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Zoe Baptized

Zoe Baptized

Zoe was baptized today.  She was so excited.  Her grin went from ear to ear.

Rebecca and Steve commented the attendance was more than they expected.  The little room was packed to capacity.  Zoe asked me and her Grandpa Martin to talk.  Russ Martin talked about baptism, and I talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost.

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Their Happy Family


Before the baptism we met them for lunch at a diner named Kirby G.  I had a brisket burger.  It was a lean beef patty topped with slices of brisket.  Best burger ever.  As a result, I’ll want to return when we visit Atlanta.

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Zoe and Avery at Kirby G’s

Open House

They had an open house for Zoe after the baptism.  Some of Steve’s family showed up, as well as some friends.  The full-time missionaries were also there.

I enjoyed talking to the elders about missions and stuff.  The elders were telling me they are going away from tablets and just using smartphones now.  (Just wait for the next technology and they’ll be carrying something different.  Technology changes too quickly.)


We stopped and picked up a snack at Chick-Fil-A.  I wish we had one here in Palmyra.  Elizabethe was reading they are #1 where ever they have a location.  That’s impressive.

The Trip There

We arrived her yesterday afternoon.  We had dinner at Rebecca’s with the Sister Missionaries.

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The Gang Friday Night After Dinner



They released me as ward organist today. I was thinking it has been 10 years, but it has only been 8.  Eight years I’ve served as the Palmyra Ward Organist.  My calling started September 20th, 2009.  That’s 8 years and 1 month.

They called Sister Lynda Ingold as the organist.  She will do an excellent job.  I had a feeling she’d be called.

Squash x 3

Dinner is squash x 3 today.  We are having spaghetti squash in place of pasta.  On top of that we will have a butternut squash sauce.  For dessert I am making a mock pineapple (zucchini) upside down cake.

Sisters Cahoon and Searle came for dinner.  They got a kick out of all the squash use in the meal.  Sister Searle hadn’t seen the food storage, so we took them in to the basement to see it.

Rebecca and Steve

My daughter Rebecca met a young man online.  He’s visiting her.  She called and we talked.  It sounds like Steve’s a really nice guy.


I’ve been on this Mentos craving lately.  Did you know they make caramel Mentos?

They do.  I bought some, and I’m not impressed.  They are like an inside-out Milk Dud.. .but not as good.

Now, the spearmint Mentos are my favorite.  While I am not a huge fan of peppermint, of all the peppermint candies, I like Mentos.

I think it is the texture.

New Bean Book

New Bean Book

There’s a new Bean book.  Rand Packer, grandson of Palmyra Bean, has a new book of photos taken during Willard and Rebecca Bean’s time.  The pictures show Palmyra around the turn of the 19th Century.  I love it.

They are selling it at the Historic Palmyra Gift Shop (Williams Street in the Coverlet Museum).  As soon as I saw it I thought, “I have to have it!”

Ice Cream

Tonight Historic Palmyra hosted their annual ice cream social.  It was a nice evening.  We met some new temple missionaries.

A lot of people don’t attend these events.  Had I known I would have announced it in Priesthood Meeting Sunday.  I guess I need to pay better attention to the community calendar.

Other Stuff

The Coverlet Museum also has a very cool Palmyra Coverlet for about $45.  If we had a place to display it, I’d buy one.  I’d hate to put it on a bed because I wouldn’t want it to get ruined.  It would look cool displayed on a large wall.

It shows the four churches, the canal, and other Palmyra landmarks.  I bet they sell a lot of these to site and temple missionaries.  It’s a good reminder of Palmyra, New York.


My Daughter’s Business

My daughter Rebecca is in the process of getting her business off the ground.  We’ve spent a lot of time talking and I’ve pitched in with help on her web site and photos and such.

So, a little commercial here…

If you live in the Utah Valley, or know someone who does, and you have little girls, Rebecca really puts on a nice “spa party” for them. 

After work today, I spent time working on some of the photos from the one she did here.  Here’s another example of her work…

Hairdo by Rebecca (click the photo to visit Rebecca's site)

In a few minutes, the guys are coming over for a barbershop quartet practice.  We have a little over 1 week before our first performance.  We’re going to do 3 numbers – Jingle Bells, Coventry Carol, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  It’s going to be December 5th at the Sounds of Christmas Concert here in Palmyra, New York.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and Elizabethe will be off to California to spend time with her family.  I’m holding down the fort here.

May everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving.  Please take time to express your thanks for those things that make this a free nation.