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John Bytheway

John Bytheway

I stopped at a local lemonade stand to whet my whistle, and while I’m there, there’s a guy buying lemonade.  I think to myself, I know this guy.  So, I walked up and introduced myself.  I got a line I used to chuckle at when I’d hear it, “Hi, I’m John Bytheway.”  (by the way)

He was buying several lemonades and didn’t know how to get them back to his family.  So, I volunteered to help.  We went to Nima’s and there I met the rest of the Bytheways.

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Me and the Bytheway Family

I spent most of the time talking to John’s wife.  We had a fun discussion about photographs, church callings, and more.  When John announced they needed to get going, I requested their friend (Jill Gifford) take a picture with my camera of me with the Bytheways.  (My daughter Laura is going to appreciate this.  Hey, Laura, John said to tell you he’s checking up on how you are doing.)


Just prior to meeting John and his family, I met the Crouse Family.

Introducing the Mission Stick

They have invented a unique way to remember one’s full-time mission.  It’s called the Mission Stick.  The idea is there are slots on the stick for a missionary to write summaries of each month.  At the end of their mission, they can hang it on a wall as a reminder — an index, so to speak — of their mission experiences.

I asked them to hold one of their sticks and pose in their company t-shirts.

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The Crouse Family and CAMLine Mission Stick

If my mission were more fresh in my mind, and had I kept a better journal, I probably would buy one.  What a great conversation starter.

“Hey, Brent, what’s that yardstick doing on your wall?” a friend might ask.

“Let me tell you about my mission to Colorado…”

The Crouse Family is hoping the sales of the sticks will help finance their son’s mission in a couple of years.  Make sure you visit their web site:  http://www.missionstick.com/


I may have to come back and update my blog.  I’m meeting some old friends at Chill-n-Grill in a little while.  They are friends we knew when we lived in Pittsburg, California.

Sister Graham

We had a surprise visit from one of our former full-time missionary sisters.  Sister Graham and her family came by for a tour of the house and to introduce her parents and sisters.

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Klepinger Family


It turns out Brother Graham works at AT&T.  Small world.  We had a nice discussion about AT&T and retirement.

Still Burning

Last night after everyone left, I placed one last log on the fire.  I wanted to see if this big log could carry through the night.  Well, it did and there were enough coals to re-start a log without any effort.

We had two return missionaries speak in Sacrament Meeting.  Both served in the Idaho Boise Mission.  What’s the likelihood of that?

Elders De La Cruz and Ipson came to dinner tonight.  I made turkey stew from the leftover turkey.  It made for a nice hearty meal for a cold winter night.