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Retro 1950s

Retro 1950s

Doing a retro 1950s shoot was quite fun today.  Two young women whom I’ve photographed quite a bit came prepared with clothing that looks like it belongs in the past.  My favorite was this one that is straight out of the camera…

copyright 2017 db walton - Retro 1950s Look

Retro 1950s Look

Or this one that’s a little more 1940ish glamour…

copyright 2017 db walton

1940ish Glamour

Because I had two models, there was little down time.  One would change while the other was in front of the camera.  I took about 375 photos.

copyright 2017 db walton

From the Silver Screen Era

It’s funny how we look back on various eras.  I laugh at the trend to make photographs look old and faded, however, this is not that.  This is black and white at its finest.


SOOC, or straight out of the camera, works well given my camera has built-in B&W film simulations as well as color filter.  The above were shot with Acros film and a green filter.  Well, not really, but the camera simulated the effect of Acros with a green filter.

The top picture in today’s post is SOOC.  No post processing.  You’re looking at what I saw in the viewfinder without any changes. (Of course, it’s nice to work with Angela because she has flawless skin and features.)