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Perhaps Not

Perhaps Not

The other day I reported I’m recovering quickly.  Perhaps not.  Both Elizabethe and I have this virus now.  We both are staying home from church and staying in bed.

My friend Matt is still struggling with this bug.  He caught it back around the 2nd week of January.  I hope we’re not in for a long struggle with it.

Print Comp and Pulp Fiction

I’ve been thinking of unique ideas for Print Comp.  I started looking at Pulp Fiction covers to get ideas for both names and images.

Do you realize how many pulp fiction novels have been turned in to movies or TV shows?

LOTS!  Perry Mason, James Bond, Mickey Spillane, and more.  Of course, there are many more that have titles so trashy they aren’t worth repeating.  Some of the covers are great, while others wouldn’t get you any points with the IPC judges.

I’ve been coming up with spins on the titles that relate to photography, and plan to do a series of “covers” with cameras.  For example, “Never Shoot Your Client”.  The double-entendre meaning of shoot should get some points with judges.  The next step is to create the image that tells the story.


Gearing Up for Print Comp

Why does my head hurt right now?

Could it be that I’ve been going through image after image asking, “Could this be an 80+, or this one?”

Could it be the stress of having to print out several of them to take to Atlanta with me so I can get some comments at the mentor booth?

That’s all I’ve been doing today.  I have the art images down to 14, and the print images down to 22.    I culled at over 70, and that was after going through thousands.

Now, if this image would have been better, I would have included it.  Check out the caption for the title:

2012 Mayan Toy Sale

(Every time I think of it I start humming R.E.M.’s, “It’s the end of the world…”)

By the way, my wife often refers to “print comp” as a “contest”.  It’s not a contest, and I hate that PPA calls it “print comp”.  It should more appropriately be called, “print judging”.  You’re not competing against anyone, and you they don’t have  a grand prize winner.  What happens is a panel of judges gives your image a score from 0-100.  80 and higher are considered “excellent”, and that’s what I want… 80 and higher.

Now, in a way, getting into the Loan Collection Book is a contest.  That’s a second round where all the 80+ prints are displayed and the judges pick their favorites for the book.  But, even there, it’s not truly a competition.

I won’t know for months the outcome of this whole process. Northeast judging takes place in March, and then International is in the summer. So, it will be a long wait. I’m just at the starting line.