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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Several people at church came and said, “Welcome home.”  It’s not like I was gone that long, but it is nice to feel missed and appreciated.  And, it is a big deal going to Israel for 10 days.  Some of these people will never visit.  I hope I can be their eyes (through my camera).

Right after Sacrament Meeting I was nabbed to play piano in Primary.  It was fun.  The kids were sure wound up, however.


It is cold today.  It’s in the low teens.  As a result, I came home from church and sought warmth.

My fingers, knees and toes are all cold.  I don’t remember my knees getting cold like this before.  It must have something to do with my baker’s cysts.


At dinner I gave the sisters a 10 Argot coin from Israel.  I picked up several while I was there.  Most of them are going to grandchildren.

100 Argots make 1 shekel.  They don’t make 1 Argot coins.  The smallest denomination is 10.  They were worth about 3 cents at today’s exchange rate.

They are also about the same size as a 10 Shekel coin.  However, a 10 Shekel coin is worth about $3.  Unscrupulous shop owners may try to pass a 10 Argot off as a 10 Shekel coin.



It’s time to make chicken enchiladas for the missionaries.  I plan to make it with a white sauce and white cheddar and jack cheeses.  The nice thing about it is that it is mild and people can add their own heat (hot sauce) to it.


Our speakers at church talked about the Book of Mormon.  A comment was made about the impact it has on people’s lives.  It is so true.  As a result, reading and studying it people tend to behave better.

There are misconceptions as, well as false information, floating around about the Book of Mormon.  (The musical has nothing to do with the book, by the way.)  Thus, skeptics should put aside their bias about how we got the Book of Mormon, and read it carefully.  They discover there’s is something to it.  Careful reading dispels the myths that Joseph Smith plagiarized the book or made it up.

Sunday School

Sunday School is equally good.  Our lesson is on living prophets.  The instructor used Moses and the fiery serpents as an example. (Matt’s a great instructor.)

After Priesthood opening exercises I was asked to play the piano in Primary.  It has been a long time.  I’m rusty on many of the songs because I haven’t played them in ages.


Having dinner with the missionaries is fun.  We enjoy their company, and they enjoy the food (and hopefully our company too.)

Personality Differences

Personality Differences

Just a little about the personality differences between my grandson and my granddaughter.  Both are in Primary and I was asked to substitute for the pianist.

My granddaughter was straight across from the piano and pretty much acted like I wasn’t even in the room.  I even attempted to raise my eyebrows when I thought she was looking my direction and I got no response.

When the senior primary came in, my grandson sat in about the same location where my granddaughter was sitting in junior primary.  His first remarks were, “Hey, there’s my grandpa.”  Several times he commented and glanced over and smiled.

Yes, there is a world of difference between these two siblings.  I love them both, but boy, are they sure different.

We returned to the church building tonight for a fireside with Elder Bennett.  He’s quite a character.   He said some very useful things that I need to implement in my life.  It was great being there to hear him share his comments.

The fireside was for the temple workers and served as a goodbye to the out-going Temple Presidency – Presidents and Sisters Brighton, Broadbent and Cahoon.  Elder and Sister Bennett also talked, and we had a wonderful musical number by Elder Nielsen (from Sacrament0).

We didn’t stick around because Spencer had prepared a standing rib roast and they were holding dinner until we got home.  Oh, that roast was so good.  It is nice having a second person in the house that appreciates good beef.

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Palmyra Temple

Hark Hark Hark

Hark Hark Hark

Hark Hark Hark ’tis children’s music.  Children’s music oh, how sweet.  Yes, today was our Primary program at church.

It is one of my favorite Sundays of the year.  These children, ages up to 11, get in front of the entire congregation and sing songs and give short little talks.  It is the singing that I love.

During one of their songs, two little girls appeared to be in contest as to which one could sing louder.  Mouth open wide, the words came out loudly.  Smiles appeared on everyone’s faces as you know she was loving every moment of it.

I sat next to a guy in Priesthood Meeting who turned to me and asked about my being a Walton.  He said his daughter lives in Idaho Falls and told him she is a friend of a guy named Walton on Facebook.

I suggested we look on Facebook and see.  Sure enough, his daughter and I are Facebook Friends.  In an effort to understand how we became friends on Facebook, I asked, “Is your daughter into photography?”

“Big time,” he replied.

Well, there’s the connection.  And, it goes to show what a small world it is.

Speaking of Priesthood…

I love my Band of Brothers.  These men, many old enough to be my father, are the cream of the crop.  When I was laid up many of them stepped in to help me.  One loaned me his chair that helps you go from reclined to standing with the push of a button.  Not only did he loan it to me, he got it some of the guys to help him deliver it and set it up in my bedroom.

This is not all, a friend recently had a second brain tumor removed.  This is the second one in just a few years.  These guys have got together, and within a few days have scheduled daily rides to and from chemo-therapy for this man.  We’re talking 3-hours a day, 5 days a week for the next several weeks.  It took about 2 days for all of those ride commitments.

Next Saturday, we will all get together for a chili dinner.  After that dinner, we will join millions of other men, across the world, for our semi-annual conference.  While the conference will be broadcast on BYUTV and the Internet, I enjoy being there with these men who live in our area and watching it together.

Here’s a sample of why I love being around these men.  (click here)



Salad Again

Salad Again

I love variety in my diet.  My wife loves repetition in hers.  So, it is very rare that we would have salad again after serving salad last Sunday.  Yes, I made basically the same Asian salad today that I made last week.  I guess the big difference is we had different dinner guests so they wouldn’t know.  Elizabethe liked that I made the same things.

After church I photographed some Primary children for an assignment.  The request was for children holding pictures they had colored (which pictures were printed off lds.org.  You can print the pictures here:  https://www.lds.org/children/activities/color?lang=eng .)

The assignment was short and sweet.  I had all boys volunteering for the picture.  They were wonderful and cooperative.


The church issued a statement yesterday, and it comes on the heals of the excommunication of Kate Kelly.  Here’s a link to the statement:  http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/church-leaders-message-addresses-doctrine-questions?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LDSNewsRoomTop15+%28RSS%3A+LDS+Newsroom%29

I think the key statement in this release is, “Apostasy is repeatedly acting in clear, open, and deliberate public opposition to the Church or its faithful leaders, or persisting, after receiving counsel, in teaching false doctrine.”

Back when I was in 9th grade, I remember a seminary lesson about apostasy.    I amazes me when someone claims to have been an active member of the same church I belong to, but has such different and twisted interpretations of its teachings.  I am further amazed when they continue to teach that their belief is what the other members believe also.  I am even further amazed when they go about trying to convince others they are right, and everyone else is confused.  I’m not suggesting this is the case with Kate Kelly, but I am suggesting it is a common practice among many apostates.

Speaking of church…

During our last hour we had a combined meeting and presentation about Faith, Family and Religious Freedom.  You owe it to yourself to watch this video…



I’m just outraged that a nation that was founded on religious freedom would allow one of its own agencies to do such a thing. It’s not only sad, but frightening.

Primary Photos

Today I photographed the Primary after church.  LDS.org wants photos of singing time and stuff like that, so many of the children stuck around after the meeting for a photo session.  They were sure cute.

copyright 2014 db walton

Primary Singing Time

I went to upload the pictures and the upload site was down. And, it being a Sunday, I’m sure nobody in the church IT department is working on a Sunday afternoon. I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday.

All three full-time missionary companionships received new missionaries. Tonight we had Sisters Hovey and Noble for dinner. I decided I had been away from shawarmas long enough that I would fix them for dinner. We had enough left over meat and trimmings that I think we’ll be eating shawarmas all week.

I’m not sure what they call the devices they use for cooking shawarma and gyro meat, but I just took a skewer and layered chicken breast and thigh meat (alternating), and seasoning each layer. Then, I put it on a broiler pan and roasted it in the oven at 450F. It turned out perfect.

And, What About Nephi?

Today’s Primary yell-out…

“Who can tell me the names of the prophets we have been singing about this year?”, Sister Collie asks the children.





“That’s right…. “, Sister Collie says when a little voice asks…

“What about Nephi?”

“We all love Nephi, but he isn’t in the song Follow the Prophet,” Sister Collie responds.

You could hear lots of chuckles.  Another reason Primary is so fun.

Dinner today I made rotini with meatballs, carmelized onions and zucchini, with biscuits and Elizabethe made a salad.  It was gooooooood.  My carmalized onions and zucchini was a hit.

Sisters Wilkinson and Holm came and taught Enrico.  Sister Rice came with the sisters.  We discussed his baptismal service and what people will be needed to do what.  I’m excited.  It is only 2 weeks away.

I made some oatmeal, pecan and chocolate chip cookies.

Rain and Cameras

Primary Children at the Temple

Rain and cameras do not mix.  I am not sure where I left my brain this morning, but I went to the temple to photograph the Primary children.  While shooting, I was smart enough to put an umbrella over my camera.  I will give myself that much credit.  However, I left my bag, face up, open, in the pouring rain.

I did not notice this faux pas until I got all done and went to pack up.  We’re talking a LOT of water.

So, I rushed back to my office, took everything out, and removed everything from the cameras.  I placed the equipment in front of a space heater turned on full blast with the fan going full speed.  I turned the air conditioning on full blast, and I hoped the a/c would dehumidify the air, while the heaters evaporated the water from the camera equipment.  As far as I know… my technique saved everything.  (I still feel stupid.)

 Aside from that, Elizabethe and Stephanie got a lot weeded out of the flower beds.  I harvested some peas and beans.  We’ve got a LOT of peas.

Kids Are Great

Kids are great.  No matter how you look at it, a child can’t err except to imitate what he or she sees an adult doing.

We had our Primary program practice today.  The last one before they have their day in Sacrament Meeting next week.    It was fun watching these 3 to 11 year old kids make their way to the microphone to say their part.  But, it was more fun listening to them sing.  They may be scared to death saying a couple of sentences in to the microphone, but when it comes to singing, that fear goes away and turns into pure enjoyment.

At one point, I told them when they sing loud, I make fewer mistakes.  A few of them giggled as if to say, “Yeah, right.”  But, that’s okay.  I know I goof up, but it doesn’t bother me.

The Harris’ had several of us over for a pot luck luncheon after church.  It was nice getting to know a few more people.  I was kind of surprised to find out that Elizabethe and I had been married longer than some of the other couples in the ward.  It has been over 12 years now.  I guess by the world’s standards that’s quite a while.

I brought sweet & sour meatballs.  (Real easy – I got the basic sauce recipe from Terry Anderson.  It is 1c sugar, 1c vinegar, 1c catsup, and some cornstarch to thicken it.  I add a can of crushed pineapple too.  Bring it to a boil until  thick and then stir in some cooked meatballs.)

It was a reall nice day outside today.  I really took notice driving home from the Harris’ house.  But, I couldn’t  stop to take pictures because I had to get home to practice with Bruce.  I am accompanying Bruce next Saturday.  He is going to sing, “His Hands”, for the temple pot luck dinner and he asked if I would accompany him. 

I never thought I would be playing the piano so much. 

Elizabethe should be home shortly.  She’s been in Maine attending a Lane Family Reunion.

Cavern Cascade - Watkins Glen

Cavern Cascade – Watkins Glen