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Really Spring

Really Spring

It is really spring!  That’s right.  It is sunny and warm.  It is about time.

Sunday we saw snowflakes blowing around with temperatures in the low 30s.  Today it’s in the mid 70s.  Amazing what two days can do.

We came out of the temple tonight and the air was pleasant and warm.  Yes, it is really spring.  Let’s hope it is here to stay for a while.

Why Being a Republican Doesn’t Make You a Conservative

Okay, I have to state this.  I was watching a rather childish argument between to “Republicans” and the finger pointing was at “conservatives” (where it should have been at Republicans… not conservatives.)

A conservative (politically) is one who holds fast to time-honored traditions.  They are less likely to accept change for the sake of change.  The opposite of conservative is radical.

So, based on some of the things being argued about, here are two:   Extramarital affairs are NOT conservative values, and drug legalization is not a conservative value.

Taking that to the other side, liberalism is not humanitarianism.  It is the doctrine of change.

Liberals like to change things.  Conservatives like to keep time-honored traditions.  A liberal who likes to take change to the extreme is a radical.  Either one (liberal or conservative) who wants to force behavior is an authoritarian.  An extreme authoritarian is a totalitarian.

Why is that so hard for some people to understand?



An anti-Mormon by any other name is still anti-Mormon.  I just read about a guy who is being excommunicated for, as he puts it, asking questions.  Curious as to what questions he is asking, I found his web site.

His questions are the same questions anti-Mormons ask Mormons to engage us in debate and argument.  Asking a question is no sin if you ask in sincerity.  Asking to find fault is another story. His letter is nothing new, but it does illustrate that he sympathises with those whose teachings are contrary to the teachings of the church.

Pride goeth before the fall.


In a discussion with a friend about beards, the Word of Wisdom came up.  After some research about the Word of Wisdom and temple recommends, I came to the conclusion that the Word of Wisdom is an important enough commandment that it should be in the temple recommend questions.  While temple-goers are not asked about every aspect of the Word of Wisdom, they are expected to meet a certain standard – no coffee, tea, tobacco or illegal drugs, or abuse of prescription drugs.

I then said to my friend, “The Word of Wisdom is a commandment.  Growing a beard may go against certain church policies, but policies change and having a beard is not a sin.”

On a Roll

I feel like I’m on a roll here.  Let’s talk about Republican’s supporting Gary Johnson.  Say, “What?”

I’m sorry, as a Latter-day Saint I will not vote for someone who is shacking up with his girlfriend because they are “too busy” to get married, is a pot-head, wants to decriminalize drugs, prostitution and says he is against abortion but out of the other side of his mouth says he is “pro-choice”.

Right now, I’m supporting Evan McMullin if he makes it as an official candidate.  Otherwise, it is Chris Keniston.


Okay, what’s going on today around here…

I went to Lock 30 and back, and spent the evening in the temple.


2016 General Conference Ends

2016 General Conference Ends

2016 General Conference ends today.  Four new temples were announced.  One in Zimbabwe!  The stone Daniel prophesied of is filling the earth.

Elder Cook’s talk was great.  I love how he encouraged people to go to the temple.  We’ve heard that encouragement again, but he outlined a road-map for less active members to prepare and attend the temple.

I read disturbing news on the political front.  Donald Trump has flipped on his stance on abortion.  I’ve always said he was nothing more than another Democrat mascaraing as a Republican to help throw an election.  At first, I thought he might make a good president, but the more I listen to him, the more I realize he can’t lead a nation in righteousness.  (I think Ronald Reagan was the last president who was able to do that.)

Someone suggested I look at the Libertarian candidates.  I did.  Unfortunately, none of the present a righteous platform.  I find it appalling that the Libertarian Party’s solution to the war on drugs is to simply give up.

I question why there isn’t a party based on righteous principles.  Perhaps they wouldn’t stand a chance with the corruption in this country, but at least voters would be given conscience free choices when it comes time to vote.  I, in good conscience, cannot vote for any of the front runners.   The Book of Mormon has become a type of what we see today in politics.  Gadianton Robbers have infiltrated the system, and we are, as the book warns, becoming ripe for destruction.

It is tiresome to hear people equate “religion” to hypocrisy and being unnecessary.  I recently read an article that correlated church-going to a better society.  They showed statistics of church attendance and crime.   Communities with high church attendance had lower crime rates.  I propose that communities with higher church attendance have a higher standard of living too — i.e. fewer people on welfare and public assistance.

After all, James wrote, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

As conference nears its close, I want to revisit what I wrote on 3/25/2016.  I wrote I wanted to hear what the brethren have to say about these three issues:

  1. Religious freedom – Elder Oaks talk touched lightly on this topic, and it also was touched lightly in Elder Kearon’s talk.
  2. Socialism – “Bread-winning is a consecrated activity.”  Elder Todd Christofferson. (It’s a loose connection, but a connection.)
  3. Civic Duty – Elder Patrick Kearon  talked about taking a stand against intolerance and helping refugees.


Why Debate

Why Debate

Several friends asked if I watched the Republican Candidate Debates.  First, why debate?  Second, why would I subject myself to watching people argue?

When it comes to candidates, it is kind of early, but I can tell you this much…

I will not be voting for any of the following…

Hillary Clinton – I don’t trust her.  Never have, and I never will.  You’d think the e-mail scandal would sink her as a candidate.  That just goes to show how accepting people have become of scandals.

Bernie Sanders – The guy is a snake-oil salesman trying to get people to think college should be free for everyone.  When you read his plan you realize it is Obama Care disguised as tuition aid.  And, who will pay for it?  Anyone who has a 401K, IRA or retirement plan, and everyone who is already retired and living off their hard-earned savings.

Donald Trump – While I think he has the business moxie to do the job, he won’t play well with others, and I don’t think he has the wherewithal and diplomacy  to deal with foreign government issues.  He’s too egotistical and quick to dismiss and that doesn’t go well when trying to negotiate.  While it has worked well for him in the business world, dealing with Congress isn’t the same as dealing with a room full of venture capitalists.

While the rest of my list is too long to list by name, but any of them who are career politicians (i.e. Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Jim Webb, etc.)  The last couple of decades have proven to us that career politicians are out-of-touch with society, business and have one thing in mind… the next election.

So, who does that leave?

Right now, the only decent candidate the Democrats have is Jim Webb.  While his military career makes him look good, his post-military career has turned to politics.  That said, he’s a much better choice than Clinton and Sanders.  Whew, heaven help the USA if either one of those follow Barack Obama.  There’s no way in the world either of them can clean up the mess we’re in now.

Well, right now Carly Fiorina is the only non-politician in the mix besides Donald Trump.  And, given my stance about career politicians, it comes down to Fiorina and Trump.  Fiorina has the business smarts and the diplomacy.

I think it would be a good run between Webb and Fiorina.  Anything else would be a circus act.