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Upcoming Temple President

Upcoming Temple President

Our upcoming temple president is currently a counselor in the temple presidency.  He was also our Tuesday Night shift coordinator before he was called to the presidency.  Brent Miner is going to be our next temple president.  As with anyone in such a position, he is taking it with humility.  I believe he will do a great job.

Just last we I commented to President Black how I appreciate how his presidency handles corrections with love.  (Occasionally, a temple worker needs instruction or correction.)  I’m glad to see our next temple president will carry that same spirit with him.

Becky Arrived

Elizabethe’s sister, Becky, arrived today.  Her husband arrives Thursday morning.  We talked about ideas of things to do.  Sounds like I’ll have someone to go to Artisan Works with.  Glen is not spending a lot of time here.  I’ll be showing him he needs to come out for a COUPLE of weeks.  There’s enough to do here that even two weeks isn’t enough time.


I can tell spring is here because bugs are starting to fly around my office light.  It happens every spring.  I’ll set off a bug bomb when I leave the studio, and in the morning I’ll find dead bugs on the carpet.  One year, after setting off a bug bomb, it looked like it had rained bugs the next morning.

Where do they come from?

Picture Restoration

I have a picture restoration I’m working on.  This is the most damaged photo I have ever seen, let alone restored.  It’s a challenge, but I’m up to it.  Anything will be better than the original, but I’m out to blow their socks off.


Families Grow

Families Grow

It’s fun watching families grow.  The Wildey Family talked in church today.  When we first moved here, they were just starting to have children, and now all three of the children talked in Sacrament Meeting.  What a wonderful event to witness.

copyright 2018 db walton

From a Workshop Years Ago

Sister Wildey and her children have volunteered to model for my workshops over the years.  I just realized I don’t have a single picture of them with Brother Wildey.  Tthe next time I’ll have to schedule my workshop around his schedule.

I think we don’t see how rapidly our own family grows until we go back and look at pictures.  But, the others around us, it seems like they grow right before your eyes because you only see them once a week or even less.

Beef Stew

The sister missionaries weren’t able to make dinner tonight.  So, Elizabethe and I had lots of beef stew.  The meat turned out perfect.  (Browning it in bacon grease is the key!)

There are few soups that I like.  On the other hand, I do like stews and chowders.  I think it is the thickness and heartiness because they make me feel satisfied after eating.


It is the first day this year that it feels like spring.  The sun is shining.  I hope it continues like this for a few days.  I could use the Vitamin D.

Two Down

Two Down

Two down, and two paintings to go for International Print Competition.  The due date is in the end of May, but it’s never good to wait for the last minute on these things.

Last night I started on the third painting.  So far, the list includes:

  • Are You Coming to Bed, Dear? – a social commentary on game and Internet addiction. (done)
  • Don’t Stand So Close to Me – based on the song by Police – a male teacher with a female student who is coming on to him. (done)
  • I Shoot RAW – a humorous take on the question, “Do you shoot RAW?” (in progress)
  • undecided

PPSNYS Focus Convention

We’re going to the PPSNYS Focus Convention later this week.  I’m glad it is a little closer than New Jersey, and I hope it is a good convention.  I have my anxieties about it since they’ve been dwindling in numbers.

I was reading some of the reviews of the venue.  It’s funny, Yelp has only bad reviews about the place.  (I guess they haven’t paid Yelp their extortion fees.  Yes, Yelp extorts business owners.  You can’t trust their reviews – especially the bad ones.)  Google on the other hand, has a mix of good and bad.  I guess we’ll find out later this week.

Cold Month

March has been a cold month.  It’s been about a week since it last snowed, but the freezing temperatures have kept the snow from melting.  Spring starts on Thursday, hopefully that will start turning things around and it will start warming up.

I was noticing the garden.  I’m thinking it is going to be off to a late start this year.  Last year we didn’t get a lot of tomatillos.  I’m going to suggest to Elizabethe we move them back to where we had them two years ago, and to plant more.  We can always use more green sauce.

Leaves Blowing

Leaves Blowing

I love autumn, however I hat leaves blowing in to my studio (and house).  My shop vac in my studio has a small hose that doesn’t always get the big leaves.  It makes vacuuming the studio difficult.

One of the guests keeps tracking leaves in through the kitchen.  Oh, well.  Soon they will be gone (the leaves, that is).  If it is dry Monday I will suck them up with the lawn tractor.

Clean for Shoot

I got the studio clean for my shoot.  I even wet mopped the concrete floor in the camera room.  Spring comes and I plan to rotate the rug on my office.  It is worn where my chair rolls back and forth.  If I rotate it I can get another 7 or 8 years out of it.

My shoot went well.  Of course, anytime a client is on time, it’s a good shoot.  That’s one thing I can take pride in… studio sessions are always good.

Starting Tomorrow’s Dinner

I am starting tomorrows dinner.  I plan to make spaghetti squash with a butternut squash sauce to go over it.  The sauce will be like a stroganoff sauce with mushrooms, onions and meatballs.

Thinking about the squash theme I’ve decided to make a mock pineapple upside down cake too.



I think moderate is going to be the word for our weather this year.  We had a moderate winter, and spring seems to be about the same, which makes me wonder if we will have a moderate summer too.

Today was one of those days you would have expected to reach the mid-70s.  Instead, it hovered around 68 most of the day.

copyright 2016 db walton - Moderate

Old Change Bridge Foundation in Macedon

I bought groceries for Elizabethe’s Mother’s Day dinner tomorrow.  I’ve decided to fix salmon over a bed of angel hair pasta with an alfredo sauce.  For the side dishes, a salad, asparagus, bread and carrots.

After I got all that done, and after a short nap, I headed down the Canal Trail to take a few pictures.  The weather was perfect for being outside.  It wasn’t too cool or too hot.

copyright 2016 db walton - Moderate

A Boat Leaving Lock 30

I keep waiting for the flowers on the trees to bloom.  The crabapples look like they are about to open, but they’ve looked like that for a week or more.  The same with the lilacs.  (In fact, this weekend is the lilac festival in Rochester.)  The tulips and daffodils are in bloom as well as dandelions.

Plug for Workshop

This is a plug for my 2016 workshop.  It’s September 13th-16th and you can read more and register here:


This workshop is for people who are serious about learning how to paint using their computer.  It’s not an automatic program that does the work for you, but a software package that allows you to PAINT with various mediums.  Here’s a sample of something I painted…

copyright 2016 db walton

A Still Life Painting

During the class we’ll learn how to paint various subjects.  It will be informative, fun and hands-on.

Springs Last Day 2015

copyright 2015 db walton

Palmyra Farm Land

Springs Last Day 2015

It is springs last day in 2015.  There was a while at the start of this year that many of us wondered if we would ever see spring again.  It was a cold harsh winter.

The day has been spent dealing another occipital headache.  While it isn’t as bad as they were a couple of weeks ago, it is still burdensome.

I drove out to Marion, New York, to pick up a framed print.  I managed to get a few pictures along the way.  Even then, I thought it would help relieve some of the headache… it didn’t.  So, I’m calling it quits for the day.



Thar Warth

Thar Warth

Yes, Thar Warth because if you’re going to say, “May the Fourth be with you,” you might as well be consistent with the lisp.

This morning was our First Monday Event (see Palmyra Photographic Workshops).  Our theme was a nature walk along the canal.  I saw this reflection and thought… A WATERCOLOR PAINTING…  Get it?  Water – color – painting?

copyright 2015 db walton

First Monday Photo

It’s kind of cool flipping a reflection upside down and seeing the wavy water patterns.  It’s natures way of painting.

There were only two people besides myself who came to the event.  It’s too bad too.  The weather was nice and so… spring-like.  Or, should I say it was bucolic?

I came home and got side-tracked and nearly missed my doctors appointment.  In fact, I was late.  He was nice about it.

After that, I hit Happiness Garden for our monthly Chinese dinner.  This time I ordered more veggies.  It was soooo good.

Elizabethe’s fortune said she was about to have some domestic chores.

Duh!  We just ate dinner.  Of course there are dishes.

I laughed and thought, now there’s an idea.  Obvious fortune cookies.

For example:    “You will be hungry an hour from now.”

Walking My X-T1

Walking My X-T1

Some people walk their dogs.  Walking my X-T1 was my thing to do today.

My X-T1 is my new camera and I hopped in the car and went for a drive with it.  Okay, I said I went walking with it.  I did… when I got out of the car to photograph something.  And, towards the end of my little drive I had the strength to go for a walk into the Sacred Grove where I took some photos.

So, you want to see what the Sacred Grove looks like “early in the spring”?

Here it is…


copyright 2015 db walton

Sacred Grove Early Spring 2015

We don’t get leaves on the trees until late spring/early summer.  The buds are just starting to appear.

So, when you think about the First Vision, think of the grove looking more like the above photograph.  But, no matter what time of year, the Sacred Grove is always a wonderful place.

After all, the Smiths lived there for a few years.  I would imaging Joseph and his family visited the grove often all through the year — not just the spring.

In 1820, they were coming out of a mini ice age.  Well, the winter of 2015 was a mini ice age for us.  In 1815, the eruption of Mt. Tambora put the world in a mini ice age.  How interesting that it was 200 years ago.  Anyway, given the climate conditions this last winter, the grove may have very well looked like this in the spring of 1820.

In the seven years I’ve lived here, the trees leaf out and the shade canopy starts around June 1st.  The full canopy isn’t developed until July.

No Dinner

No Dinner

No dinner for the missionaries tonight.  Well, I mean, we aren’t feeding them tonight.  Someone else is.  Somewhere along the line someone took one of the Sundays so we’re feeding them mid-week this week.

Our new site directors spoke in Sacrament Meeting today.  They were serving as mission president in Sierra Leon and the mission was closed due to the Ebola outbreak.

Matt taught both Sunday School and Priesthood today.  He does a great job and sure knows how to present using is Mac and iPhone.

I decided to watch a few episodes of Chopped.  I like chopped because of the out-of-the-box thinking that takes place.  And… sometimes the lack of creativity too can be learned from.

For example, one episode they had lobster and they had vegetable cream cheese.  To me, I’d be combining the two, transforming both in to something new.  Yet, nobody thought of that.

I would have fun on Chopped.  Elizabethe tried to apply for me, but at the end of the process, their web site crashed.  Weeks later, I attempted to apply for Chopped.  Again, at the end of the process their web site crashed.  I can now see why they keep re-using some of the contestants.  It is difficult to apply.

We woke to 3″ of snow this morning.  Yes, it is supposed to be spring, but the snow is still coming.

Cold Wind Blows

Cold Wind Blows

The cold wind blows the snow around.  Brrr… It is so cold I can hardly stand being in the kitchen.  (We don’t have heat in the kitchen.)

I went out to the sitting room where it is not being heated either.  The thermometer said 34F.  That’s exactly what I keep the refrigerator at.  Brrrrrrr….

While I’m itching to get outdoors and do something, this weather is additionally prohibitive.  It’s crazy cold and icy out there.  I’ve got a few sit-at-home projects I’m working on, but I’ve always been an on-the-go and outdoors person.  In the mean time, I’m making a list of things I want to do.

Elizabethe was assigned to be at the Family History Library tonight.  I went with here and they had one patron show up for about 30 minutes.  But, Elizabethe managed to get a lot of genealogy done.

Visiting Palmyra, New York

If you plan on visiting Palmyra, New York, now is the time to make your plans and reservations.  We have plenty of openings through the spring, summer and fall currently, but these do not last.  So, plan ahead and book NOW.  (see our main page at http://www.beckwithmansion.com)

If you really want to treat yourself to something special, when you book your stay, book a family portrait at the same time!

Here is a list of reasons you should stay at the Beckwith Mansion:

  1. We are walking distance from the E.B. Grandin Building and Alvin Smith’s Grave
  2. We are walking distance from Palmyra restaurants – Mark’s, Nima’s, Acropolis, Athena’s, and Happiness Garden, as well as Duncan doughnuts.
  3. We are only 2 miles from the Temple, the Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove.
  4. We are only 5 miles form Hill Cumorah
  5. Although we are not a bed-and-breakfast (we are classified as a tourist home under New York State laws), you can use our kitchen to prepare foods.
  6. We have a lovely yard with a patio, BBQ and a fire pit.  (You must supply your own charcoals or wood.)
  7. You can browse our library and read some fascinating books about Palmyra and its rich history.