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House Repairs

Today was set aside for some of those little, annoying house repairs.  This meant walking around with a bucket of paint to get those places where something banged against the wall, or where some paint had started to peel.  Then you have those cracks that need a little spackle, sanding and paint.  Light bulbs needed replacing too.

It is amazing how exhausting those little things can get.  And, if you try to do them as you find them, you spend all that preparation time for one little thing.  It’s easier to set aside a day like today to do them.

It is also a time when you discover which paint cans did not get labeled.  You sit there and ask yourself, “Is this the paint for the bedroom?  Or, is it for the downstairs bathroom?”  Of course, the only real way to tell is to shake it up, stir it up, and then go test it.  All of this takes time.

At the end of the day you realize you have to schedule another day to go back after the spackle has cured, and the touch-up paint has dried, only to go over things one more time.

It looks like I will be busy Friday.