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To Cold for the Heater

To Cold for the Heater

It is too cold for the heater.  My little 1500W heater normally keeps my office quite warm.  However, today, it just can’t put out enough heat to combat the 7 to 12 degree cold outside.

I have a portrait session at 2pm so I started the big heater in the studio early.  It too was struggling to get things warmed up.  This is a bad cold snap and I’ll be happy when temperatures get back to normal.

I don’t mind working in the cold as long as my toes and fingers are warm.  However, I don’t want my clients to feel uncomfortable.  It makes for a bad experience if you’re shivering or have goosebumps.  It doesn’t make for a good portrait.

The Session

The session was fun.  Matt and Becca put a lot in to their wardrobe and planning.  Becca’s hair style was PERFECT, and Matt looked like a General Authority from the 1950s.  I hope they had as much fun as I did.

copyright 2017 db walton

Matt and Becca Baker

Matt also bought a fedora to wear.  Boy, when he put that on I thought I was looking at Harold B. Lee (without the glasses).

I looked at a lot of 1940-1950 pictures of movie stars (like Bogart and Bacall) to get ideas for the poses and lighting.  This next one is one of my favorites…

copyright 2017 db walton

Matt and Becca Baker

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

For Halloween 2017 we went to the temple.  I officiated the first session which had 47 people.  Most of them are site missionaries, plus there were people there for a couple who are being endowed and then sealed.

I goofed up after the session.  I have an assignment to go to sealings,  so I went to the sealing of the couple who were there to be sealed.  Unknown to me they had a proxy session going on in the other sealing room.  Oh, well.

Earlier in the Day

Earlier in the day I had hard drive problems.  As a result, I decided to re-format this hard drive.  It wouldn’t work.  It kept locking up the USB 3.0 port.

I think I’ve figured it out.  The drive pulls more power than the wall wart I am using.  I found a 3A wall wart.  I will try it tomorrow.  It is time to invest in bigger wall warts.  You can always use a higher amperage wall wart, but an under-powered one can/will cause problems.

Hmmm… I wonder if someone makes a multi-drive power supply for external USB drives.  Most of them use the same size coaxial plug.  As a result, there’s no reason someone can’t make a universal multi-tap supply.  It would save on power strip outlets too.



Recommend Desk

Recommend Desk

Working at the recommend desk in the temple is always a delight.  Meeting people as they come to the House of the Lord is an awesome responsibility when you think about it.  It is your job to assure people have the correct documents to enter the temple.

Being a “destination temple”, you meet people from all over the world too.  People come from around the world to visit the Palmyra Temple.  Many ask to look out the window to see the Sacred Grove from the temple — something no other temple has.

As one person put it, it is the only temple you can look out a window and see one of the Lord’s outdoor temples.

Sacred Grove

Becky took the car after dropping us at the temple so she can visit the Sacred Grove.  She returned later to go to the 7:30pm session.

In spite of Hill Cumorah Pageant being over, we had several guests.  They had enough for a sealing session that it wasn’t necessary to augment it with ordinance workers.  I wish every night was like that.


Rain is slowing the progress on the roof.  They are 90% complete.  They have a few pieces to attach and rain gutters and then they are done.

Amazing from the Start

Amazing from the Start

Conference was amazing from the start.  In the first session, Elder Renlund’s talk was a perfect message of how to balance Christ-like love while avoiding condoning sin.   It is a thought I’ve struggled putting in words.  Elder Renlund put it in words.

Elder Holland use the analogy of a choir as he talked about life.  His words are always reassuring.  While he is to the point, this time he spoke more in similes.  The Savior used similes to make points that required people to be in tune with the spirit.  We heard that type of teaching from Elder Holland today.

Chili Dinner

Ben Jones yells, “Who made this chili?”

I looked and he’s pointing at my crockpot.

“Why?  Is there a problem?” I asked.

“No, it’s delicious!” Ben replies.

It felt great to hear his praises of my white chili.  I have a former employee, Jay Strain, to thank for that.  He brought it to a work function about 26 years ago and I’ve been making it ever since.  (It’s more of a chowder… but it is delicious.)

Young Men Photo Assignment

The New Era requested photos of YM watching conference.  A family in the ward volunteered and did a great job.

copyright 2017 db walton

Watching Conference on a Tablet


copyright 2017 db walton

Conference on the Big Screen



My friend Gary helped me get more lumber today.  I made sure I bought all that I would need.  Fortunately, we got a guy at the cutting table who knew what he was doing so he got the lumber cut quickly and efficiently.

The fun part now is screwing all this together so it looks like a bookshelf.  Yeah.  As fun as a root canal.

I also picked up a 10′ section of rain gutter to re-make my 4-tube LED light.  This time, I plan to not make any mistakes (which should be easier now that I know how I want it built.  Prototypes are always a mess.)


My studio is also starting to look a bit cleaner.  I got things ready for tomorrow’s shoot and while doing that, I was able to demonstrate depth-of-field (aka DoF) on a portrait.

copyright 2016 db walton - lumber

Depth of Field – too shallow

copyright 2016 db walton - lumber

Depth of Field – just right

Tip of the nose in focus in both images, but the latter, the eye is in focus.  That’s what separates a pro from an amature photographer.

You can see more of my work at photography by db walton llc’s website.

General Conference is coming up on Saturday.  I signed up to bring chili to the Priesthood Dinner before the General Priesthood Session Saturday night.  I better remember to get the beans cooking tomorrow.


NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts

The Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce had its business after hours at NAPA Auto Parts.  It was nice to meet the owner.

The new chamber of commerce has a business networking event monthly.  A few of us were commenting on how so many struggling businesses are missing out on a great opportunity for MORE business through the chamber and its networking events.

Like they say… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

Speaking of networking, after my morning networking meeting, I headed to Wegman’s for grocery shopping.    They had these little pita breads and I thought those would make for some amazing sliders.  So, I picked up a bag of them.

They also had deli sliced ham for $4.99 a pound.  That put me in the mood for a ham sandwich.  After I got the groceries put a way, I made a nice ham sandwich for lunch.  It made all the limping around in Wegman’s worth the effort.

With spring coming, I’m looking for portrait customers.  If you know someone who needs a portrait, wants a portrait, or wants to give a portrait session as a gift, send them my way.

D. Brent Walton is the owner of photography by db walton llc (www.dbwalton.com) which is located in the cottage at the Beckwith Estate (www.beckwithmansion.com).  If you are traveling from out-of-town, stay with us and have your session the next morning.  We’ll give you a discount if you do both.  We are not the only photographer in Palmyra, New York, but db walton IS the ONLY Certified Professional Photographer and Photographic Craftsman in Palmyra, New York. 


183rd Annual General Conference

Today would have been my good friend Enrico’s 67th birthday.  I think he would have taken great delight in having General Conference on his birthday.

Before conference started, we met with a BBQ company about vending food at our July 20th Art in the Yard Sale.  As the owner reviewed the menu, I started getting hungry.  They are going to be a great asset to our Art in the Yard Sale.

During the first session of conference, three important points were brought forth.  Before I reiterate them, I want to say what my mission president taught us.  He said the first session of conference is to the world, not just members of the church.  Since learning that, I’ve noticed the first session always has messages that are farther reaching than just Latter-day Saints.

The three important were 1) God has ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman and that any sexual activity outside that union is sinful, 2) we are taught to be tolerant and accepting of others, but not of sin, 3) women play a great role in the gospel and the only path for a man to return to our heavenly father involves his wife.   These teachings were further strengthened in the second session.

Between sessions I prepared white bean chili and corn bread to take to the priesthood dinner.  As soon as the second session was over, I grabbed the corn bread and chili and made my way to the chapel.

The dinner seemed scarcely attended compared to previous years.  I enjoyed the company of my friends as we sampled all sorts of chili.  At the end, we had quite a bit left over.

During the priesthood session, I looked at my watch.  It was 8:50pm EDT as the congregation sang Hope of Israel.  We were not in the Conference Center where some 21,000 men sang this hymn; there was less than 100 of us.  Yet, around the world, there were hundreds of thousands men singing in unison.  Perhaps, there were even a few million.  I don’t know the exact count.  I do know how it made me feel as we sang,

Soon the battle will be over;
Ev’ry foe of truth be down.
Onward, onward, youth of Zion;
Thy reward the victor’s crown.

It came as a calming feeling that God is in control, that the evil of this world will be defeated, and soon, whether in this life or the next, we will reach the victor’s crown.

(follow this link to download the MP3 and hear the hymn as sung at conference:  http://media2.ldscdn.org/assets/general-conference/april-2013-general-conference/2013-04-3031-hope-of-israel-256k-eng.mp3?download=true )