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Adult Session

Adult Session

Tonight’s adult session of Stake Conference was very nice.  They started with a few speakers, and then called some people to come bare testimony.  One of them had that happen to her a year ago.  I especially enjoyed Sister Evan’s talk.

Winter Concentration

Winter is almost here, and it is time to figure out my winter concentration area.  I think I will concentrate on sketching and painting again.  Last year I had a goal which went by the wayside when the weather got warmer.  I’m okay with that.

Next year, I will break things in to winter/indoors and summer/outdoors.  My winger concentration will be stuff I can do sitting in my studio, while summer will involve getting out and walking around.

I have enough reference fodder to take me through the winter.  Plus, I have ideas to carry me through.  Themes for my winter creations will be fantasy, steampunk, and artistic portraits.

I’ve built quite an arsenal of paintbrushes for Corel Painter.  Half of them I’ve created, the other half I’ve purchased.  Between the two I hope to find my favorites and master using them.

copyright 2017 db walton

One of My 2017 Paintings

I need to work more on composing for excitement.  Take the above image.  She’s looking out the window in a seemingly empty castle.  It doesn’t tell much of a story, and isn’t very exciting.  In this case, I’m not sure what I could do.  Maybe paint an older lady (her mom), of to the right looking like she’s concerned about her daughter?  It needs something.



Searching for people to help with some self-assigned photography projects is a difficult task.  When you have something specific in your mind, a vision of the finished product, you want people who look a certain way.  Therein is the difficult part.

There is not a lot of difficulty finding people who want their picture taken, but finding people who look the way you envision things.    Then, once you find someone who might, they might not know how to act in front of the camera.  (If I had a nickel for every young lady who thought they could ‘model’ and could not, I’d be rich.)

Modeling is like acting frozen at 1/125th of a second.  I laugh inside every time I hear someone say, “How could anyone take a bad picture of her?”  Well, if that model can’t deliver a good expression, then yeah, it is hard to get a good picture.  And, if the photographer can’t capture a good expression, the same can be said.

My job is to capture good expressions from ANYONE I photograph, but I digress.

I think it would be fun to post a picture of some random person on my Facebook page and announce, “If you know anyone who looks like this, send them my way.”   I wonder what type of response I would get.

Enough about my frustrations with my self-assignments.

I actually have fun photographing people — no matter what they look like.  My aim is to make them look their absolute best.  Hence, my tag line — Capturing Beauty.  And, I’ve had people tell me, “I don’t like getting my picture taken,” and then after the session they’ve said, “That was fun.  You made getting my picture taken fun.”

copyright 2015 db walton

Self-Assigned Project Image

So, what type of projects do I have going on?

1)  I’ve been working on this one for years.  I’m looking for successful women to have their portraits done wearing a black dress.  The theme is empowered women and everyone is being photographed in a black dress.

2)  Photographs of young adult women wearing dresses my wife has made.

3)  Lips – this is a new one.  I want closeup images of lips with lipstick with creative colors and/or designs.  Model(s) have to have nice teeth and lips and good complexion.

4) Steampunk – male or female, if you have a good steampunk outfit and look, call me.

5) Film noir – yes, that 1940s look in black and white.

Author D. Brent Walton is a Certified Professional Photographer and Photographic Craftsman.  He and his wife own the Beckwith Mansion where his studio is also located.  photography by db walton llc specializes in portraiture, but not your usual portraiture.  While his studio does traditional portraits, he also specializes in portraits that are unique, bold and artistic.  To schedule a consultation (free) and receive an estimate for a portrait session, call (315) 226-3292.

Duo Session

Elizabethe and I went to lunch at India House.  They have a buffet on weekdays.  It was pretty good.  All of the meat dishes were chicken, but I’m sure that’s to keep the cost of the buffet down.  (I was hoping for lamb… but no such luck.)

Oh, they are having a New Year’s Eve buffet for $25/person, and that will have lamb, beef, chicken, etc.  We’re debating on going.

We also took the vacuum in to have the belt replaced.  Can you believe they made such a beast that it is not obvious how to replace the belt?  And, you have to remove screws to get to the belt!

It worked out well for our friend Ken Grier who owns the repair shop.  We bought two little portable sweepers – one for the house, and one for the studio.  Duo sweepers.

Speaking of duos, I think it is fun when a client asks if she can bring a friend and both of them be in the picture.  It makes better use of the time.  And, if we’re going to schedule a portrait session, and the conditions are met, why not?

These two young ladies were quite fun to photograph.  I’m still working on my Steampunk Project, and they were both more than willing to participate.

Hannah and Kaya Take a Break to Let Me Get in the Picture

Kaya sent me this nice thank you message:

Hannah and I had a blast, only the second time shooting with you, but many more times to come. You are so professional, and give a good sense of friendship. Making your models feel the way Hannah and I did after the shoot has got to make you feel warm as well. Your projects are all very well thought of, and fun. Can’t wait to be in your workshop, and drive around on field trips! Happy Holidays!

It’s always nice when clients take time to express their thanks.   Kaya is right, treating my clients well does make me “feel warm”.


I’ve really got in to this steampunk stuff.  No, not the dressing up and the role-playing stuff, but making stuff.

My day started off at 6am getting on a call while they rolled out a new product.  As a result, I knocked off a bit early and went for a nap, but not before I worked some on my steampunk project.  (Photos will follow… but not until I have a model to show of my work.)

It amazes me how pieces of junk can come together to form some completely meaningless “thing” that just looks… well… cool.

After a nice snooze I headed in to Rochester to Artisan Works where Robert Farber had his opening night at the museum.  (You can check out my photo blog at http://blog.dbwalton.com for photos and comments about the evening.)

I purchased his book American Mood.  It’s my kind of book.  In fact, someday you’ll see one like it by me.  I won’t tip the hat as to what mine will be titled or have in it, but it is already in the makings.