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Scheduling 101

Scheduling 101 teaches me that when you have a well planned day things are going to take longer than planned.  It is no wonder why you always wait for the doctor or dentist.   You get a new appreciation for what they go through when you have days like this.

See, it works like this…

You have an appointment at 11:30am, but you need to leave by 11:00am to get there on time.   That appointment ends at 12:30pm, so you scheduled your next appointment for 1:30 allowing yourself an extra 30 minutes.  Oh, but wait, that 30 minutes got gobbled up when you had to talk to someone after your getting out of your 12:30 appointment.  And so on, and so forth…

The day’s gone, and I still have things on my “to do” list.  It’s not like I had extra time on my hands, and I didn’t squander any time.  Things just take longer than planned.

On the other hand, had I given myself an extra 30 minutes between each item I’m sure I would have felt like I had too much time on my hands.

I will admit, there are a lot of items scratched off my “to do” list.  It just feels like there are things I should have worked on but I didn’t have time.