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Trapezius Muscles

Trapezius Muscles

The body is a complex machine.  So are the trapezius muscles.  This guy is connected to your spine, shoulder blade and the back of your head.

Say, “Hello”, headaches.

As the message therapist was finishing up with me she said, “Well, we can now see your neck again.”

I guess I came in pretty hunched over because of these stress related headaches.  I’ve been hurting for a couple of weeks and I’m glad I went to see the massage therapist.

Once she explained how the trapezius connects things made sense.  When I told her what my headaches felt like she smiled in confirmation that my trapezius was pulling my SKULL APART!  Yes, that sounds like exaggeration, but it’s not.  While it was pulling one way, other muscles were pulling the other way and the resultant forces caused my head to hurt like you cannot imagine.

Okay, perhaps you can if you’ve been there.

While they call these headaches occipital headaches, I think they should be renamed, “stressed-out trapezius headaches”.  I’d put the pain at the top of my list when it comes to headaches.

I took a nap before heading to the temple.  While therapeutic massages are helpful, they can also take it out of you.  I’d liken this one to pounding an abalone steak.  She worked that trapezius until it just went limp.   Yes, it’s going to feel like I was beat to a pulp tomorrow, so I better get some rest today.

The temple is always relaxing, and that is what I needed this evening.  After the temple, I came home to some strawberries over angel food cake.  Yeah, it might not help the aching body, but it sure helps the soul.



Age and Fatigue

I’ve been paying close attention lately to my physical activity and diet and its relationship to fatigue. My conclusion is it is neither… it is age. Well, that’s not entirely true. Ever since I was diagnosed as being hypoglycemic (back in the early 1980s), I do notice that certain foods make me irritable and tired. But, I just can’t keep the pace that I used to.

Perhaps I just need to take a power-nap in the middle of each day. Back when I was riding my bike to work I used to take my lunches, ride to the park, and lay on the lawn and take a nap. Now that I’m riding my bike in the mornings, perhaps I need to go back to a similar routine.

Stress plays a big factor too. Being one’s own boss may sound glamour, and I know a lot of MML people use that to entice people to join their throngs. Don’t fall for it. Being your own boss can be one of the most stressful things you will ever encounter. Stress causes fatigue, and if you want to feel tired all of the time, yeah, be your own boss.

You see, when you work for a big company, things will get done if you get sick, or take vacation. When you are your own boss, things don’t get done unless you do them.

Hire someone?

First, before you can hire someone, you have to be making enough money to afford payroll taxes, disability insurance, and other fees associated with hiring an employee. Then, you have to find someone you can trust with your livelihood, train them, and hope they do a good job.

Wow. Thanks for letting me talk this out. Age plays a factor, but stress… yup, that’s a big factor in the fatigue I’m experiencing.