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Mowing the Lawn and Rocks

The last time I mowed the lawn I hit a rock and it ended up costing me several hours and $70. This time, I was more cautious about the rocks and Elizabethe helped by going out scouting for rocks before I got there with the tractor.

The grass was so thick I was emptying the catcher bins quite often. It took me about 5 hours to get through the project. The mountains of grass clippings will be used to mulch the garden and areas where we don’t want weeds.

Our weekend guests left today. It was fun seeing the children of this family enjoy our yard. Right before they left, the Porters from Jamestown stopped by to say their goodbyes before they move to Indiana. Their kids too enjoy our yard and it was fun watching them play hide-n-seek in the secret garden area.

After I got cleaned up from mowing, Elizabethe and I did a little trip to Newark for my Route 31 book. We stopped at one place, but the smell was so bad we didn’t even enter the restaurant. (I wonder how food establishments put up with bad smells coming from their restaurant.) So, we stopped at Bee Tee’s. It was great, and they will be reviewed in my Get It Done On 31 ™ book.

I’m feeling overwhelmed again. I realize I have too many open projects right now. But, I’m learning how to manage a full-time business. It isn’t easy, and I keep reminding myself it will be worth it.