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Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ

We discovered a new BBQ place called Texas BBQ.  It is true to form of the service station BBQ joints you find in Texas, however, it is not in an old service station building.  It’s over in the RIT bookstore plaza in Henrietta.

The portions are generous, the food is tasty, and the place is clean. The prices are reasonable too.  I had the 2-meat combo and Elizabethe had their huge, loaded, baked potato plus our 2 drinks and tax came to $30.

Dim Sum After 1pm

I learned in San Francisco’s Chinatown that dim sum is breakfast food.  As the Chinese lady at Dick Lee’s Pastries explained, “Dim sum breakfast food.  Like Chinese donuts.”

We stopped at the Asian Market to see if they had sesame balls.  They were sold out.

Glen’s Off

Glen’s off to California after spending almost a week here.  We had a great time together.  I told him to plan on spending more time the next time he comes here.


We came home and I took a rest.  I got up this morning and experienced a bit of vertigo (twice).  It’s the only time in my life this has happened, so I’m taking things really slow today.  It only happened when I got out of bed.  (First, when I got off the bed, and second whey I took about 6 steps towards the bathroom.  I may have just got up too quickly.)

I’ll be carefully watching my blood pressure and what I eat and drink.  While I think it might be related to my SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) casual about this stuff.  I was fine the rest of the day, but a little cautious about how quickly I’d stand up.  (And, to think Elizabethe has dealt with this sort of stuff her entire life.)


Mount Tam

Mount Tam

I made the drive up Mount Tam today.   There’s a lesson here… When traveling with camera multiply the time required by 400%.  I looked at my watch and realized I have to get back to Vacaville to meet The Bosen’s for dinner.

copyright 2017 db walton

View from Mount Tam

The traffic on the mountain was thick.  Bicycles at every turn, as well as tons of cars.  At least I was able to get the above picture.  On the left is the S.F. Bay, center is San Francisco, and the right is the Pacific Ocean.  This is an iconic view from Mt. Tam.

Getting to Mt. Tamalpais isn’t easy.  You wind through neighborhoods in Marin County, you contend with crazy drivers and cyclists, and the roads are steep and windy.

The Bosen’s

I had a fun Bosen visit today.  Elizabethe’s off spending time with Sam, and so I am spending the night at the Bosen’s.

We ordered pizza (from Roundtable) and I showed them slides of Israel.  The rest of the evening we caught up on old times and updated each other on our children.

copyright 2017 db walton

Bob and Susan Bosen

The Bosen’s live in the Houston area.  They still own their house in California and I got lucky they were there working on their house.  It was so fun to visit them.

Trader Joe

Trader Joe

Who was Trader Joe?

Whomever he was, I went shopping at his store today.  I miss San Francisco Sourdough and it is the only place I know that sells it here.  No other sourdough taste like San Francisco Sourdough.  None.

There are a few flavors that go well with San Francisco Sourdough.  1) salted butter, 2) salted butter and raw honey, 3) brie cheese.  Those are my favorites.

Day 2 of Submissions

It is day 2 of print comp submissions.  Today I submitted my 4 open photography images.  It feels good to get that off my shoulders.

Currently I have 8 images waiting to be judged.  The judging is at the end of this month.  After that, it is time to start working on


Enrico would have been 71 today.  It’s been a little over 5 years since his passing.  I think about him often.  He was such a good friend.

If it had been a nice day, I would have taken a walk through the Sacred Grove in his honor.  Unfortunately, it is raining like crazy today.

Instead, I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s.

A Quiz

If I were to ask…

Do you know either one of the following (or both) names?

  • Larry Sinclair
  • Vince Foster

Many of you would say you recognize the same Vince Foster.  Few of you would recognize Larry Sinclair.  Why is that?

There is suspicion regarding both Sinclair’s and Foster’s death.  Yet, you never hear anything about Larry Sinclair.

Food for thought.

Cold Drizzle

Last week, we had a 90 degree day.  Today, we have this cold drizzle that feels like a July in San Francisco, California.  It has that ocean fog feel.

We’ve been told we need to get a special permit for room guests, so we’re in the process of doing that.  So, we will be holding off on Pageant reservations until all the approvals are complete.   Those should be done by the first of November, so it’s not that far off.


Clam Chowder

For the missionaries and one of our home teaching families, I made clam chowder for dinner.  It made the kitchen smell like Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  Add to that the San Francisco sourdough bread from Trader Joe’s and it was like a dinner in front of Alioto’s.

We had a ton of radishes.  So, I shredded them, blanched them, and made cole slaw.  Surprisingly, it was good.  The blanching took the heat out of the radishes, and the sweet-and-sour of the dressing made for a nice slaw.

Jody and Nancy

Elizabethe’s cousin Jody and his wife, Nancy, were traveling through and called late last night and asked if they could stay the night.  This morning, they stayed and visited all morning.

Nancy was telling me she teaches drawing classes and was showing some of her work.  I think if they lived closer, I’d join her class.

I went to the new Trader Joe’s today.  Here’s an excellent example of why competition is good.  In fact, one man in the store commented, “About time Wegman’s had some stiff competition”.  Because T.J. prices are lower on produce and cheese, this will most likely result in Wegman’s lowering their prices.  The result is good for the consumer.  (It is also why government interference with business is bad.  When government interferes, it stops the consumer friendly price wars.)

The local Trader Joe’s carries San Francisco Sour Dough Bread!!!!!  This is may not seem like a big deal, but the sour dough culture used in the bread only grows in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It gives the bread a very unique sour taste that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

Trader Joe’s

They also had wild rice for $4.99 a pound.  (That’s a great price, and you can mix it with other rices to get a nice nutty flavor to your rice pilaf.)

I still like Wegman’s, but Trader Joe’s is a welcome addition to the Rochester Area.  Their produce and cheese prices, as well as their prices on nuts, chocolate and other items will undoubtedly create some competition as well as helping bring prices down on certain items at both stores.  It’s definitely going to be a monthly shopping stop.