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Server Work

Server Work

I built a good career off my knowledge of computers, mathematics and algorithms.  I say, make the server work.  That’s right, make that server work.

Every computer I own has virus checking software.  These days, it is stupid not to have it on a computer.  The problem is, it can really slow down a computer when scanning LOTS of files.

So, I finally put my former career to use.  I realized all of my computers were doing scans on the server.


That’s a good question.  Why was I doing that when the brains of my server are just sitting there doing what servers do — sharing files.  Why shouldn’t the server being doing all the work?

Yes, my server has virus software too, but without getting in to the nitty gritty, it basically takes care of the server’s internal hard drives.  It’s time to make it take care of the NAS drives too.

Setting it Up

Setting it up is easy.  I just told the virus software on the server to scan EVERY drive it can see.  Now, I can tell my laptops and desktops to only scan files it is opening (with the exception of their C: drive.)  This will sure make things a lot faster.


Oh, and an update… it is scanning it’s 2,133,529th file right now.  That’s over 2 million files that my desktop doesn’t need to scan.  Yeah, my computer is already running faster.

Almost Snow

Almost Snow

It’s almost snowing.  We’ve had so many light dustings, we finally got something that looks a little like snow.  I’ll call it “almost snow”.

They say we’re supposed to get dumped on tonight.  I have to take Elizabethe to Geneva in the morning so I better get up at 6 a.m. to shovel snow… just in case it is a dumping.

During Elizabethe’s eye appointment I updated both my tablet and laptop software.  (Free WiFi in the waiting room is sure nice.  You can actually get work done.)

Good Idea

It was a good idea to get a high-end tablet (i7 processor) for Painter, and a high-end laptop (also an i7 processor) for everything else.  On my tablet I don’t go to the Internet except to install software updates.  It is strictly a painting machine.  The laptop, however, is my office-away-from-home machine.  It’s actually a little more powerful than my desktop, but my desktop is 5 years old.  (That desktop has turned out to be a good decision.)

Funny Email

I got what I consider to be a funny email from Adobe.  The email claimed, “The all-new Lightroom CC just got better”.

There are only two ways it could get better.  1) Go back to a perpetual license, and 2) go back to LR version 4 speeds.

I hit the delete button.


Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 has been quiet.  No guests, no family, no big meal, just Elizabethe and me.  We’re talking it easy.

I made a ham steak for Elizabethe, and a t-bone for me.  Again, nothing fancy, just the two of us.

Software Updates

I figured I’d pull my laptop and tablet out and update all the software and install the latest patches.  Yawn.  Why can’t they handle it like my smartphone does.  But then, maybe I don’t want my laptop communicating to the Internet what I have installed on it.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for what you’ve got.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining about having to update a half-dozen software packages.

I updated all but one because it wasn’t a free update.  The others were all free.  So, do I spend the $70 for the update, or wait until another release and update then (skipping a release).

If I were keeping score it would look like this…

  • Adobe 0 – a lifetime of paying $10/month just to keep it running
  • Corel 5 – 12-18 months purchasing a new update for about $50-$70 (still cheaper than Adobe)
  • Topaz 10 – Purchase and all updates are free

Computer In Bed

I’m not sure how my wife can do it.  She can recline in bed and work on her computer.  I can’t.  I can’t get my head in the right position, balance the laptop, and type.  Perhaps she’s more flexible than I am.

Hmmm… better yet… no computers in the bed.

Bring Cup Day

Bring Cup Day

Elizabethe loves Slurpees.  I enjoy them too, but not like my wife.  I saw on Facebook that it was “Bring Your Own Cup Day” at 7-11.  Because I needed a break from work, I knew I could draw Elizabethe away from her fairy house project with the temptation of a Slurpee.

“Hey, I saw on Facebook that it is ‘bring your own cup day’ at 7-11 for Slurpees,” I said as I entered her room.

“Are you saying you want to go get Slurpees?”  she asked with suspicion in her voice.

I told her I would take her, but we need to grab big mugs.  She questions if there was a size limit.  I assured her that our niece posted on FB showing the BUCKET she used for her Slurpee.

It worked.  As a result she took a break from working on fairy houses.  Of we went to Farmington (the nearest 7-11) to get a BIG Slurpee.

Software Preparation

There is much software preparation for my Route 66 trip.  This involves running every software package, clicking on Help->Check for Updates, and updating them.  Fortunately, few of them needed updates.  I will repeat this next weekend.

It hit me today, I should take some templates with me.  It could be fun to build some quick graphic images.  I have a template for a retro looking menu.  That could come in handy… What’s on the menu for today?

My biggest fear is the video aspect.  I’d like it to be all polished and clean, but I don’t have time to become that skilled at videography.  Photography is our main focus.

Wayne County Fair Parade

Hmmm… if you were a senator, congressman or assemblyman, wouldn’t you want to be at every county fair in your district?

I find it very disconcerting that on a non-election year, they were conspicuously absent.

Hey, that makes it easy to know who not to re-elect!

The parade in general felt smaller this year.  I expected to see a high school marching band, or two.  Again, absent.

Other than the size, it was a fun parade.  I love a parade.  If I had my way, there would be one for every holiday.

copyright 2017 db walton

Our Chief of Police in Palmyra

copyright 2017 db walton

Our County Sheriff

They parade always starts with the VFW post presenting colors as they walk down the street.  I stood there with my hand over my heart, and one of the Vets, as he passed, turned his head and said, “Thank You.”  It nearly made me cry.

Our Chief of Police and Sheriff then follow (see above.)  As I said, “Hi, Sherm!   Hi, Barry!”, a friend turned and asked, “Do you know all of the law enforcement around here?”

It’s a small town.  What can I say.  It’s also a small county.  Plus, I enjoy getting to know folks.  And, both of these men are of the highest integrity.  It’s part of what makes living here great.

copyright 2017 db walton

Man and Grandson Enjoying the Parade

copyright 2017 db walton

She is sure giving me a cold stare.

When this truck full of zombies drove buy I noticed as soon as I lifted my camera this young lady giving me the if-looks-could-kill stare.    Not everyone on the truck was so in-character.  I think this is my favorite picture of the day.

copyright 2017 db walton

Patriotic – Every Parade Should be Patriotic

Next Year

I bet next year’s parade will have a whole bunch of politicians.  After all, even years are election years.  Next year are state elections in New York.

Next year I think as these politicians walk up to shake my hand I’ll say, “You should have been here last year if you wanted my vote.”

Ooo… yea… I like that.  I’m going to do it.



It’s time to reformat my hard drive and restore the software from the original disks.  I’ve had it with Microsoft Windows 10.  Call backs have been promised and promises have not been kept.  I am so very disappointed in Microsoft.

Most of my day has been spent restoring my hard drive.  One of the programs, DxO Optics was an older release and it wouldn’t activate.  So, I contacted them only to be told it cannot be activated.  Great!  So, the guy puts me on hold and comes back and says they are going to give me the latest version.

Now, that’s what I call customer service!

All day I have been going back and forth between my laptop and my desk top  copying files and installing software on my desktop (the machine that Windows 10 trashed).  It’s running well and working great.  I’m going to leave well-enough alone this time.