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I saw the dermatologist today. I don’t qualify for the study because I have two types of pre-cancerous cells: AK and SK. He says the one will interfere with the interpretation of the study.

He gave me two prescriptions for two different types of treatments. Both had cards stating I would pay no more than $35. The doctor swore that’s all I would have to pay (or so he has been lead to believe.)

The last time he gave me such a card, the pharmacy called it in and the total came to $270. When I asked why I was told because my insurance doesn’t cover it.

WAIT! Wasn’t that why I got the card?

Today, both prescriptions resulted in the same results – $270 for the one, and $300 for the other. That is absolutely ridiculous. If I didn’t have insurance at all, I would pay less. It is ridiculous. It is nuts.

The problem is, and comes 2014 it will be worse, is these companies don’t care that your deductible is thousands of dollars, and they assume your insurance will cover their patented drug. However, these high deductible plans only cover generics AFTER you’ve paid your high deductible. (Basically, its like having no insurance at all until you’ve met your deductible, and chances of meeting your deductible are pretty slim unless you end up with something seriously wrong.)

Earlier today I lead a group to take pictures of some tractors down near Honeoye Lake. Here’s some pictures…

Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield


Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck

International Harvester

International Harvester


Last Day of Winter 2013

On this last day of winter the ground was covered with about an inch of slush. It was wet, heavy slush that is nearly impossible to shovel.

So, I get to my dermatology appointment this morning to learn that I was an hour late. I don’t know if something got screwed up in my phone due to day-light savings time, or if I entered it as 9:45 instead of 8:45 am. They were nice and saw me anyway.

The doctor put me on some sort of topical cream that is like chemo for the skin. I’ll look like I have the measles for 3-4 days once I start it. They did remove all the cancer, but all the other little spots on my forehead and temples are pre-cancerous.

He gave me a coupon for the treatment. Holy cow! This stuff cost around $300. I think I’m more upset about the cost than having to go through this treatment.

We had a nice evening at the temple. There were a lot of people from our ward in the first sessions. It was good night.