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In not sure if appointmentless is a word, but that’s how I am today.  No appointments.  I have time to work on this router problem and Route 66 photos.

Okay, forget about the router problems.  I want to concentrate on Route 66 stuff.  Check out the website.  I got lots done today.  http://www.route66photographers.com.


It is pouring today.  It is a good day for rain.  All my work is inside.

Taking advantage of this rainy day, I am kicking out Route 66 posts and photos like crazy.  I am also e-mailing various contacts about Route 66.  Some are business owners, others friends.  As a result, I’m getting lots done.

Because I am working on Route 66 stuff I am glad I blogged as we went.  I am already forgetting places and people.  It is good I have my blog to fall back on.

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Sunset On Route 66

In contrast, I fell behind on this blog because of router problems. Beckwithmansion.com is the website my router won’t allow access to via http.  Without that access I cannot update this blog.  (I am only doing it now because I have reinstalled the old router.  This is only a temporary fix.)

Template Errors

I also stopped using the iRibbon WordPress Template from CyberChimps.  It is generating errors.  When it rains, it pours.



Router Problems

Router Problems

After working with GoDaddy and Spectrum Internet it appears the problem is with my router.  My router problems are keeping me from seeing my own web site.

This is frustrating.  I can ping beckwithmansion.com, trace route to it, and I can even ftp to it.  I just can’t see it using http.  Isn’t that strange.

I’ve tried everything I can think of.  All of my websites are hosted by GoDaddy and they are all accessible except beckwtihmansion.com.  (I’m updating my blog from a different network.)

Nima’s Calzones

I’m still beat and suffering from car lag.  We called out for calzones from Nima’s Pizza.  They are the best.  As a result, I can just kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening.


Tomorrow I plan to attack the router after getting a good rest.  I’m overlooking something.  I don’t know what.  Once I figure it out I’ll know what to do if it happens again.

There is a lot of data to back up.  My file servers are running out of space.  Coming home with 2TBs of data doesn’t help the space problem.

I am looking at 8TB drives.  That’s the next step.  The old drives will serve as off site backups, while the new ones will be on the active server.