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More Energy

More Energy

I have more energy today.  I’ve been paying closer attention to what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as how much water I’m drinking.  In addition, I picked up a B12 supplement.


A couple of months ago I wrote about priestcraft.  Well, I saw a well meaning member of the church post a link to a website with an article.  The article had a few disturbing comments and so I thought I’d look at the site in its totality.

The purpose of the site, without going in to specifics, is to “train” and “correct” LDS leaders.

Hmmm… The Quorum of the Twelve, the Seventy, and area and local authorities must not be doing their job according to this website.  When a website/organization says they exist to educate church leaders, and it isn’t sanctioned by the First Presidency, then I have to question their “inspiration”.

The site reads like a corporate website.  They ask for financial donations and they have corporate officers.  They have set themselves up to be popular and get gain.  That’s priestcraft my friends.

I don’t care what the cause is.  You may feel it is for a great cause, if it circumvents the Lord’s established Priesthood authority, then no matter how good the cause, there’s evil lurking.




It’s time to make chicken enchiladas for the missionaries.  I plan to make it with a white sauce and white cheddar and jack cheeses.  The nice thing about it is that it is mild and people can add their own heat (hot sauce) to it.


Our speakers at church talked about the Book of Mormon.  A comment was made about the impact it has on people’s lives.  It is so true.  As a result, reading and studying it people tend to behave better.

There are misconceptions as, well as false information, floating around about the Book of Mormon.  (The musical has nothing to do with the book, by the way.)  Thus, skeptics should put aside their bias about how we got the Book of Mormon, and read it carefully.  They discover there’s is something to it.  Careful reading dispels the myths that Joseph Smith plagiarized the book or made it up.

Sunday School

Sunday School is equally good.  Our lesson is on living prophets.  The instructor used Moses and the fiery serpents as an example. (Matt’s a great instructor.)

After Priesthood opening exercises I was asked to play the piano in Primary.  It has been a long time.  I’m rusty on many of the songs because I haven’t played them in ages.


Having dinner with the missionaries is fun.  We enjoy their company, and they enjoy the food (and hopefully our company too.)

Pageant 2017 Choir

Pageant 2017 Choir

Our ward choir began practicing for pageant 2017.  We’re performing one number.  A ward choir normally sings one number, but many members are still accustomed to the old oratorio they used to perform two Sundays in a row.  (Personally, I’m glad they went away from that.  Sacrament meeting isn’t the place for a “performance”.)

Sacrament Meeting Today

Our sacrament meeting today was about adversity.  Brother David Huber talked about Job, and then Becca and Matt Baker talked.

We then had a Sunday School lesson by Matt Baker and a Priesthood Lesson by David Huber.  That’s not coincidental.

In Priesthood David said something that’s so true.  His words were to the effect, “You can’t be holy if you’re not attending church every week.”  (That is supported by D&C section 59.)

I’ve watched many people leave the church over my lifetime.  Some, in their inactivity from the church, claim they are still close to God.  They need to re-read section 59.

Doubt your doubts is one of the best things I’ve heard in this matter.  Elder Bednar told us when we have doubts, we should doubt them and their source.  I remember the Salamander Letter.  It raised some doubts, but overall, what had been revealed to me overroad my doubts.  In the end, all was good.


Baptism Day

Baptism Day

Today is baptism day for one of our granddaughters.  We headed off to Pennsylvania at 7 a.m. so we could attend her baptism.  The 4 hour drive is becoming quite familiar.

We arrived in time to attend Priesthood and Relief Society.  Their small branch has more people than I expected.

After the meetings two people came up and said they used to live in Palmyra.  They named off several ward (and former ward) members like the Wards, Dahnekes, Denoskeys and more.  Talk about a small world.

I was asked to give the talk on the Holy Ghost — something I’ve done many times.  (In fact, I think I gave that talk at her brother’s baptism too.)

copyright 2016 db walton

Baptism Day

She was baptized by her dad, and then we headed back to Jennifer’s house.

They had the sister missionaries over.  One of them was from Twin Falls, Idaho, and the other from Logan (College Ward), Utah.    Both of them go home on Tuesday!  Talk about short-timers.


For my birthday present, Jennifer put us up at a B&B in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania (about 7 miles south of their place).  It was dark when we got there and hard to see the house numbers, but we found it.

Talk about a well kept, elegant house!  This 1860’s house is immaculate inside and out.

copyright 2016 db walton

The Room We Stayed In


copyright 2016 db walton

The B&B We Stayed At


Baked Beans

Baked Beans

When Elizabethe cleaned the freezer the other day she found a bunch of cubed turkey ham.  The stuff is a little salty, like Spam, and so I want to mask the taste.  I decided it will taste best in baked beans.  I took that and a ham bone and threw them in the crock pot with a mixture of red and black beans.

Elizabethe joked that the elders will eat anything.  I made some broiled chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, greens from the garden, and the baked beans.  The beans were pretty decent in spite of the salty turkey ham.

Today at Church

Today at church we had a lot of visitors.  There were not as many as last week, but there were still a lot.  The High Priest Group was packed.  (Last week, many took off after Sacrament Meeting.  This week, a large group stayed for all the meetings.)

I find it interesting since Sacrament and Priesthood/Relief Society are both commanded meetings to attend why so many people, when traveling, take off right after Sacrament Meeting.  The same is true with General Conference.  We’re commanded to attend conferences, but so many find it a “vacation” from church and go do something else.  I don’t understand it.

Speaking of High Priest Group, Chuck Collie was teaching.  He had the visitors laughing.  I bet they went away thinking we are the most lively High Priest Group in the church.  Well, they’re right.

White Chili

White Chili

My wife isn’t in to spicy food, and when it comes to chili she prefers I make “white chili.”  It is basically navy beans, garbanzo beans, corn, milk, sour cream and cheese with some mild chilis and onions.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the chicken.  This is what I made for the Priesthood Chili Cook Off tonight.

This is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Semi-annual General Conference.  On Saturday night, Priesthood members all over the world gather for the Priesthood session.  The two hours before the Palmyra Ward has it’s traditional Chili dinner.  Tonight was no exception to the tradition.

General Conference

General Conference today consists of 3 sessions, 2 hours each, with a 2 hour break between sessions.  That’s a 10 hour span.  Careful planning goes in to Conference Saturdays.  It’s not a day to take on any time consuming project.

People post things said in conference immediately.  Mostly good, and some bad, people post their favorite things said.  President Uchdorf commended about an “unnamed” diet soda.  Almost immediately, someone posted a meme about the comment.

Between sessions I was running back and forth working on the chili for tonight’s priesthood dinner.    Because of the milk products in the chili, I need to be careful not to burn or scorch it.  All worked out well and it was cooked to perfection.


2016 Annual General Conference

2016 Annual General Conference

Today was the 2016 Annual General Conference.  This is always my favorite weekend of the year.  I gladly give up all other activities this weekend (and it seems to be the most popular weekend for organizations to hold activities) to participate in General Conference.

Think about it, will you, that for 10 hours you can listen to prophets, seers and revelators.  It’s the modern day equivalent of sitting   at the feet of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Moses.

A few years ago, I mentioned that to a co-worker.  He asked, “So, did they share any epiphanies?”

I could sense some sincerity in his voice, yet a bit of skepticism.  His question caught me off guard.  I had to think.  Since then I’ve tried to listen more closely to the speakers.

So, what stood out from today’s comments?

  • It was reiterate that what is said in General Conference is spoken by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and is the mind, will and word of the Lord.
  • A warning was given to those who discount what is said in General Conference.
  • President Uctdorf warned against discarding family relationships and encouraged us to maintain and strengthen them.
  • President Monson urged priesthood holders to live in such a way that they can exercise their priesthood.

Tomorrow we have 2 more 2-hour sessions.  Much more will be said.

You can watch Conference here:  https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng

The Priesthood Chili Dinner went well.  Last year, we ran out of food.  This year, we had plenty.  It was a good meal and as always, good company.

This year there was also more corn bread.  I really like a good cornbread, and this time there were some very good ones.  (One brother, John Rutkoski, always brings good cornbread.  We joked about how he was the first and I was a second witness that cornbread goes with chili.)

As I left the Priesthood session I was surprised at the 1″ of snow on the ground.




My friend Gary helped me get more lumber today.  I made sure I bought all that I would need.  Fortunately, we got a guy at the cutting table who knew what he was doing so he got the lumber cut quickly and efficiently.

The fun part now is screwing all this together so it looks like a bookshelf.  Yeah.  As fun as a root canal.

I also picked up a 10′ section of rain gutter to re-make my 4-tube LED light.  This time, I plan to not make any mistakes (which should be easier now that I know how I want it built.  Prototypes are always a mess.)


My studio is also starting to look a bit cleaner.  I got things ready for tomorrow’s shoot and while doing that, I was able to demonstrate depth-of-field (aka DoF) on a portrait.

copyright 2016 db walton - lumber

Depth of Field – too shallow

copyright 2016 db walton - lumber

Depth of Field – just right

Tip of the nose in focus in both images, but the latter, the eye is in focus.  That’s what separates a pro from an amature photographer.

You can see more of my work at photography by db walton llc’s website.

General Conference is coming up on Saturday.  I signed up to bring chili to the Priesthood Dinner before the General Priesthood Session Saturday night.  I better remember to get the beans cooking tomorrow.


Sabbath Day Theme

Sabbath Day Theme

This being the 5th Sunday, we had a joint meeting with the Priesthood and Relief Society on a Sabbath Day theme.  Several members, including myself, got up and told what they do on the Sabbath Day  to keep it holy.

After church, and after a well deserved nap, I watched some of the Kennedy Files.  The more I learn, the more I realize how much evil lurked in that family.  They were involved in so many scandals it makes Nixon and Harding look like saints.  It’s good to see that the JPK Enterprises and the trust payouts are being diluted as the Kennedy family spreads.  It’s an example of how money can corrupt and what the corrupt will do with money.

A candid photo during one of the episodes made me ask, “Is that Barack Obama glumming on to Caroline Kennedy?”

Body language says a lot, so I poked around on the internet and one tabloid claims Michelle Obama received some photos from a foreign nationalist that caused her to blow up and blame Barack of having an affair with Caroline Kennedy.

Creepy?  Yeah.   Down right secret-combination creepy.  It’s all speculation, but it was enough to creep me out and I won’t be watching the series any more.  I’ve seen and heard enough to know the Kennedy’s are not nice people, and neither is the company they keep.

Speaking of a Sabbath Day theme, that probably wasn’t a good uplifting thing to watch on a Sunday.

We served the missionaries tacos for dinner.  I also made a bread pudding that used apple butter between slices of bread.  Oh, was that GOOD.


Male Voices

Male Voices

Male voices raised in song becomes one of the most powerful sounds known to man.  I love the soundtrack to Hunt for Red October.  But, even more, I love the sound produced when the men in Priesthood meeting sing out loud and strong.

Evidently our bishop does too.  He mentioned after the opening hymn in Priesthood Meeting that he wishes the men would sing like that when seated with their wives and children in Sacrament Meeting.  I would have to agree with him on that.

I recall one time during a General Priesthood Meeting, during the intermediate hymn, thinking that if I were with an invading army, and heard my foes singing like that, I would tuck-tail and run.  So it is with the devil.  I don’t think he is able to abide a body of priesthood holders united in song.

If you watched the above video, then you know exactly what I mean.

Stuffing Waffles

I made stuffing waffles.  At first, I thought I really goofed up by adding too much water.  So, after the bread sat for an hour I drained off the excess, but it was still too wet.  So, I added some rice flour and pancake mix.  The results were amazingly good!!!

We topped them with mashed potatoes and some chicken in chicken gravy.  Everyone at dinner liked them.  I will definitely repeat this dish.