament meeting, we had a combined Priesthood/Relief Society missionary meeting, and Elizabethe and I fed the sister missionaries.

Because Tuesday is Saint Patrick’s Day, we had corned beef for dinner today.  Elizabethe calls it New England Boiled Dinner.  To me, it is just corned beef and all the traditional cooked vegetables that go along with it.

While talking to the missionaries, the topic of last year’s movie the Saratov Approach.  So, after the missionaries left, and we cleaned up in the kitchen, we retired to the bedroom.  Once there, I suggested we see if Amazon Prime has the movie as I had never seen it.

They did, and so we watched the movie.  IT IS GOOD.

Being a return missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I found this movie to be riveting.  I found myself asking, “What would I have done?”  “Could I have handled a situation like that when I was 20 years old?”

If you have not seen the movie, you’ve got to watch it.

Elizabethe says the version we watched had a couple of scenes removed from it.  That’s too bad.  I would have liked to have seen the scenes she described.   In fact, they would have helped bridge the story.  Without them, there is a gap that leaves you wondering why they backed off from their plans to attack their kidnapper.

SPOILER ALERT:  Anyway you look at it, it is a good movie and story of courage, faith and dedication.  With every excuse in the world, nobody would have ever faulted these two young men if they would have gone home after their ordeal.  Yet, they chose to stick it out for their two years.

Making it Up

Making it Up

We’re making it up for dinner tonight.  Rice, shredded pork, carrots, peas, cabbage, mock pineapple, onions, peppers, and a whole bunch of different sauces all for the missionaries to create their own Chinese dish.

It actually turned out quite well.  I think we’ll do this more often.

I made brownies for dessert since Elizabethe isn’t wild about cake.  You can never go wrong with brownies in this house.

Today was fast Sunday.  The Sunday School lesson, taught by my friend Matt, was a great lesson comparing the Beatitudes from Matthew 5, 3 Nephi 22 and the Inspired Version of the Bible.  Matt had some great visual aids comparing the Lord’s promises in the Beatitudes and Satan’s counterfeits.

Then, in Priesthood Meeting, John Harmer gave a great lesson on the 10 Virgins.  He explained the role of the bride, the bridegroom, the parents, and so forth.  He talked about the importance of light and why the lamps (filled with oil) were so important.  It was a great lesson and explained very well.

So, I came away from church today filled.  Even thought it was a day of fasting, I was spiritually fed and filled.  It’s like the old saying, “Seven days without God makes one weak.”

Are Mormons the Only Ones?

Are Mormons the only Christians who keep the Sabbath day holy any more?

I know there are devote Jews who completely close shop during their Sabbath day.  (B&H Photo being one of them.B&H Photo and Video)

So, what has happened to our Christian friends who feel it is okay to do non-church activities on Sunday?

The last time I looked, Exodus chapter 20 still reads the same:

But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy astranger that is within thy gates:

It saddens me when organizations schedule events on Sundays that compete with religious observance.  I got an invitation today (I won’t say from what group) to attend something I would really love to attend, but I’m not.  I’m not going to do it because I made a covenant to observe and keep the Sabbath day holy.  If I were to attend, I would be causing other people to work.  Hence, as the scripture says, “thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter…”, etc.

I brought this up to an activity organizer years ago.  He was planning an event where one of my Boy Scouts was tempted to attended.  I asked the man (who was also a Scouter) if he though it fair that this boy was having to choose between church (God) and camping.  He said, ‘I can’t think of a better place to commune with God.’

I counted his claim and told him although I find being in nature a good way to commune with God, I also think it is important that we keep covenants to attend church and partake of the sacraments.   He had no response.

I don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone.  At the same time, if someone respects my religious beliefs and expects me to participate in something, they should avoid placing me in a position where I have to choose between their activity and God… because I will choose God.

A few years ago I asked someone, “Why do you plan these for Sunday?”

They said, “Because none of the Jews will attend if we do it Friday or Saturday.”

I replied, “What about the Christians who attend church on Sunday?”

The person’s reply was very saddening.  It was, “Most of them don’t.”

I guess if you’re trying to keep several religious groups happy, don’t schedule such events on weekends at all.  Or, at least alternate.  One year on Sunday for the Jews (and Seventh Day-Adventist) and the next year on Saturday for the Christians.

Oh, well.  The promises God gives for keeping the Sabbath Day holy far outweigh any benefit I can get from attending something on Sunday.

Who’s Perfect

The question came up in priesthood meeting today, “Is there anyone here who is perfect?”  (I believe the question was asked in reference to, “Who is sinless?”)

Jesus Christ was the only sinless person.  By that, he was the only person to walk the earth who never sinned.  He was that “spotless lamb”.  None of us have achieved that level of perfection, and we only can through an infinite atonement.

One brother, who is always joking raised his hand, while another who was just baptized, raised his hand.  The second one said, “I’m probably closer than anyone else.”

He didn’t do it in a boastful sense.  In fact, he had kind of a sheepish look on his face.  And, I would absolutely agree with him.  In the last 18 hours since his baptism, I’m pretty sure he’s been living a good righteous life.  In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe baptism is a rebirth.  All the sins of one’s past are washed away when someone is baptized.

At the same time, I would imagine most of the men in that room had partaken of the sacrament two hours earlier.  Partaking of the sacrament worthily does the same as baptism.  So, I guess, for that brief moment, everyone should have raised their hands.  After all, how much sinning are you going to do during Sunday School?

Perhaps the question should have been, “Who is going to remain perfect throughout this week?”

Ah, now that’s a different story.  We come home, one of our kids makes a mess and we get angry, or we watch the news and make a disparaging remark.  Whatever the case may be, it becomes difficult to maintain that level of perfection, granted us by grace, through the entire week, or even the rest of the day.

Comes Sunday, we all get the opportunity to renew our baptismal covenants through the sacrament.  That’s why Sunday’s are an important and sacred day for me.

September, Already?

It is hard to believe that it is already September.  Time is moving too fast.  When I was 10, 10 years seemed like an eternity.  Now, 10 years ago seems like yesterday.

Me (about 11) and Mark (about 6)

Me (about 11) and Mark (about 6)

This morning I received an e-mail from an on-line service provider (for my business) that was down Thursday-Saturday.  Today’s e-mail stated they are working again.  Great… they get it working on Sunday.  (It was bad enough that it was down all that time, now they get it working on a Sunday morning the day before a national holiday.)

Sisters Butters and Killen were our dinner guests tonight.  I made cashew chicken, but instead of celery I used dellicata squash.  It actually worked quite well.  But, dessert was the best.

I made a cake with peaches and a whipped cream frosting.  It was one of those desserts that you didn’t feel guilty about having seconds.  It tasted rich but felt light.

Elizabethe teased saying we will never see this cake again.  (Implying that I won’t ever make it again.)  So, I indulged her by taking about how next time I’ll try using apples, or maybe pears.  (That’s exactly what she was implying… I’d change it up so much that it will be entirely different next time.)  That said, I’m sure I’ll make this again.  We’ve got LOTS of canned peaches that need to be used.

Tomorrow’s Labor Day.  One thing I miss about working for someone else is having holidays.  One thing I don’t miss is working for someone else.

Pre-Pageant Sunday

Hill Cumorah Pageant starts this week.  This is the last Sunday before it starts.  We had overflow crowds at church, and probably will until the end of summer.  Next week will be very crowded.

The choir practiced after church.  We will be singing next Sunday and the Sunday after.  We still have sacrament meeting and the rest of our meetings.  We just have lots of visitors.

After church and choir practice, I took a walk down to the village park.  They had a local group doing Beatles covers as well as other hits from the 60s.

Inside Out – Palmyra 7/8/2012

Inside Out performed songs like Love Me Do and I Saw Her Standing There.  In addition to some Beatles, they performed songs like She’s Not There (the Zombies) and other songs from that era.

There was a small dance area set up, but most people were staying in the shade.  It was a bit warm.

Listeners Enjoying the Shade

The American Legion also was there selling hots and burgers.  These two stopped and posed for the camera.

Cheese Burger

I love our Village’s little events like this.  This small town is friendly and it shows.  It’s too bad many of our tourists spend so little time here.  Stop.  Spend time.  Catch the flavor of our little village.  Even our mayor was there grabbing photos with her smart phone.

Mayor Vicky Daly Takes Photos at the Concert

I noticed one man came to this concert prepared…

A Beatles Fan

To experience Palmyra, you need to spend some time here.  This is a great place with lots to see and do.  Who knows.  You might even catch a concert in the park.

Stake Conference and the next 5

Here’s 61-65:

  • Visit the library (400 block of E Main)
  • Find Bonnie Hays and ask questions about Palmyra’s history
  • Go on a Ghost Walk (ask Bonnie Hays about dates and times)
  • Visit the Print Shop Museum (140 Market Street)
  • Stand at the corner of Main & Church street and admire the only corner in the U.S.A. with a different church on each corner.

Stake Conference was well attended.  Sitting on the stand (as organist) means you only see the backs of the heads of the speakers.  Sometimes, this means you don’t ever see their face.  As a result, you can’t find them after the meeting and thank them for their comments.  Well, unless you recognize the back of their head.

Our room renter, Dan, caught a big salmon yesterday and he gave us some of the meat.  I cooked it today for the missionaries.  We had salmon, mashed potatoes, baked beans and mixed vegetables for dinner.  Nothing beats fresh salmon for taste and texture.  Elizabethe enjoyed it, and she’s not a big fish fan.

After dinner, we rushed back to the stake center for a temple worker devotional.  A couple of the stake presidents in the temple district talked, as well as our recently released area authority, Elder Cook.

It’s been a busy day.  I’m exhausted.  My brain is already starting to thing of the things I have to do tomorrow.