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Christmas Weekend

Christmas Weekend

Christmas doesn’t always fall on a weekend, but when it does, it’s Christmas Weekend.  This year, Christmas falls on a Monday, so tomorrow, Sunday is Christmas Eve.  Tonight will be the eve of Christmas Eve. (That’s supposed to be funny.)


Today’s weather has been weird.  It started off raining, and the weatherman said it would rain all day with freezing tonight.


It rained half the day and then turned to snow.  Heavy, wet snow.

Before it got dark I went and plowed the driveway.  I really don’t want to get up early before church to clear the driveway.  For tonight, the Beckwith Mansion is a winter wonderland.

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After the Rain Came the Snow


Some of the gifts arrived at the last minute.  All of Elizabethe’s gifts have arrived, so I guess I’m all set here.  I also sent off eGift cards to my dad and brother.  Everything else was taken care of well in advance.  We are all set.

Elizabethe tells me she can’t find my Christmas stocking, so she ordered me a new one from Amazon.  Hers is all stuffed with the exception of some perishables.  I’ll put those in Monday morning.


We have a couple of pieces of flat bread and an open bottle of spaghetti sauce.  So, I made pizza for dinner.  It was quite good.

Missionary Discussion

Missionary Discussion

Elizabethe and I sat in on a missionary discussion tonight.  A young man we know is taking the discussions.  He has committed to be baptized, and we are sitting in to support him.

Snow and Rain

Snow and rain are a bad combination.  We usually don’t get this type of weather in April.  I worked in the studio and at times it just poured outside.  I was glad to be indoors.

From time to time I would hear a big thud as a chunk of ice hit the roof.  I’m not sure if it is falling off a tree, or from the sky.  I just want to stay inside and work where it is warm.

I had  to run to the Village Hall to get a letter notarized.  Not wanting to be outside more than I had to, I came straight home.  Because of this weather, I have no desire to go anywhere tonight.


Elizabethe bought tickets for going to San Diego while we’re in California.  It will be a day trip to see Crystali and her family.  I’m excited; it will be fun to see the boys and Crystal and Philip.

The church history guys also have a few things they want me to photograph.  Mostly, things that have to do with church history… of course.

Three Meals

Three Meals

I’ll get three meals out of my meat pizza from last night.  Today’s dinner was leftover pizza, and I had pizza leftover.  It looks like lunch tomorrow.

As I get older I’m eating less.  I get full sooner.  I can now see why some restaurants let seniors order kids’ meals.  We don’t eat as much.

Chamber Stuff

I spent the day working on chamber stuff.  The website needed updates, holiday dinner invitations needed ordering, and e-mails needed sending.  It’s a good thing I had the time to do it.

It rained all day and consequently I couldn’t do much outdoors.  At times it poured.  If I’m going to be indoors, at least I have something to do.


Shane Schumann Construction fixed the leak over the kitchen.  He says it should hold until we re-roof.  I’m glad that one is fixed.

The basement still takes on water when it rains hard.  It isn’t hurting anything because it goes right in to the drain.  The sump pump takes it from there.  It’s my understanding that’s pretty normal, but I still don’t like it.

If we had the money, I’d trench the entire foundation and take measures to seal it.

Close Call

Close Call

Our schedule was a close call today.  The girls wanted to see Watkins Glen, and then go on the Sam Patch.  Sam Patch has a specific schedule, where Watkins Glen depends leaving on time.

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Cascades at Watkins Glen

Tobreth raved about how beautiful Watkins Glen is.  I agree 100%.  Watkins Glen is beautiful.

The girls took off like lightening.  I just held my pace.  There is no way I could keep up with them.

Water levels at Watkins Glen are low.  You can see the impact of the drought.  That said, it rained most of the day.  Luckily for us, it stopped for a bit so we could see the falls, but it poured on the drive home.

Sam Patch

We made it to the boat just as they were boarding the Sam Patch.  That is the close call.  Two more minutes and we would be left behind.

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In the Lock

It is a lovely cruise.  If you are coming to Palmyra, and want an Erie Canal tour, you can sign-up here.  http://sampatch.org/schedule-and-rates/

By the end of the day I was beat.  It was a wonderful day.  The ran stopped for our cruise also.  (That was something I prayed for this morning.)

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

I love BBQ chicken as well as most any meat cooked over the open flame.  I found a leftover piece of chicken and decided to make BBQ chicken pizza.  (My wife say’s that’s not pizza.  I said, “Okay, it’s a BBQ Chicken open-faced sandwich.)

I took a small pizza round and I covered it with my homemade BBQ sauce.  After shredding the chicken, I placed it on the pizza.  I smothered it with sharp cheddar cheese and topped that with onions.  Shoving it in the oven, I baked it for about 12 minutes at 425 degrees.

It was yummy!


We’re getting rain!  Yes!

The lawn is looking green again.  That’s great news!

It’s a good excuse to stay indoors and do some painting.  I can use all the practice I can get.  I’m trying to develop a style of my own.

Route 66 Tour

I’ve been updating the Route 66 website.  I will start making phone calls and writing letters soon.  Paul and I need to get sponsors on board.  This is a massive undertaking, and I’ll have to make lots of phone calls.

The first 2/3rds of the trip are uncharted territories for me.  While I’ve been to Kansas City, I haven’t been on Route 66 there.  Pretty much from Chicago to Winslow, Arizona, will be new road for me.  Also, looking at the map I’m glad we’re only driving a few miles a day.  (Remember, I’ll be gone for a month!)

Old X-Files Movies

Old X-Files Movies

For our date last night we stayed home and watched old X-File Movies.  We also picked up some Happiness Garden Chinese food.

X-Files TV

We’ve watched a couple of the new X-Files TV shows.  There’s a fair amount of humor in them.  It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up.


Our weather this winter is strange.  One day it is very moderate (50s), the next day it is windy and cold (30s), and yet, this is February.  It’s supposed to be in the teens and 20s.

We have had more rain than we’ve ever had since I’ve lived here.  (Normally, that would equate to snow.)  Ten inch of snow are equivalent to one inch of rain. (That’s the measurement the National Weather Service uses.)  Thus, if they are predicting 0.2″ of precipitation, that might mean 2 inches of snow, or 1/5″ inch of rain.


I made a suggestion about making some bookshelves for Elizabethe.  Now, I have to figure out the best way to carry out this project.

Someone needs to invent some shelf brackets that are snap-together for one-by lumber.  I’ve got an idea on how they would work, but fabricating them is beyond my expertise.  Instead, I’ll be screwing together 1″x8″, as well as cutting them to the right size to create these shelves.  (And, we haven’t found anything suitable that is storebought.  Most store bought shelves are cheap particle board shelves.)

Another Packed Day

Another Packed Day

Today was another packed day.  It was even busier than yesterday.  At one point, I came in the house and Elizabethe asked if I was done.  I said, “Nope, just stopping to use the bathroom”, and I was out the door again.

When all of that was done, I came home and pulled the tractor out and drove around in circles blowing the leaves all to manageable piles.  I discovered that after a while, the wall of leaves gets too tall to blow with the tractor.  Before long, it was dark and I had to pull the tractor into its little garage.

It has been another warm day, but overcast and looking like it is going to rain.  In fact, they say it is a high percentage chance that it will rain tomorrow.  If it does, I guess we’ll cancel the missionaries coming to help with the leaves.

While I was out today, I was a little early for my appointment so I stopped in to Tractor Supply to kill about 15 minutes.  I discovered their close-out table and found some nice stocking stuffers for Elizabethe.

Later, I stopped by the other Tractor Supply on my way to make deposits.  They had a totally different selection of closeout stuff.  I picked up a few more things for Christmas gifts.  I’m getting Christmas shopping done early while things like this are still available.


Foiled by the Rain

Foiled by the Rain

My plans to mow the law were foiled by the rain.  How could it rain today?  I was supposed to mow the lawn!

Well, it didn’t break my heart because I’m in a lot of pain today.  It will have to dry up comes Monday.

Most of my day was spent working on photos for clients.  Yes, I have a lot to complete and so I spent the day playing catch up and I think I’m there.

Hmmm… tell me if you’d do this…

If a Facebook “friend” continually posts contentious posts, post that encourage bad (sinful, if you will) behavior, would you un-friend them?

It’s an interesting question I kicked around.  I found myself asking, “Am I a good influence on them by being their Facebook friend?”

At length I came to the conclusion that I’m not an influence at all on the person.  And, by being their friend it improves the chance of their posts being seen by others.  And, while everyone has their agency as to what to do about those posts, I wouldn’t walk around with a Marlboro Cigarette sign on my back, so why would I allow propagation of  bad stuff via Facebook.

So, I concluded, the right thing to do was to unfriend them.

While I’m only one out of a million, I think if enough people did that you’d end up with two camps on social media — Those who embrace good, and those who embrace evil.

In addition, I’m working on being more positive in my outlook.  Too much on there is negative.  While, much of the negative from my real-life friends is directed towards bad things, it is still negative.  I’m going to try to “accentuate the positive”.

Cloud Bursts

Cloud Bursts

Today we had a couple of huge cloud bursts.  One was around 3pm, and the other was around 6pm.  The latter one occurred while I was at the temple.  A group of youth came in soaked to the bone.  Someone commented, “It looks like they already have been baptized.”

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Puddles During the Down Pour

I stood at the doorway to my studio with my telephoto lens and took some pictures of the big drops splashing in the 1″ deep water.  I wasn’t about to leave the studio in this down pour.  The water was too deep and coming down too fast.

The rain did make the plants look nice and green.

copyright 2015 db walton

Rain on the Plants

During the evening storm, you could look from the temple and see the rain coming down in the foreground, and steam rising from the Sacred Grove.  Even later, on our drive home, the steam was creating tule fog along Stafford Road.

It Had to Rain

It Had to Rain

It had to rain today.  I was thinking I could go for a walk, but no, it had to rain.

There’s a lot of social media fallout from yesterday’s Supreme Court decision.  But what amazes me most is the pure ignorance regarding the commandments.  I’m amazed even more when it comes from active members of the church.  I question… don’t we sit in the same meetings?

Facebook has a “celebrate pride” app they put up to turn people’s avatar in to a gay-pride color scheme, and people are behaving like this is the greatest thing to happen.  While others are busy posting rebuttals to the ruling.  Either way, it is a ruling that is dividing the people.

One Christian man wrote about his feelings.  He said he loves the sinner, as he has been taught, but cannot love sin.  He went on to say he has several gay friends, but he cannot condone homosexuality.  A friend of his posted back asking if he knew that he was, “calling homosexuality a sin.”

Uh, yeah.

The man replied to his friend with a huge list of scriptures.  And, of course, this leads to the never ending barrage of, “well the Bible says…” and they list things like eating pork and killing certain people, and so on and so forth.

I don’t need to justify my religious convictions.  I believe in a God who sent his Son.  His Son established a church lead by prophets and apostles.  They are the only ones authorized to speak for him in our times.  They have very clearly stated that homosexual activities are sinful.  There’s no debate.

Being sinful then, there is no celebration and the only pride precedes the fall.

Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage… well… let me state that it is disheartening that we even have to preface marriage with the word traditional.  But, traditional marriage is the only form of marriage with any future – both in God’s eyes and in society.