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Custom Backdrop

Custom Backdrop

I am hoping my new custom backdrop (one I designed) arrives today.  It sounds like it will work great for my afternoon portrait appointment. In the meantime I’m working on retouching and administrative work.

I love the UPS phone app.  It tells me when packages arrive.  Better than a doorbell, I love this app.

App Alert

Around lunch time my UPS app alerts me my backdrop is delivered.  Wow!  How cool is that.

I run out and grab it and open it right away.  It is SO COOL.

copyright 2017 db walton - custom backdrop

Duplicity Backdrop by db walton

I could hardly wait to see it as a backdrop, so I did a self-portrait in front of it…

copyright 2071 db walton

db walton by db walton

I named it “Duplicity”.  Hang it one way and you have a background of cool tones for a portrait.  Flip it 180-degrees and you have a background for warm tones.  Hence, duplicity.

Right now this is exclusive to photography by db walton llc.  Perhaps a year or two down the road I will offer them to the public for purchase.  However, if you like it this is the only place you can get a portrait with it as a background!

The Shoot

My shoot clients arrive and yes, they look great against the backdrop.  I utilized the cool end of the backdrop.   I then had them sit and got a little of both.

copyright db walton

The New Backdrop in Use

I love it when a plan comes together.

Disaster Averted

Disaster Averted

We had a disaster averted today.  The dryer kept beeping and the clothes weren’t drying.  I checked the lint trap, and it was clean.  I even cleaned the vent pipe, and while it had some lint inside, the dryer still didn’t work after I cleaned it.

I finally decided to remove the cover just below the dryer door.  Sure enough, there was some lint collected there.  I didn’t realize how much until I got the crevice tool for the vacuum cleaner.  I began to pull out clumps of matted dust that were HUGE.  The entire underside of the dryer was full of this compacted lint.

I then stuck the crevice tool in a space just above the heating element.  I removed a smouldering mat 1″ thick and about 6×9 inches in size.  Wow, were we lucky!

The dryer is now clean, and a disaster averted.  I can go back to work now.


Distracted while cleaning the studio, I did a few more LED test shots.

copyright 2016 db walton - disaster averted

Self Portrait using LED lighting

I’m quite pleased with how the LED lighting is working in the studio.

In an attempt to save some money, I replaced two florescent 48″ tubes with LED lights purchased at Home Depot.  Unfortunately, they didn’t work.  I read the instructions over several times, and checked the fixtures.  All indications indicated they should have worked.  Well, I’ll be taking those back to Home Depot.  (I’ve already ordered the same time I’m using in the studio from Amazon.  I know they work with a couple of wiring changes.)

If you’re interested in LED lighting and photography, make sure you sign up for my Super One Day Class on May 21st, 2016.  You can signup here:  http://www.ppa.com/edu/content.cfm?ItemNumber=3236

Melting Even More

The ice is melting even more than it did yesterday.  It’s nice outside and everyone is running around like Chicken Little.  Yup, everyone things we’re going to get dumped on big-time tomorrow.

So, I may be wrong… you can never rule that out, but for the sake of a wager, I’m betting that we get less than 2″ of snow here in Palmyra by tomorrow at noon.  Hmmm… total for tomorrow by 9pm… I’ll say 4″.  The Weather Channel is saying 8-10 inches, but my experience has taught me that weather.com is usually wrong, they are usually off by 12-24 hours with predictions of any sort, and they normally base their measurements on areas west and north of Palmyra.

Oh, what am I wagering?  If I win, you have to come to my presentation Sunday night.  If I lose, you don’t have to pay to attend my presentation Sunday night.  Either way, it’s a win-win.

I decided to do my own modeling for my assignment this week.  You can’t call it a selfie because you can see both of my hands, and no, I didn’t use the self timer.  No, I’m not shooting into a mirror either.  In fact, the camera in my hand is being used as a prop; it is not taking the picture.  Yes, I pressed the shutter button.

No hands - copyright 2014 db walton

Look, Ma! No hands!

So, how did I take my own picture without using the self-time, without shooting in to a mirror, without using my hands, and by pressing the shutter myself, you ask?

What’s why we have 10 toes.  That’s right, my toes are being used to release the shutter.  (I had to take my shoes off to get this shot.)

I’m sure one of my kids are saying, “Dad, your crazy.”

They’re 100% correct.  I am.