Nasty Weather

Nasty Weather

We are experiencing nasty weather today.  I got a call from two tenants with roof leaks.  Add to that a leaking pipe at another property.  Uhg.

The winds really blew last night.  The weather service warned about falling trees because of the high winds coupled with saturated ground.  We didn’t have any trees fall in our yard.

My hopes were to get leaves cleaned up today.  However, it’s too wet and nasty to attempt to suck up the leaves.  It will wait until things dry up a bit.


My allergies really bother me this fall.  I bought some Nasalcort and found it doesn’t work as well as Flonaise for me.  Fortunately I found a bottle of misplaced Flonaise and I’m back to feeling a little relief.

Route 66 Photos

I’ve been working on processing and retouching images all day.  My brain is yelling, “I need a break!”  While another part of me is yelling, “You need to finish this!”

The blog for Route 66 is here.  I managed to post 2 recaps today.  Both centered around Saint Louis.  (And, so will the next one be about Saint Louis.)

This was a fun picture.  I was watching shadows and reflections on the walls of the arch.  Both Paul and this lady were wearing purple shirts, so I grabbed the shot while I could.

copyright 2017 db walton
Paul at the Gateway Arch

There are times I wish I could just take pictures all day, and then process them at night.  Funny how responsibilities get in the way.  Frustrating how unplanned emergencies (like leaky roofs) get in the way too.  Nasty weather I can deal with.  The solution there is to work on processing images shot in fair weather.


AirBNB has been pretty good to the Beckwith Mansion.  Things have slowed.  (Tourist season runs from April 1st to October 31st.)   I suspect we might get a few calls around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Potato Dig

Potato Dig

Our little potato dig coughed up about 35 pounds of potatoes.  Sisters Cahoon and  Henrie  helped us.  We also dug up the horseradish.  I’ll be making lots of horseradish sauce.

There was a lawnmower in the back yard.  I have no idea where it came from.  Perhaps one of our renters knows.

Route 66 Page

I’ve redesigned the Route 66 page.  It is more blog-centric now.  Because it is, I hope more people will visit it, and re-visit it.

My goal is to do at least one recap per day, and at least 5 days a week.  The latest is on Day 4.  Day 4 probably has two more days worth of recaps.  I’m writing much more as I recap the days.


I’m looking at the leaves in the yard.  Tomorrow I have a shoot.  Saturday I have a shoot.  Sunday is church.  It looks like the leaves will wait until Monday.

I plan to use the lawn tractor with the catcher.  It is slow doing it that way, but very efficient.  Elizabethe wants the leaves on the potato hill.  I don’t know what will keep them there, but we’ll try it.

Since the missionaries are now to stay in their own areas, we cannot have all of them over to help.  I plan to just work on it next week a little at a time.

Presentation Prep

Presentation Prep

There is a lot that goes in to a presentation prep.  Preparing for Monday night’s Route 66 slideshow is not trivial.  There are tens of thousands of images to review.

Perhaps I stress out over these things too much.  I want things to go smoothly, and as a result I over prepare.  Perfectionism?  Perhaps.

Elizabeth wants to watch the last Star Trek movie.  She also wants me to make my mac & cheese.  I’m tempted to put it off until tomorrow so I can work on this, but that’s not fair to her.

Reliving Route 66

The presentation prep is causing me to relive those Route 66 experiences.  We sure met some great people and I have fond memories of the entire trip.  I don’t think there was anything unpleasant about it.

copyright 2017 db walton
Painters in Downtown Chicago

One thing is for sure… I sure have plenty of images for creating paintings this winter.

With a couple of the images I am going to do some Norman Rockwell style paintings.  The one above might be a good candidate.

Mac & Cheese

Elizabethe says the mac & cheese tonight was my best yet.  In addition, she commented on one chunk of cheese costing $10.  It better taste good given it has about $30 worth of cheese in it.



In not sure if appointmentless is a word, but that’s how I am today.  No appointments.  I have time to work on this router problem and Route 66 photos.

Okay, forget about the router problems.  I want to concentrate on Route 66 stuff.  Check out the website.  I got lots done today.


It is pouring today.  It is a good day for rain.  All my work is inside.

Taking advantage of this rainy day, I am kicking out Route 66 posts and photos like crazy.  I am also e-mailing various contacts about Route 66.  Some are business owners, others friends.  As a result, I’m getting lots done.

Because I am working on Route 66 stuff I am glad I blogged as we went.  I am already forgetting places and people.  It is good I have my blog to fall back on.

copyright 2017 db walton
Sunset On Route 66

In contrast, I fell behind on this blog because of router problems. is the website my router won’t allow access to via http.  Without that access I cannot update this blog.  (I am only doing it now because I have reinstalled the old router.  This is only a temporary fix.)

Template Errors

I also stopped using the iRibbon WordPress Template from CyberChimps.  It is generating errors.  When it rains, it pours.



Home Safe

Home Safe

I’m home safe and sound. Paul and I left South Bend, Indiana, about 10am this morning and headed straight home.  It’s been a fun month, but I’m so happy to be home.

We left on September 4th, and here it is October 4th and our trip has come to an end.   In the last 4 1/2 weeks we have seen the sublime, the absurd, the funny, the sad and more.  We’ve seen president’s graves, and birth places. Temples of the Lord and old abandoned places were on our route too.  We’ve seen it all.

It is probably too soon to ask if I’d do it again, but under different conditions, I think I would.  One would be to have Elizabethe come with me.  Perhaps we’ll figure out a road trip where she won’t get bored to tears.

The Drive Home

The drive home started last week after reaching the end of Route 66 in Santa Monica, California.  We got up the next morning and drove to Scotts Valley, California.  The day after that we drove to Reno, Nevada, where we spent the night with my old high school buddy Jack.  After Reno we headed to my daughter Amber’s house in Saratoga Springs, Utah.  Our next stop was Cheyenne, Wyoming for the weekend.  (I served in Cheyenne 40 years ago in 1977!!!)  We got up Monday and headed to Omaha, Nebraska.  Tuesday we stopped in South Bend, Indiana, and now we’re home.

copyright 2017 db walton
Me and My Daughter Amber’s Family

20 Wonderful Years

20 Wonderful Years

Elizabethe and I have been married 20 wonderful years.  She is the love of my life and supports me in my crazy pursuits.  (Like driving Route 66 for 5 weeks.)

We celebrated with lunch at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waitress.   Stephanie at Longhorn in Victor always treats us well.

Elizabethe ordered her usual.  I had a coupon for a burger, fries and a drink for $10, so I went for the Kobe burger.  (It was GOOD.)  Because it was our anniversary, they brought us dessert (on the house).

Evening at the Temple

We are spending the evening in the temple.  I had a wonderful experience (not suited for posting publically).  The evening was busy, as a result time passed quickly.  It is my last shift before my Route 66 trip.

Other Preparations

Preparing for a 30+ trip is exhausting.  Looking for misplaced items is the bane of my existence.   I search everywhere.  It makes me crazy.

I am missing a pouch that carries 2 batteries.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out where it is.  Looking everywhere, I am ready to give it up.

Wildey Children

Elizabethe watched the 3 Wildey children this morning so their mom could go to the temple.  She excitedly prepared checklists for them.  The children are excited too.

Rhubarb Salsa

Rhubarb Salsa

My rhubarb salsa is more like pico de gallo.  It contains chunks of blanched rhubarb, onions, corn, black beans, tomatoes, peppers, honey, lime juice, garlic and a few spices.  The honey counteracts the acidity of the rhubarb.  It’s good.

copyright 2017 db walton
Chopping Rhubarb

Elizabethe and I made a huge batch of it.  I had it for lunch… and dinner.  As a result, I’m all salsa’d out tonight.  However, tomorrow I will be ready to eat more of it.

Route 66 Box

My Route 66 box arrived today.  I’m going to place stickers on this box as we drive Route 66.  It will be like an old ship steamer trunk with destination stickers.  Elizabethe packed it with Bay Photo samples (some of which will be given away as we drive Route 66.

I was looking at my car reservations and want to make a couple of changes.  It turns out it is cheaper for me to cancel and make new reservations.  I hate that rental places do that.  They should automatically lower your rate if rates drop.

A good portion of my day was spent working on Route 66 logistics.  As a result I am excited to go, but a little stressed out in the preparations.

Busy Day

Busy Day

What a busy day.  The day started with me taking Elizabethe for her eye shots.  While she was in the eye doctors I ran errands nearby.  We also stopped at a store on the way home.

As soon as I got home I had a teleconference meeting.  That lasted until 1pm, and then we took Becky to the airport at 1:30pm.  That put us back home around 3:30pm.  We then leave for the temple around 4:30pm.

Yup, there it is… my day in a few words.

Route 31

Elizabethe tells me I should concentrate on completing my NY SR 31 Book – Get It Done on 31.  For the record, I was going to do it first.  However, after my accident I decided to do Route 66 first.  I am doing Route 66 first because 1) it has more notoriety, and 2) it will open people’s’ eyes to what I want to do for Route 31 here in New York.

I see much potential for NY SR 31.  There are two drawbacks to it however.  First, are the high property and school taxes here in New York.  I-40 may have killed Route 66, but high taxes are killing western New York.  Second, getting the word out to the rest of the world that NY SR 31 has much to offer.


All Too Soon

All too soon I will be leaving on Route 66 and I still have much to do.  I’ve been picking and choosing photos for samples to give away while on the trip.  We’ll have magnets, dog tags, metal business cards and stuff like that to give away.

Our garden is doing well.  I picked several cucumbers, squashes and a few tomatoes.  Tomatoes are just starting to come ripe.  We also have several tomatillos but they aren’t fully ripe yet.

Canada Tomorrow

We plan to go to Canada tomorrow so Becky can see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.  Elizabethe pulled out her passport and it expired just a few days ago.  Lovely.  We’ll take it anyway and just in case.

We’re going to see the falls from both sides, and then drive to Kirtland, Ohio.  We will spend the night there, and on Friday we’ll tour the historic sites in Kirtland.

I am looking forward to having lunch on Quaker Steak and Lube.  I really enjoyed their all-you-can-eat chicken wings.  It gave me a chance to sample a bunch of different sauces.

Camera Drop

As I’m getting ready I set my new camera on the bed.  I hear a thud and a crack as something hits the floor.  It was the camera.  I checked it out and nothing looked broken.  I took a few pictures and it’s taking pictures.  That’s when I noticed the lens mount seemed to be a little lopsided.  I wiggled it and it wiggled too much.

I removed the lens and put a different one on the camera.  The problem with the wiggle is the lens, not the camera.

The lens that fell seems to have a loose lens mount.  I removed the 4 screws and discovered one is stripped and one screws in to a post that broke.  This makes me sick.

So, the lens will cost up to $400 to repair.  New it cost about $500.  Used it cost about $400.  New with X-E2S camera is about $600.   Hmmm…   What to do.



I learned today that I have cataracts in both eyes.  That’s the no-so-good news.  The good news is the doctor says they probably won’t need surgery in my lifetime.  Still, though, for a photographer, that’s not the news you want to hear.

My eye doctor is really in to photography.  He pumped my brain about how I sell my images and how I obtain business.


My day started with a bank run.  I had lots of deposits to make.  I got them deposited, grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds, and came home to mow the lawn.

The lawn mowing took me hours. It took 4 hours without the grass catcher this time.

I cooked a late lunch/early dinner.  I grilled eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers and chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Except for the chicken, it was all out of our garden.  (And, if the village would allow chickens, that could have been from our yard too.)

The lawn always looks nice after it is cut.  I also trimmed some bushes back and whacked some weeds.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is onboard as our Route 66 official voice and data provider.  It is fun seeing the list of advertisers grow.