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Quasi Holiday

Quasi Holiday

Columbus Day is one of those days I call a quasi holiday.  Not everyone gets it off and even fewer celebrate it.

No mail today because the post office gets it off.  On the other hand, I did get a call from my credit union.  I’m surprised they are open today given lots of banks are closed.

Still Baffling

My router problems are still baffling.  I keep trying different things without any success.  Aaron, a friend at church, suggests I install open source firmware.  I looked at it, and it’s a little intimidating.  Even though I did this stuff for a living, it is different when you have the resources of a Fortune 50 company.  I don’t.

I might dig up my old router and see if it works.  If it works, then the problem is in the router.

But why in the world would my router only block http to one website?

It is strange and baffling.

Route 66

I am still organizing Route 66 images.  This router problem has slowed me down, but I’m pressing forward in spite of it.

If you haven’t visited, please check out http://www.route66photographers.com.  Click on the blog menu option and 2017.