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More Site Photos

More Site Photos

I shot more site photos today.  First thing in the morning I went to the Peter Whitmer Farm, Fayette Township, New York, and photographed a few items.   I ran in to the crew from the Church History Department again.  (The same people I’m taking these pictures for.)

On my way there I stopped at Wegman’s to buy some “rustic” looking bread.  The idea is to make it look like the first sacrament meeting in 1830.

copyright 2018 db walton

First Sacrament Concept

Sauder’s – Best Sandwich

When I finished there, I was off to Sauder’s for some shopping.  I bought some healthy snack alternatives.  Then, I had lunch there.

It was, by far, the best sandwich I ever had.  The girl behind the counter really piled it on.  It was a feast.

copyright 2018 db walton

Sauder’s Mega Roast Beef

Part of the secret to its goodness was I had her put onions on BEFORE she toasted it.  The onions melted in to the cheese were delicious.  Part II of the secret is horseradish AND italian dressing.

Veggie Snacks

Sauder’s has these veggie snacks.  I’m not sure if they are freeze dried, or how they get them like this, but they are almost like potato chips (only thicker).  My favorites are carrots and string beans.  I’m switching out salty snacks for these.



Families Grow

Families Grow

It’s fun watching families grow.  The Wildey Family talked in church today.  When we first moved here, they were just starting to have children, and now all three of the children talked in Sacrament Meeting.  What a wonderful event to witness.

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From a Workshop Years Ago

Sister Wildey and her children have volunteered to model for my workshops over the years.  I just realized I don’t have a single picture of them with Brother Wildey.  Tthe next time I’ll have to schedule my workshop around his schedule.

I think we don’t see how rapidly our own family grows until we go back and look at pictures.  But, the others around us, it seems like they grow right before your eyes because you only see them once a week or even less.

Beef Stew

The sister missionaries weren’t able to make dinner tonight.  So, Elizabethe and I had lots of beef stew.  The meat turned out perfect.  (Browning it in bacon grease is the key!)

There are few soups that I like.  On the other hand, I do like stews and chowders.  I think it is the thickness and heartiness because they make me feel satisfied after eating.


It is the first day this year that it feels like spring.  The sun is shining.  I hope it continues like this for a few days.  I could use the Vitamin D.

Last Fast Sunday

Last Fast Sunday

It’s the last Sunday of the month and we are having Fast Sunday today because next week is a regional conference.  Hence, it’s last fast Sunday.  (Okay, now that I’ve written it, it doesn’t sound as funny.)

Our recent Sacrament Meeting talks on Testimonies made it through to some people.  I must admit, today was an improvement.

I am so tired today the muscles around my eyes are spasming.  This happened years ago when I was doing all those migration cuts at night time.  It was when I was married to Cindy and I recognize it as a symptom of lack of sleep.

As a result, I came home and took a nap.  That helped and the spasms are gone.

Leek Soup

Elizabethe wanted potato and leek soup.  I told her I have no cream.  She said I should make it without cream, and so I did.

When Elizabethe saw the soup she said I misunderstood and should have used milk.  Oh, well.  We fed it to the missionaries and they LOVED it.  Elizabethe admitted it is pretty good too.

I started reorganizing my camera bag.  I get so frustrated doing this.  There’s no such thing as a “perfect” camera bag.  There is always something that doesn’t quite fit.

Wait!  Maybe there is.

I know.. .I’ll wrap all my cameras in air/water tight bags.  Place them where I want them, and then fill the bag with spray foam.  Then, when it’s set up, carve away the top and … ta-da!  Custom padding.

Okay, maybe I won’t.  Knowing my luck the bag would leak and ruin my camera and lens.


Pork Loin

Pork Loin

Pork loin is a cut of meat you can easily ruin.  Don’t cook it long enough and your guest will be turned off by the raw pork center.  Cook it too long and it will be tough as shoe leather.  It must be just right.

My pork loin turned out perfect tonight.  I slathered it in bacon grease (yes, I save my bacon grease), and then covered it with herbs.  To me it appeared it would fit perfectly in a loaf pan.  So, in the loaf pan it went.

Two hours later, I pulled it out to cool.  The 1/2 slices were tender, perfectly cooked, and tasty.


The talks in Sacrament Meeting were on testimony.  Next week is the test to see who listened as a result of these talks.  Brother Wright presented a list of what should be said in a testimony.

I probably shouldn’t be so judgemental about this, but I have my reasons why this topic upsets me.  On the other hand, when a testimony meeting goes as it should, the spirit is there and it is strong.  I want to be spiritual fed and uplifted when I attend a Fast and Testimony meeting.  Is there anything wrong with that?



Book of Mormon Day

Book of Mormon Day

That’s right, it is Book of Mormon day.  It was on this day the Book of Mormon was published  in 1830.  One of those people who helped was Martin Harris.  Here’s a little video about his role…

Elizabethe and I read from the Book of Mormon daily.  It’s the word of God.  I challenge anyone to read it thoroughly and not come to that conclusion.

Sacrament Meeting

copyright 2017 db walton

Sister Barrett

Sacrament Meeting today was centered on the ward mission plan.  Sister Barrett sang and her vocal range simply blew me away.  Like Rivka Wright, her voice didn’t falter or go off pitch.  I could listen to her sing for the rest of the meeting.  Most of all it was quite beautiful.

Later in the day Sisters Barrett and Braunberger came for dinner.  I made a fajita pie.  It was the first time making this recipe, so there are a few things I will do differently next time.

Nearly forgetting about dessert, I made peanut butter bars.  This time, I think I’ve nailed that Reese’s taste.  I ground up some salted peanuts and added more salt to the peanut butter layer.  I also cut the powdered sugar by 1/2 cup.  The recipe will post in my Cooking with Brent section.


Freezer Mystery

Freezer Mystery

A freezer mystery is what you have when you don’t know what’s in the container.  All frozen Tupperware look alike, hence freezer mystery.

We took two containers from the freezer hoping to use them to feed the missionaries.  I’m pleased to say one of them was chili, and the other a rice dish.  Both worked well in preparing dinner… and we had no leftovers!


The Sacrament Meeting speakers talked about goal setting. One comment was made that you don’t shoot and arrow and then go draw a bullseye around where it hits.  I’ll have to remember that one.

Tom Chapman sat by me in Sunday School.  After church he commented that it was nice to “hang out with the guys”.


I taught the priesthood lesson on President Nelson’s talk from October, 2016, General Conference.  I learned a lot studying the talk and giving the lesson.   A visitor from Ohio participated a lot in the lesson.  I’m glad he was there because of his input.

When we got home, I made a custard pie.  It turned out perfectly.  My custard recipe:

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 can canned milk
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • a pinch of nutmeg
  • mix well, and bake in pie shell at 320F.



I was asked to speak about the role of music and reverence in our meetings.  Today being the 5th Sunday, we had a combined meeting during the last hour of the meeting block.  I talked about why I play hymns when playing prelude music and read from the General Handbook of Instructions regarding prelude.

The real test will come in two weeks.  (Next week is Stake Conference.)  It will be interesting to see if our meeting impacted the reverence before Sacrament Meeting.

I bought a roasting chicken the other day, and after church I rubbed it with annatto and garlic.  I laid it on a bed of potato wedges and roasted it.  The potatoes absorbed the drippings.  It was so good.

We are constantly introducing the sister missionaries to new foods.  When I told them we were having ‘pappas y pollo’ they gave me a scared look.  When I explained that was Spanish for potatoes and chicken, they looked quite relieved.

We had some guests last night.  It turns out he grew up in Fair Oaks and graduated from Bella Vista.  I began listing off people and he knew a good number of them:  Greers, Snows, Beals, Millers and more.  What a small world it is.

Elizabethe’s hand is still bothering her.  She has an appointment on Tuesday with an ortho to see what’s going on.


Sisters Spoke

Sisters Spoke

The sisters spoke in church today.  We have four sisters serving in our ward and all four spoke at our Sacrament Meeting.

The sisters in our area came to dinner tonight.  I made herb-crusted salmon and roasted potatoes.  Sister Ringler said it was the best meal she’s ever had.  (Seriously, that’s what she said.)  She also said this is the first time she’s liked salmon.  Both comments felt good.

Tomorrow the sisters are coming over, again, but this time I’m going to photograph them using my new lights.  I plan to do a high-key picture set that has them doing various simple things like holding scriptures, Preach My Gospel, etc.

My next stop was a Public Relations Meeting.  This is the first one I’ve been to since I’ve been called.  I got a little training and learned to get to the training materials, the stake clerk will need to assign me to that calling.

This made for a very busy Sunday.  I was pretty beat by the time I got home.

Also, shortly before coming home my daughter called me to tell me she had fallen and broke her right arm.  She tripped going down the stairs and broke her ulna in two places.  After seeing the x-rays I think she’s going to have screws holding the bone together.

Goat Chops

Goat Chops

Have you ever told someone they are going to have goat chops for dinner and then watched their reaction?

“Goat Chops?   … uh… Goat?  Chops?”

Yes, that is how the sister missionaries reacted when I told them we had a surprise for dinner.  They wanted to know what the surprise was, so I told them a few hours in advance.   Goat chops.

Speaking of goat chops, they are quite good.  I’d classify it as having a texture like beef (a little more tender) and a mild beef-like flavor.  I like them.  I’m ready to try a different cut of goat now.

copyright 2016 db walton - Goat Chops

Goat Chops

In church today Elder Clay came to our sacrament meeting.  I think this was a surprise visit from our area authority.  It was high council Sunday so the two high councilors talked, and then Elder Clay talked.

Elder Clay talked about people being called to callings in order to prepare them for greater things.  He mentioned counselors in bishoprics and presidencies where the people called have great potential.

Elizabethe stayed home today because of a headache.  She was just waking when I came home from church, but still had a headache.

We both enjoyed a nap and then it was time to get up and begin preparing dinner for the sister missionaries.  Since none of us had eaten goat before, I think everyone, especially Elizabethe, were anxious about eating goat.

What do you do if you don’t like it?

I heavily marinated them in olive oil, garlic, thyme, lemon peel, pepper and salt.  I figured if they had a strong flavor, these herbs would mask it.

Turns out goat is a very mild flavor.  In fact, the thyme nearly overpowered the meat.  In any event, it is something we would all eat again.


Stake Business

Stake Business

When you come to church and see two members of the stake presidency on the stand, you immediately think stake business.  Are they going to release the bishopric?  Are there other reorganizations going on in the stake?  What will happen?  You think of all the possible stake business as the meeting starts.

In a moment of jest after the bishop took care of some youth recognition he announced he wasn’t being released.  His counselor then commented, “That was the bishop’s Christmas wish that didn’t come true.”

It all turns out there was no stake business and the stake clerk and stake president were our speakers.  The stake president went on to say that he’s been in office for nine years and the bishop has another thing coming to him if he thinks he is getting released before the stake president gets released.  (Both our bishop and stake president have great senses of humor.)

It was a good meeting.  President Clark and Brother Bowman talked.  There was no stake business, just a couple of our leaders sharing their thoughts and testimonies.

President Clark gave an excellent talk about forgiveness.  In a day and age where there are so many social injustices it is was a good talk.  He tied it in to a shooting that took place a while back and how at the sentencing, a family member of one of the victims could only say, “I forgive you.”

The plan today is to reheat the leftovers from yesterday’s day after Christmas dinner.  This was a good plan because I could sure use the nap.  The sisters came for dinner, and we served up the leftovers and it was every bit as good as it was when we had them yesterday.

About the only thing that wasn’t leftover was dessert.  So, I opened a bottle of home canned peaches, and served them with some baklava and yogurt.

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