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Perhaps Not

Perhaps Not

The other day I reported I’m recovering quickly.  Perhaps not.  Both Elizabethe and I have this virus now.  We both are staying home from church and staying in bed.

My friend Matt is still struggling with this bug.  He caught it back around the 2nd week of January.  I hope we’re not in for a long struggle with it.

Print Comp and Pulp Fiction

I’ve been thinking of unique ideas for Print Comp.  I started looking at Pulp Fiction covers to get ideas for both names and images.

Do you realize how many pulp fiction novels have been turned in to movies or TV shows?

LOTS!  Perry Mason, James Bond, Mickey Spillane, and more.  Of course, there are many more that have titles so trashy they aren’t worth repeating.  Some of the covers are great, while others wouldn’t get you any points with the IPC judges.

I’ve been coming up with spins on the titles that relate to photography, and plan to do a series of “covers” with cameras.  For example, “Never Shoot Your Client”.  The double-entendre meaning of shoot should get some points with judges.  The next step is to create the image that tells the story.


Painting Goal

Painting Goal

Here is an update to my painting goal.  I’ve completed 3 and February isn’t half over.  My painting goal is one painting a month for 2017.

Here are my three…

copyright 2017 db walton

Pulp Fiction – Crime Scene Conflict


copyright 2017 db walton

My Daughter Rebecca (in the pink costume)


copyright 2017 db walton

Mermaid Under the Sea

How I Paint

My cousin Barbara Malmberg asked how I paint these.  My medium is “digital oil”.  By that I mean I use a computer program called Corel Painter 2017.  I select oil paint as my “brush” type, and using a Wacom Tablet or my hp Spectre x360 tablet and stylus, I paint.

Perhaps I should do a video to demonstrate.  A lot of people ask about it.  It is NOT some program you run and it turns a photo in to a painting.  In fact, here’s the picture of Rebecca I based the painting off…

copyright 2017 Rebecca Walton

Rebecca’s Snapshot

I thought the International Harvester implement would make a good door into some sort of spaceship or space building, so I incorporated parts of it in the painting.

About Corel Painter 2017

I use Corel Painter 2017 to paint. While I paint with acrylics from time to time, Corel Painter 2017 is so realistic I use it most of the time – zero clean up. I can come back at anytime and the paint can be “dry” or “wet” depending on how I approach the painting in Painter.

Painter allows me to paint with most media: ink, watercolor, oil, oil pastels, chalk, pencil, pen, gouache, felt pen, colored pencil, crayons, .. you name it.  And, you can use any type of brush, pallet knife, sponge (like I did in the sample eye picture in my reply to Stacey), etc. You can make your OWN brushes. (On the mermaid painting I made a “fish scale” brush. I make leaf brushes, grass brushes, fairie brushes (paints tiny glowing fairies), and more.)

When I complete a painting, I upload the high resolution digital painting file to Bay Photo Lab and they print it on canvas (if oil), or watercolor paper (if a watercolor) or a variety of other media. Then, when I get it back, if it is an oil, I apply acrylic gesso (pronounced Yes-Oh) with a brush to give my brush strokes physical texture.

I also teach classes on Painter, Photoshop and Photography. (www.palmyra-ny.com)

Full Schedule

Full Schedule

I have a full schedule today.  After my networking meeting I need to get ready for an afternoon and evening of photo shoots.  It will be a full day.

There must be some law of the universe that says when you have an appointment, the time leading up to the appointment is less than you need to get everything done.  So it was between my networking meeting and my first photo shoot.

In the end everything worked out.  I was ready on time and the first shoot went great.  The second shoot arrived, visibly emotionally upset, and after explaining why she was upset (boyfriend issues), she expressed some expletives and stormed off.  While I found it very upsetting to see someone drive off under that sort of emotional upset, understandably it’s one of those things where you can’t really get yourself involved.

Pulp Fiction

My one client came with a friend and asked if they could pose together.  I decided to do a picture I can use for a “pulp fiction” style cover.  The idea will be in colors that you’d expect on a cheap paperback fiction.

copyright 2017 db walton

Pulp Fiction Reference Photo

In the painting there will be a dead body on the floor, and additionally, a chalk outline around it.