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Jungle Book

Jungle Book

The Jungle Book was a must-read when I was an eight year old Cub Scout.  It was the inspiration for the program.  And, somewhere around 1967, or so, I saw the cartoon Disney movie.  Today, I saw the live-action/CGI release of the Disney movie.  Excellent!

The little boy who played Mowgli was excellent.  The rest of the characters were computer generated, but the voices were excellent too.  Christopher Walken did an excellent job as King Louie.

(You’ll have to see the movie to hear him sing.)

It is suspenseful enough for adults.  In fact, it might be a little too intense for little children.  There are scenes where the jungle animals attack each other and I could see that being upsetting to a small child.

Other than that, I highly recommend Jungle Book.  It’s not your old kid’s cartoon.

Oh, and yes, it does have some singing in it.  There’s an excellent rendition of Bear Necessities as well as I Want to Be Like You.

It must have been a day for kicking back because later, Elizabethe and I had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Elizabethe is still moving her books from the old shelves to the newly made shelves upstairs.   Now we have some old particle board laminate shelves to get rid of or repurpose.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do with them.

Hark Hark Hark

Hark Hark Hark

Hark Hark Hark ’tis children’s music.  Children’s music oh, how sweet.  Yes, today was our Primary program at church.

It is one of my favorite Sundays of the year.  These children, ages up to 11, get in front of the entire congregation and sing songs and give short little talks.  It is the singing that I love.

During one of their songs, two little girls appeared to be in contest as to which one could sing louder.  Mouth open wide, the words came out loudly.  Smiles appeared on everyone’s faces as you know she was loving every moment of it.

I sat next to a guy in Priesthood Meeting who turned to me and asked about my being a Walton.  He said his daughter lives in Idaho Falls and told him she is a friend of a guy named Walton on Facebook.

I suggested we look on Facebook and see.  Sure enough, his daughter and I are Facebook Friends.  In an effort to understand how we became friends on Facebook, I asked, “Is your daughter into photography?”

“Big time,” he replied.

Well, there’s the connection.  And, it goes to show what a small world it is.

Speaking of Priesthood…

I love my Band of Brothers.  These men, many old enough to be my father, are the cream of the crop.  When I was laid up many of them stepped in to help me.  One loaned me his chair that helps you go from reclined to standing with the push of a button.  Not only did he loan it to me, he got it some of the guys to help him deliver it and set it up in my bedroom.

This is not all, a friend recently had a second brain tumor removed.  This is the second one in just a few years.  These guys have got together, and within a few days have scheduled daily rides to and from chemo-therapy for this man.  We’re talking 3-hours a day, 5 days a week for the next several weeks.  It took about 2 days for all of those ride commitments.

Next Saturday, we will all get together for a chili dinner.  After that dinner, we will join millions of other men, across the world, for our semi-annual conference.  While the conference will be broadcast on BYUTV and the Internet, I enjoy being there with these men who live in our area and watching it together.

Here’s a sample of why I love being around these men.  (click here)



A Pure Voice

A Pure Voice

I don’t have a pure voice, but I know one when I hear one.  One thing I do have is a good ear for tones.  So, when I hear someone sing or play an instrument, I can detect whether they are going flat or sharp.

Our musical number in church was sung by Sister Rivka Wright.  She has a pure voice.  By pure, I mean she nails each note right on pitch.  By pure, I mean she doesn’t strain to hit the high notes.  She doesn’t ease up to the note, nor does she overshoot and drop down to the note.  Never in my life have I been able to say someone’s singing is near perfect, but her’s is as perfect as I’ve ever heard.

Before church started, I was playing a hymn that was just published in the Ensign (September 2015, pp 72)   This is one of my favorite hymns.  I first heard it as a missionary in Colorado.  A member made a tape of her son and his friend singing it.  Ever since then I have loved this hymn.  Although I never, until now, knew the name, I always hoped someday I’d find the music.

As I was playing it, Sister Wright walked up and looked at the music, and asked, “Is that in the hymn book?”

I explained it was not but recently published in the Ensign.  Her response brightened my day, “I was thinking about singing that today.”

It brightened my day because if there is anyone whom I’d want to hear sing it, it is Rivka.  (Or someone like Dallyn Vail Bayles with his rich tenor voice.)

We fed the missionaries spaghetti and meatballs tonight.  Most everything came from our garden (as far as the produce was concerned).  The sauce was made from our tomatoes, the salad from our garden and the Swiss chard from our garden too.

Dearest Children

Dearest Children

Bruce, Chris, Mark and I sang Dearest Children in our Ward Conference Meeting.  Acapella, of course.

Our stake president said he is always looking for talent for Stake Conference.  Oh, I guess that means we just auditioned for stake conference without knowing it.

Dearest Children God is Near you is easy to do as a men’s trio.  Just leave the  tenor and bass lines as they are.  (The tenor will become the baritone.)  The lead will sing an octave down, and the “new” tenor will sing the alto line as written.  Ta-da!  Instant Barbershop arrangement.  It works nicely and sounds great.

It was snowing after church, so we just came home and took a nap.

After that, I cheated on feeding the missionaries.  We had leftover soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  It was an appropriate meal for a snowy night.

Speaking of snow, I went out to check the back porch and there was about 3″ accumulating.  These 17-degree days are keeping the stuff from melting.  They say we will get 3-5″ over night.

My knee has been killing me tonight.  I have about 2 more weeks before the decide whether to operate or not.  While I look forward to the day it doesn’t hurt, I know I will have to start all over with physical therapy once they operate.

Church Christmas Program

Church Christmas Program

It was our church Christmas Program today.  The Primary Children sang followed by a delightful barbershop quartet.  We sang Beautiful Savior (aka Crusader’s Hymn).  It was Chris Ward, Bruce Nickel, Mark Evangelos and myself.  The choir sung and number and Dan Wildey and Bishop Taylor talked.

Priesthood meeting was quite a treat.  President Brighton (temple president) talked about the Second Coming.  It was quite a pleasant treat after hearing some of those wild beliefs floating around in some circles out there.  I kind of wish more people could have been there.  It was a great lesson.

The sister missionaries came to dinner and we invited our friend David too.  David brought dessert and I made a bean and ham hock soup and Elizabethe made biscuits.  After dinner, the sisters showed us the He is the Gift video.  (see http://youtu.be/uzjFEMmM0Xs )

Here we are at the winter’s solstice.  Time is sure flying fast.

Speaking of winter, this has been unusually warm lately.  Most of the snow is melted and temperatures in the day have been above freezing.  I could go for a warmer than normal winter this year.

Snow and Singing

Well, we got a bit of snow again last night, so I spent a good hour clearing as much as I could before church.  Also, I’m supposed to sing in a male quartet at church, and so I have to be there early.  There’s a lot of snow to and so I had to shovel strategic paths so I could get the car out and on to the street.

copyright 2013 db walton

Snow Sunday Morning – December 15th, 2013

Our quartet, Bruce Nickel, Chris and Ben Ward, and I sang Come O Thou King of Kings.  We got lots of complements so I guess we did well.  We didn’t have a lot of time and opportunity to practice.

For dinner, Sisters O’Leary, Kepinger and Hoven were our guests.  We had a duck in the freezer so I prepared it.  It was a “free range” duck, and was a bit on the tough side.  Tasty, but pretty darn tough.  That was one muscular duck.  (The carcass is going in the crockpot to make soup.)


Singing in the Morning

I came out to the studio this morning and I heard the young men in the front yard. I walked closer and I could hear them singing, “The world has need of willing hands…” I stood there and listened for a while as they continued, “… put your shoulder to the wheel push along; do your duty with a heart full of song. We all have work, let no one shirk, put your shoulder to the wheel.”

What a wonderful sound to hear in the morning. I stood there and enjoyed their voices.

A little later, I met them at the Smith Farm to take their photo.


Young Men from Georgia

Young Men from Georgia

There is something about having this many good young men staying in your house.  They are polite, well-behaved, helpful and kind.  In fact, I was walking up to the back door, and one of them came out about as I was getting to the steps.  He stood there holding the door open for me, and as I thanked him and entered the house, I realized, he saw me coming and came out simply to hold the door open for me.

I was mowing the lawn this afternoon, and their advisor came up and told me they plan to do some service for us in the morning, and asked me to prepare a long list of things Elizabethe and I need done.  I had just been thinking how overwhelming this yard seems at times.  His comment and invitation came at just the right time.  Our Heavenly Father watches after us, and sends help when we need it.

By the time I got the lawn done, it was time to meet with my intern and review some wedding images.  From there, we went to the Palmyra Village Hall to photograph the trustees for my Get It Done on 31 ™ book.

I spent the rest of the afternoon retouching pictures and getting them ready for clients.  It’s been a full, busy day… especially for being my so-called day off.


Back to Barbershop

After an after-holiday break, the barbershop quartet is back to practicing.  Bruce (lead), Sam (baritone), Mark (bass) and I (tenor) practiced some of the good ol’ standards like Daisy Bell, Shine on Me, My Wild Irish Rose, After Dark, and more.  It is sure fun harmonizing.

We are trying to figure out when our next oportunity to sing will be.  So, if you need some entertainment… let us know.

ice cream
ice cream
ice cream
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