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Starting to Heal

Starting to Heal

My body is starting to heal from the infection.  I’m still amazed that the flu had such and impact on my body.  From totally wiping me out, to disabling my leg, that flu was a doozie.

Goodbye Canon

I spent Saturday saying goodbye to my Canon camera equipment.  I’m selling it all.  It’s all packed and ready to ship to a new home.


Because I’ve found something better (as many of you know).  I’m 100% Fujifilm X-Trans cameras.  I’ve found the image quality so much better I am not regretting doing this.

Dormer Floor

Carpet Spectrum came to rip out the carpet that was damaged by the last tenant and install the new floor.  After the carpet and pad were removed, a beautiful red fir floor was under it.  The guys advised we don’t install a new floor, but have the wood floor refinished.  We all agreed and they recommended a man to refinish the floor.

Carpet Spectrum (on Route 21 between Palmyra and Marion) will get our repeat business.

Other Things

Other that that, the only other things going on is I’ve been working on Poser.  It’s pretty amazing software… when it works.  Others have been grumbling about the version 11 bugs, but being new to the game I’m none the wiser.