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Adult Session

Adult Session

Tonight’s adult session of Stake Conference was very nice.  They started with a few speakers, and then called some people to come bare testimony.  One of them had that happen to her a year ago.  I especially enjoyed Sister Evan’s talk.

Winter Concentration

Winter is almost here, and it is time to figure out my winter concentration area.  I think I will concentrate on sketching and painting again.  Last year I had a goal which went by the wayside when the weather got warmer.  I’m okay with that.

Next year, I will break things in to winter/indoors and summer/outdoors.  My winger concentration will be stuff I can do sitting in my studio, while summer will involve getting out and walking around.

I have enough reference fodder to take me through the winter.  Plus, I have ideas to carry me through.  Themes for my winter creations will be fantasy, steampunk, and artistic portraits.

I’ve built quite an arsenal of paintbrushes for Corel Painter.  Half of them I’ve created, the other half I’ve purchased.  Between the two I hope to find my favorites and master using them.

copyright 2017 db walton

One of My 2017 Paintings

I need to work more on composing for excitement.  Take the above image.  She’s looking out the window in a seemingly empty castle.  It doesn’t tell much of a story, and isn’t very exciting.  In this case, I’m not sure what I could do.  Maybe paint an older lady (her mom), of to the right looking like she’s concerned about her daughter?  It needs something.



I think moderate is going to be the word for our weather this year.  We had a moderate winter, and spring seems to be about the same, which makes me wonder if we will have a moderate summer too.

Today was one of those days you would have expected to reach the mid-70s.  Instead, it hovered around 68 most of the day.

copyright 2016 db walton - Moderate

Old Change Bridge Foundation in Macedon

I bought groceries for Elizabethe’s Mother’s Day dinner tomorrow.  I’ve decided to fix salmon over a bed of angel hair pasta with an alfredo sauce.  For the side dishes, a salad, asparagus, bread and carrots.

After I got all that done, and after a short nap, I headed down the Canal Trail to take a few pictures.  The weather was perfect for being outside.  It wasn’t too cool or too hot.

copyright 2016 db walton - Moderate

A Boat Leaving Lock 30

I keep waiting for the flowers on the trees to bloom.  The crabapples look like they are about to open, but they’ve looked like that for a week or more.  The same with the lilacs.  (In fact, this weekend is the lilac festival in Rochester.)  The tulips and daffodils are in bloom as well as dandelions.

Plug for Workshop

This is a plug for my 2016 workshop.  It’s September 13th-16th and you can read more and register here:


This workshop is for people who are serious about learning how to paint using their computer.  It’s not an automatic program that does the work for you, but a software package that allows you to PAINT with various mediums.  Here’s a sample of something I painted…

copyright 2016 db walton

A Still Life Painting

During the class we’ll learn how to paint various subjects.  It will be informative, fun and hands-on.

Autumn Cleaning

Autumn Cleaning

Autumn cleaning is like spring cleaning but a lot worse.  Things don’t seem to get as cluttered or dirty as they do in the summer.  It’s time to clean for the winter.

I tend to memorize where I put things.  Yes, there is method to this madness, and it’s called last-in-last-out (or LIFO as we called it in the IT world.)  So, as you’re sorting through old mail, the most recent is on top and the older stuff on the bottom.

It works for me.  It has for nearly 60 years.

It doesn’t, however work for my wife.  So, I gave her a day of my attention to get my stuff sorted and put away.  Oh, I many never be able to find anything again, but at least she likes how the bedroom looks now.

If I had a manufacturing plant that would build anything I want, I would be the most organized guy in the world.  Some people, like my wife, are really good at taking a cabinet and making it work to her advantage.  Me, on the other hand, will utilize something if it works for me.

Silverware drawers, for example, work for me.  I like those little trays that hold knives, forks and spoons.  But, if you give me a drawer and tell me to store my camera equipment in it… nope.  It doesn’t work for me.  (I’m still searching for the ideal solution for storing camera equipment.  There are many companies who cater to making camera bags, but NOBODY caters to making storage solutions for the studio.  Nobody.  None.  Zip.  I’ve got some great ideas, but I’m keeping them to myself until one of those manufactures are ready to hire me for my brains.)

That’s okay.  My photography office is due for cleaning too, but not today.  Elizabethe says I’m on my own.


Drawing a Blank

Drawing a Blank

Have you ever used the phrase, “I’m drawing a blank?”  I’m drawing a blank as to what to blog about today.  Here it is the first day of October, 2015, and I’m like…. “Where has the time gone?”

Okay… I know….

We went from an very summer-like 85 degrees last week to a chilly 45 degrees today.  Yes, it is down-right jacket weather.

There… I said what I wanted to say about the weather…. now what?

I know…

It is time to start up the weather log again.  I have a page dedicated to what happens weather wise around here.  It’s actually quite convenient for those times when someone proclaims, “I remember last year when we had 87 inches of snow.”  That’s when I pull out my smart phone, go to last year’s post and say, “Interesting, I logged we got 0.25″ of snow, but the day before we got 8″, and before that, we hadn’t had snow for a week.”

This is a habit I started when I was riding my bicycle all of the time.  It made it easier for me to determine if it was going to be a bad-weather day and drive into work verses riding my bike.

Summer and Fathers Day

Summer and Fathers Day

The first day of summer and Fathers Day — both.

My head is killing me and it was all I could do to make it through church today.

I heard from several of the girls today, as well as grandchildren.  We had some nice chats on the phone.   And, I called my own dad.  He seems to be doing well for 82 years old.  They are getting ready to go on a trip to China.

Other than that, I took things easy as I really want to be in the proper frame of mind to go to Watkins Glen tomorrow (my Father’s Day gift to myself), and to shake this headache.

Cold Wind Blows

Cold Wind Blows

The cold wind blows the snow around.  Brrr… It is so cold I can hardly stand being in the kitchen.  (We don’t have heat in the kitchen.)

I went out to the sitting room where it is not being heated either.  The thermometer said 34F.  That’s exactly what I keep the refrigerator at.  Brrrrrrr….

While I’m itching to get outdoors and do something, this weather is additionally prohibitive.  It’s crazy cold and icy out there.  I’ve got a few sit-at-home projects I’m working on, but I’ve always been an on-the-go and outdoors person.  In the mean time, I’m making a list of things I want to do.

Elizabethe was assigned to be at the Family History Library tonight.  I went with here and they had one patron show up for about 30 minutes.  But, Elizabethe managed to get a lot of genealogy done.

Visiting Palmyra, New York

If you plan on visiting Palmyra, New York, now is the time to make your plans and reservations.  We have plenty of openings through the spring, summer and fall currently, but these do not last.  So, plan ahead and book NOW.  (see our main page at http://www.beckwithmansion.com)

If you really want to treat yourself to something special, when you book your stay, book a family portrait at the same time!

Here is a list of reasons you should stay at the Beckwith Mansion:

  1. We are walking distance from the E.B. Grandin Building and Alvin Smith’s Grave
  2. We are walking distance from Palmyra restaurants – Mark’s, Nima’s, Acropolis, Athena’s, and Happiness Garden, as well as Duncan doughnuts.
  3. We are only 2 miles from the Temple, the Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove.
  4. We are only 5 miles form Hill Cumorah
  5. Although we are not a bed-and-breakfast (we are classified as a tourist home under New York State laws), you can use our kitchen to prepare foods.
  6. We have a lovely yard with a patio, BBQ and a fire pit.  (You must supply your own charcoals or wood.)
  7. You can browse our library and read some fascinating books about Palmyra and its rich history.

Summer 2014 Closes

Summer 2014 Closes

Summer 2014 closes today.  Traditionally, the day after Labor Day marks the end of summer.  Season wise, the summer still has 3 more weeks, but schools start, people end their vacations, and basically, summer is over.

In our missionary meeting today, they reviewed and talked about the new web site.  If you have not visited it, you can go to …

  • http://history.lds.org
  • Click on Visit and select Historic Sites
  • Click on Historic Palmyra
  • You can select one of the 3 highlights


  • Click on Stories or Places

The people in charge of the web site did most of the talking, but it was gratifying to hear them reference my work.  For example, if you go to the Places link and select the Grandin Building, most of what you will see is my work.  (http://history.lds.org/exhibit/historic-sites-palmyra-grandin-building?lang=eng)

I’m working with them already on their next project.

Cool Salon Hanging

My salon hanging arrived today.  I’m really pleased how it turned out.  This one will go up in Roots Salon.

Salon Hanging

The wind has picked up here and cooled things down.  It’s be an unusually warm spring and early summer thus far.  The garden here at the Beckwith Estate is loving it.

Cone Flower and Tiny Wasp

Tonight’s temple night, so off I go.

Another Day of Heat

For the first full day of summer it was sure hot today.  It is hard to believe spring just ended and summer is only starting.

I started the day nice an early by attending the Tri-County Networkers.  They are a group that meets weekly to exchange referrals and tell about their businesses.  I was so impressed, I decided to join.  Their mission is as follows:

Tri County Networkers is a professional referral based team
Our mission is to help each other grow our businesses through giving and receiving well-qualified referrals.

We do this by only allowing one person from each profession or trade to join the team. Each member will attend weekly meetings that will allow him or her to learn about other members businesses and build professional relationships.

Their platform and agenda is perfect for the busy business owner.  They start at 7:45am and are done at 9am.  Anyone interested coming to see what it is all about, let me know.

I had a shoot mid-day, and when that was over, I went to mow the lawn.  Big mistake.  It was way to hot.  The heat about did me in.  The last lap I remember repeating, “A few more feet and you can go take a cold shower.”  After a cool-down, and a tuna sandwich and lots of liquids, I was ready to call it a day.

Front Lawn as I’m Mowing

When at Sauders yesterday, I picked up some smoothy mix.  You add one packet of this stuff to 2 cups water and 3 cups ice and blend until smooth.  It came out to about 40 cents a serving.  It is very nice when trying to replenish lost fluids.  I think I will stock up on the stuff next time I’m there.

Before calling it a day, I went and picked all of the cucumbers that were big enough.  Keep in mind, two days ago they were all the size of my pinky-finger.  Today, those same cucumbers were the size of very large pickles.  So, Elizabethe sliced them up and started them curing for counter pickles.  They filled a gallon jar there were so many of them.

Counter Pickles (an easy bread-n-butter pickle recipie)


Foray at Thornhill 2012

Finger Lakes Professional Photographers had their annual picnic at Thornhill (Monroe Payne’s place in Ithaca).  Aside from the high heat and humidity, it was nice.  We had good company and the reenactors put on a nice little show for us.

Monroe Payne, president, FLPP

We took a little walk through the woods while the reenactors had little stops set up.  It was a fun photo-op journey.

Members of FLPP take photos during the walk.

Monroe Payne and his wife and kids put on little vignettes at each stop.

Like I said, aside from the heat, it was a nice event.


On the way to Ithaca, I stopped at Hill Cumorah and the Whitmer Farm to let them know we have an opening at the mansion for the period during pageant.  Even though pageant is several weeks away, tourist are still pouring in to the sites.  If you know someone who is looking for a room during pageant, have them call us.

The Beckwith Mansion (http://www.beckwithmansion.com) is located in the Village of Palmyra.   Built in the early 1830s by George Beckwith, a contemporary of Lucy Mack Smith.  Today, the Beckwith Mansion and Estate are home to Brent and Elizabethe Walton and db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY Studios (http://www.dbwalton.com).